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Monday 5 December 2016

"Biafrans hate themselves" a tool crafted by the enemies of Biafra to cause disaffection and dis-unity among Biafrans

"Biafrans hate themselves" a tool crafted by the enemies of Biafra to cause disaffection and dis-unity among Biafrans

By  Ifechineke Akpu
For Family Writers

Historically, Biafrans are known as the most travelled indigenous people, who have lived in almost every country in the world. These set of people have good history of civilization which were all stolen from them by the British colonists when they invaded Biafra land and forcefully colonised the people.

These people (Biafrans) have survived many hard times, they suffered slavery, genocide from Nigeria government and British, yet they are still strong and haven't given up and are more fervently determined and more united than ever. It is now obvious and so glaring to everyone that the popular saying that, "Biafrans hate themselves" was a crafted by the enemies of Biafra to cause disaffection, and dis-unity among Biafrans.

However, Biafrans have continued to shame them. The enemies do not know that Biafra unity and restoration is sacrosanct more than anything else on earth. Last Sunday, Biafrans from Akwa Ibom organised one of the most Biafran evangelical movement and sensitization mission, as a large crowd turned up to prove to their adversaries wrong.

Thank God for giving Biafrans a great hero like Mazi NNAMDI KANU, who have helped to dismantled those chunk of lies and deceit, which the Nigerian Government have used to keep Biafrans in darkness. We thank Chukwuokike (God) for bringing light (Nnamdi Kanu) to Biafrans.
Through, him (Nnamdi Kanu) Radio Biafra did her best in educating Biafrans and made them realise the working glory of God in them, and put the light of Chukwu Okike-abiama to open their eyes and see the mess they are into.

Nigeria scamper for safety as Biafrans has declared their readiness to leave the contraption concocted and created by the British Fredrick Lugard.

One thing Nigerian Government and Africans failed to understand is that Biafrans are peace loving people who love life and innovation. Biafrans are talented people, we believe in life improvement, or development. Therefore, the total restoration of Biafra will bring light and shine on Africa and liberate us from the mental and physical bondage which colonisation and imperialism has subjected us to.

Africa has suffered a lot from colonialism, corrupt leaders, and both physical and mental slavery, but the coming of Biafra will eliminate all of these vices of stagnation that have kept Africa below it expectations.

First thing the coming of Biafra will do is to redeem the sense of freedom and fundamental human rights to its citizens, this will eradicate the believe that the leaders have all the powers, just as it is practiced in Nigeria and all African country. This sense of freedom and fundamental human right will make Biafrans hold their leaders accountable, and if they don't perform good at office they will be brought to book, because in Biafra no one will be autocratic or supreme King, because Biafrans are republicans in nature.

Secondly the massive development that will take place as soon as Biafra is restored will bring economic development and competition in West Africa. This will boost the Africa and world economy.

The knowledge and intelligence of Biafrans will be use to develop Africa.
This will bring the long awaited light to Africa that will help them manage their economy well, and compete favorably with the rest of the world.

Free Biafra.

Edited by Ekwealor Micheal Chike,
For Family Writers.


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  2. I hate this topic. It may make sense as true fact, but not generally helping.
    Thank you.


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