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Friday 16 December 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

Many a times, on the newspaper headlines and by the stories people narrate, you'll see and hear all sorts of crimes people committed that led to their arrest or death while in the other hand, others were sent down to their grave by the military either for political sake, tribalism, religious sake or for peacefully demanding for their right.

In Nigeria today;
It's quite obvious that 70% of the crimes committed these days are poverty/hunger- induced crimes and it's rising every blessed day.

In a situation where the government doesn’t care for the welfare of the masses, rather its focus is on how to strengthen its own political party and enrich their own personal pockets, the masses suffer in pains and languish helplessly and the ones surviving can do anything to have their daily bread.
What marvels me most is how fully grown men and women in Nigeria shamelessly come out in the public and say "Nigeria is experiencing recession" simply because the corrupt politicians and government said so. We all know what is going on in the business centre called Nigeria; even the deaf and blind can testify to the fact that the poverty and hunger people are experiencing today have nothing with recession rather the political criminals in the country are the brain behind everything.
'Recession' they say but the question is-

Are they being owed as the civil servants and others?
Are they no more receiving the useless allowances and huge salaries anymore because of recession?
Or are they suffering and dying as the people out there?.
Obviously, the answer is No.
These people are still living luxuriously yet on the side of the masses, they say 'Recession'.

"A sin is a sin" as everyone always say but in a society of this nature where the masses are seriously suffering and some dying of hunger, you'll notice that some will do what they ought not to do just to survive because the government itself is turning them to the dark part and

also promoting crimes.

We only talk of and tell the ones we know but the question is- What about the ones we know not?.
One fact which we all can bear witness to is that there is serious poverty and hunger in Nigeria.
People are going through hell and in a situation like this, people can do anything just to survive.

Someone asked: "Can the prison custody in Nigeria remain empty for at least two days?" The answer to that question is 'No' because as far as Nigeria and a situation of this nature is concern, people will always be arrested even when they commit no crime because even the men in uniform are also looking for any means to survive.
No reasonable human being love been held in prison neither do anyone love committing crime but when the society makes crime to look more attractive and seem like it's the alternative means to survive, people will always turn to it.

Don't expect a crime-free environment when the so-called leaders are getting richer while the masses are getting poorer every day.
Many people have skills but nothing to start up or make a living out of it; Graduates are scattered everywhere but no job and on the process of trying to make a living with the little they have, the bad economy inflicted on the masses by the political criminals and the ambassadors of poverty (leaders) are seriously zeroing their efforts.
To be sincere, Nigeria is seriously killing talents every day.

I always refer to Nigeria as a business centre because that's what it is. There is no atom of a country in it.
A failed state it is right from the origin.
People are dying of hunger whereas someone out there is making empty promises and shouting 'Change'.
Change indeed.
'Change' by turning the masses into crime tools,
'Change' when the masses are been feed with lies while some are dying of hunger,
'Change' when the security agencies who are to protect the masses are the ones killing them.
All these they call 'change'.

Nigeria can't keep complaining of sickness when her hands

and body is always dirty.
The problem of Nigeria is not that the people refuse to repent but the country itself which is headed by criminals and business men refuse to repent and embrace peace.

You may ask what I mean by repentance and embracing peace in this kind situation.
When you keep on making the masses to suffer and also kill unarmed peaceful protesters who are only demanding for their freedom;
What do you expect?
Not at all because you don't deserve it.
You don't continuously hit someone and expect him to be friendly with you.

"The people don't like Nigeria and their politicians" someone may say but I ask,
Why will they? when- The economy is crumbling, the masses are suffering, people are crying and dying,
And the country itself is sending people to early graves.
To show how failed it is;
People are still demanding for their freedom upon all the evil unleashed on them.

All these shows that Nigeria is a failed state and no other solution to this other than to peacefully divide the country and give freedom to any indigenous people that want it.
Anything apart from that, expect the word-
"There was a country called Nigeria in Africa"
because with the look of things, the doom ahead is greater than what we all are seeing right now.

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