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Friday, 30 December 2016

How An Hausa/Fulani Terrorist Stabbed A Biafran To Death Over 100naira in Enugu

How An Hausa/Fulani Terrorist Stabbed A Biafran To Death Over 100naira in Enugu

By Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers

ENUGU- Just in the evening of 28th day of December 2016, a huge echo of sounds was heard at a particular cattle market at the New Garriki area located at the Akegbe town of Nkanu North L.G.A Enugu state.

Family Writers gathered information on what really caused the mayhem in the cattle market between Hausa Fulani settlers and the Biafrans in the very region.

The investigation has it that an Hausa Fulani man was buying an item of good from the Biafran businessman who told him that the last price of the goods is 500 naira. However, the Hausa Fulani man insisted that he will pay 400 naira for the item, instead of 500 naira of which the seller refused.
Afterwards the Hausa man then gave the seller a 500 naira currency note and asked the the seller to give him give him back 100 naira change, but the seller refused, and told him he can't sell the item 400naira. The Hausa Fulani (the buyer) insisted that the Igbo (seller) must give him 100 naira change by force, otherwise he will do an unthinkable thing.

After dragging the issue to a certain level, the Hausa Fulani man engaged in fight with the Igbo man. In the process of the quarrel, another Biafran man came to separate them and to know what the problem is all about.

 Suddenly the Hausa Fulani man pulled out a very sharp knife from his pocket and instantly stabbed the  man who came to bring peace on the issue at his chest and the peace keeping man died instantly.
This erupted a huge protest in the market as the Biafrans in the market insisted that the terrorist must pay the price for his murderous act.

On the early morning of 29th of December 2016, the Chairman of the Cattle market and New Garriki area (a Hausa Fulani man) called some security agents in the area and gave them a sum of 20,000 naira to ensure that the matter is buried completely, and they should all disguise as if nothing has happened and to also protect the life of the members of the Hausa Fulani people in that area from the highly enraged Biafrans.

The security agents came to the area to calm the situation down, even though as shocking as it looks, no any arrest was made the people noted that this is because the evil acts were committed by the Hausa Fulani people who are President Muhammadu Buhari's brothers.
They noted that the Injustice of Nigeria Government has continued unabated, as evident in the illegal mass arrest and kidnapping of unarmed and law abiding Biafrans by Nigeria security agents.

Even the worst part of these killing of People in Enugu by the so called Hausa Fulani people has the support of the incumbent governor of Enugu,  Ifeanyin Ugwuanyi who publicly accepted the statement made by the Sultana of Sokoto during his recent visit to Enugu where he said: ''Hausa Fulani's are not the people killing Enugu people but the governor and the people of Enugu should go further to investigate on what is killing the indigenes''.

Therefore majority of people are pointing and accusing the Enugu state governor of complicity in their predicament, because he is aware and also in support of these evil calamities being committed on a daily basis by the Hausa Fulani terrorists and herdsmen in the entirety of Enugu State.

Meanwhile, the enraged Biafrans has insisted that all the Hasua Fulani settlers must vacate out of their land, because the level of intimidation and abuse used in suppressing the Biafrans in the region is becoming more annoying and unbearable every day.
They openly confronted the security agents, telling them that what they want is BIAFRA!

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. It is very bad of the Biafrans present on the ground to let the fulani man go Scott free. He supposed to be killed instantly Even before the arrival of the so called security


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