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Sunday 4 December 2016



By Prince Somtochukwu
For Family

The fact that Donald John Trump victory is God's ordained is irrefutable. The unequivocal episode which dumbfounded all mortals is a proof that there's only one and God, whose supremacy and sovereignty reigns over all mortals and immortals.

The victory of Trump is a mondo chaIk-talk to every nook and cranny doubting the existence of one true God.  Indeed, who God have chosen, is above all odds, no matter how hard men may try to pull him down.

However, God uses who he wants, to prove to the devil and men, that He (God) remains the greatest who dominates over all things in heaven and on earth.

Trump should understand that God brought him into the white house,  to use him to silence in total the rise of impunity against truth which is a global hitch.

He shouldn't forgot that God have chosen him as His practical instrument on earth to resolve and restore the lost glory of God to mankind. Trump should make himself available for God to be used mysteriously and majestically under the sun, as most men are chosen by God, but later on deviates to following their own ways, hence resulting in an unfulfilled mission as it's seen in the case of Saul the king of Israel, which is I know will never be his portion.

Moreso, Trump's victory is a huge lesson to those who trust and believe that the devil never fails.

Yes, Trump is a light that will shine upon darkness, and that remains the cogent reason for his victorious emergence.

Notwithstanding, God have used Trump's victory to showcase and prove the true identity of the Yorubas to those who are ignorant of their true colours.
It's of a great importance that I make this known to men; the Yorubas are the people any sane mind should lay a ZERO trust on, as they remain the most deceitful and heinous race of people on earth.

It's difficult to find betrayal and lies used incorrectly when referred to the Yorubas(Oduduwas), because these people have a resolute determination for wickedness.

In fact, their ancestors conceived them(the Yorubas) in lies and nurtured them in the womb with betrayal and also delivered through wickedness.  Of course lies and betrayal is an inherited disease to them (The Oduduwas) and it's capable of sending them to enternal abyss.

However, betrayal and lies are inherent in Yoruba Kingdom; these are minor group of people in the so called Nigeria that specializes in Evil.

Moreover, America and other countries of the world have industries that produces goods that enhances standard living in the world, but it's unfortunate that the best industry in Yoruba land is witchcraffic industry where they manufacture wickedness, lies and betrayal which they sale in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

To further buttress the above assertion, it was one of the products manufactured in their industry that TB Joshua sold to the world in his prediction of the US election.
Thank God, Trump is an experienced and talented business man, as he quickly detected that the product and it's manufacturer are core fake.

Glory be to God that trump boycotted the prophesy from the Yoruba pastor, if not by now, Obama the devil in disguise would have succeeded in accomplishing his evil Islamic agenda in the white house. Also I won't fail to point out the attitude of the African novel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka towards his statement which he declared that he will tear his green card if Donald Trump wins the US election. Of course it created lots of drama as Nigerians took it upon themselves that eminent Professor must be videoed while tearing his Green Card which all that followed are all left to be stories.

The Yorubas epitomize wickedness, betrayal and lies as evil are prevalent in them, there's nothing that can come out of a Yoruba land till thy Kingdom come. You can believe with me that nothing comes out of nothing, and in consonance to what am saying about the wickedness of the Yorubas, a Yoruba man is capable of killing you and take over your properties and in same vain pretend that he inherited it from his forefathers, that's how wicked and outrageous they are.
In case if any of them is around you, you must understand that your property and life is at stake as any sane mind should be very careful about them.

As you can't separate truth and God, so also you can't separate the spirit of lies, wickedness and betrayal from the Yorubas (Oduduwas), iit's in their nature as I have already stated.

After my abacus from the long list of the Yoruba binary and scale of preference, I came to understood that the Oduduwas prioritize wickedness, lies and betrayal more than anything

Therefore, I stand to say without any prevarication from the experience I had from them, that betrayal, and deceitful life is the basic faculty of the Yorubas.

The Yorubas are traitorous in nature, their inimical and iniquitous practices in life are very very astonishing in the sense that they are capable of paying back evil for good.

I know that you can see my unequivocal and unerring points about the heinous nature and the unquenchable wickedness of the Yoruba’s.

Moreover, I won’t forget to point out that cowardness is also inherent among the Yorubas.
Nobody can dispute the fact that, Yoruba’s are extremely wicked, because the facts and figures are there and it's undeniable.

Finally, this article is incomplete, if I fail to point out the role in which the Yorubas played on the cataclysm and genocidal war that was conducted against the people of Biafra which claimed about 3.5 million lives of Biafrans. This I may not go deep into now, but I vividly remember the role of Obafemi Awolowo during the mayhem unleashed against Biafrans in 1967- 70.

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  1. The first and popular warning you get when you land in Lagos is to shine your eyes.


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