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Thursday 1 December 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

They say: "The judiciary is the hope of a common man" and the court of law is said to be a place of fairness, where justice is done but the case of the Nigeria Judiciary is quite a different thing entirely.

95% of the Nigerian judges now carry out their official duties and pronounce their judgments based on what is paid to them and the person concern. The judiciary has been hijacked by politicians and men whose pockets are huge enough to buy judgments.

The judges are now corrupt to the extent that they now pass biased judgments in favour of politicians and men who'll in return offer them brown envelopes thereby promoting corruption and injustice.
The case of people like the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was illegally arrested by the DSS and arraigned in court with the charge of treasonable felony and other laughable charges as directed by Nigeria federal government led by Muhammad Buhari really shows the world how corrupt and bias the Nigeria Judiciary is.

During the trial: Bail was granted to Nnamdi Kanu,due to the failed expectations of the DSS and President Muhammad Buhari from the judge, Nnamdi Kanu was again detained. After much pressure from IPOB on the DSS to charge Nnamdi Kanu to court again, he was later charged to court where the DSS and the Nigeria Federal government led by Buhari bought and hijack the judiciary.

This further continued and gain more ground when a justice of the federal high court in Abuja (John Tosho) took over the case and started postponing and delivering what his pay masters told him to deliver by delivering conflicting ruling on the favour of the DSS. He later hands-off when the people cried out over his unfair actions. Then a new judge from the home-table of President Muhammad Buhari was appointed as the trial judge of Nnamdi Kanu's case as masterminded by the DSS under president Buhari.

As they continue to delay and twist judgment just to make sure the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra is jailed; To further prove that they are playing the game of injustice when president Mohammad Buhari indirectly warned judges on different occasions and on press briefing by saying that Nnamdi Kanu cannot be granted bail.

The question now is-
Is this not corruption, injustice and abuse of power and human right?

The world may be silent and blind now but let's all bear it in mind that if anything happen to Prince Nnamdi Kanu, everybody will see and feel the heat of anger in the minds of the oppressed and justice-denied people out there.

Peace is good and acceptable but let's remember that the delay and deny of justice is injustice and if nothing is done fast, violence may take justice by force.
I urge the world leaders and the whole world at large to urgently do something very fast in other to avert what may result to doom when this planned injustice will eventually take place.

1 comment

  1. John Tosho and Binta Nyako are not judge at all, instead the two of them are worshipers of the corrupt bribe money that they both accepted from Mohammadu Buhari. John Tosho and Binta Nyako does not deserve to be called (Judge) instead John Tosho and Binta Nyako are prostitute/harlot who have sold/traded their professional judge career to Buhari. John Tosho is best friend of Osinbanjo VP of the fake fraudulent expired Nigeria, and Binta Nyako is Buhari's sister. John Tosho and Binta Nyako are crooks and cheaters and should be thrown out from ever seating on the bench again, rather John Tosho and Binta Nyako should both be arrested, tried, and serve years in jail and not to see the day light!!!


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