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Thursday 1 December 2016



Director Nnamdi Kanu arrived the court room at exactly 9:55am with some steps that can be simply described as=Operation Python dance must fail.

The hon. Judge in the person of Hon.Binta Nyako follows at exactly 9:59 am, the introduction of defense council followed with immediate action. Following the rule on bail applications tabled before the honorable federal high court four Abuja Nigeria, which was tabled on the 17th Day of November 2016. The honorable court reads the recordings as it concern the immediate previous court debate on bail.

Meanwhile, after the whole readings, the honorable court led by Justice Binta Nyako Mrs denied bail application tabled before her, saying that the president media chart has nothing to do before her court.

She also states that she can only give a fair hearing to the case. Binta said the Prosecutor presented exhibit ppf1and exhibit ppf2 against the first and second defendants; she went ahead to liken the case with that of Asari Dokubo who was denied bail on certain similar grounds.

She said that granting them bail as argued by the Prosecutor will likely lead to depressing of witnesses in the course of the trial but that Ejiofor argued that they won't jump bail if granted and it is their right to seek for such relief from the court.

Furthermore, the prosecution council insisted once again, praying that while the trial may commence at anytime, he appealed to the court to grant those who will testifying against the defendant to be shield behind screen.

In counter affidavit, Barr.Ifeanyi Ejiofor via his counter affidavit oppose the prosecuting affidavit, in his praying, he urged the honorable court not to adopt the affidavit by his learned opposition council.

He further reminded the court about how the Nigeria armed forces brutalized the peaceful BIAFRANS/IPOB members because of this issue even when their was no provocations. He further prayed that while the proceedings are commencing, that it is necessary for the court to note that other defendant who were merged together with the first defendant were not only funny but unlawful having known that each of them were arrested differently, in different period of times and locations.
In continuation, Barr.Maxwell Okpara one of the accused persons stood by the law and make it clear to the court that, those witnesses who may be coming to share their witnesses must appear public.
He further says that those who may be claiming to be testifying against his defendant may be shoped to do so. Possibly they may be coming from other neighboring community.

As a matter of fact concerning whether masquerade testifications or not, the court fixed 13th of December 2016 for ruling.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting for Family Writers.


  1. Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba must really be afraid of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB to the point that Buhari is so confused and insecure that he is gone about to bribe some useless hopeless judges like John Tosho and Binta Nyako obey his order and refuse Nnamdi Kanu the right to bail supported by Barrack Hussein Obama and Britain. Biafra is victim of the evil selfish greed of Britain. Buhari has no reason what so ever to be bribing thief judges to order the denial of Nnamdi Kanu and the other Biafran leaders bail. The bottom line is that the fake fraudulent British experimented Nigeria is expired. Nigeria is dead waiting to be buried!!!

  2. Trust, obey and Worship the redeeming Covenant - Making God who is with us. A new pharaoh enslaves the people of God who cry out for deliverance. God raises up Moses through whom He delivers His people from pharaoh through a series of plagues. God then guides His people to mount Sinai where He gives them a set of laws, a constitution by which to live. The people of God become the Nation of God. 10 Commandments are part of that law and represent the law's essence. God orders the building of His tabernacle so that He can dwell amongst His people. So dear brethrens I know I only the name Nnamdi Kanu I don't know others name but God knows your names be strong God is with you all always and with Him on your side you will surely conquer IN JESUS NAME.

  3. Britain is the grass root of the problem of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba and rubbed it off on Biafra just for the evil selfish interest of the British. Nigeria has expired and Britain, the Barrack Hussein Obama administration and the clueless toothless child rapist terrorist breeder Mohammadu Buhari are still under the false hope that Biafra want any thing to do with the fake fraudulent Islam jihadist dead Nigeria that is waiting to be buried? It is time for reality to sink down Buhari and Obama to accept the fact that Biafra must go and have her own nation of total freedom for all Biafrans. So Buhari should stop wasting his time bribing corrupt judges to do his dirty job for him to denial Nnamdi Kanu and the other Biafran leaders bail!!!


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