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Saturday 28 January 2017



By Maxwell Chuks &  Orji Ezinne
For Family Writers

From the news desk of Family Writers; we (the Spotlight crew) welcome your to another wonderful edition of Spotlight of the week.

* First: from the desk of spotlight crew, we sighted El-Rufai of Kaduna state where he said- "Very soon, people will be arrested and charged to court for what they post on social media".
He made this statement after some social media users took to social media the incidents and narrated the ordeal and causes of the deadly incident that happened in Kaduna state where Fulani herdsmen murders people (mostly Christians) on daily basis.
After his speech, the masses where asking- "Mr Governor, are you also trying to murder the freedom of speech and expression?

* On same Juncture, spotlight satellite zoomed us to Kastina state University where all Christian activities was banned.
Want to know more? Visit the varsity and see for yourself.

* Gambia, Gambia, Gambia...
You won't believe what happened there again.
Barrow of Gambia just did it....
He didn't exchange political blow again with Yahya rather he picked Yahya Jammeh's ex-minister as vice president.
Wow! Can this happen in Nigeria?

*  "1914 is gone, stop blaming the British for everything that happens to you in Nigeria" -UK high commissioner.
And Biafrans are just like- "If you want us to stop blaming British, tell them to dissolve the concoction (Nigeria) they created".

* Still on Igweocha solidarity rally...
"Police permit not needed for rallies in Nigeria".
Who said this?  -Femi Falana-
This came after the Nigeria military & police killed over 20 and arrest not less than 67 Biafrans during Trump solidarity rally in Igweocha on the ground that they didn't acquire police permit before carrying out the rally. But Falana made it clear that police permit is not needed for rallies in Nigeria... Besides it's not in the Constitution.
Spotlight crew is asking the Nigeria military and police- Was that an excuse to cover up the killing of Biafrans in Igweocha?

* On same vein;
Nigeria senate set to probe killing of Biafrans at Trump solidarity rally in Igweocha.
During the week, the Senate said they will probe the killing of Biafrans in Igweocha at Trump solidarity rally. This pending action was declared when the masses cried out over the bloodshed in Igweocha where more than 20 were killed by the Nigeria military.
Probe, probe, probe.. Senate, Why not let justice prevail direct rather than running round the Bush?

* Northern governors are at it again. They've blowed the whistle again.
This time, they said- "Fulani herdsmen attacking Nigeria are from Senegal, Mali, etc".
Heheheee, who is deceiving who here and who is shielding terrorists?

* “Fear northern governors, they promote Fulani herdsmen to kill the masses" that's according to ARG (Afenifere Renewal Group).
The matter didn't just end there; ARG also slammed Northern Governors Forum (NGF) for proposing a register for immigrant Fulani herdsmen after saying these set of people have been identified as aliens and threat to internal security.

*  Ghen Ghennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
"God raised Nnamdi Kanu to destroy Buhari's Islamization Agenda" -IPOB

* Still inside the warship of Spotlight; we met Peter Obi where he said-
"Nigeria is a knocked vehicle, no need changing the driver. Even if you bring in the best driver in the world, he's not going to move the car".
This simply means Nigeria is finished.
And we say GBAM!

* “Stop lying, tell Nigerians the truth about Buhari's health status" Junaid, The Second Republican lawmaker lashed out on presidency.
This blow came after the North and Nigeria presidency denied the report from Metro, and other Medias and persons that claimed Muhammadu Buhari was critically ill and died in London hospital.
Despite the reports that Muhammadu Buhari is in a vegetable state and probably dead, the presidency have continued to deny it but Junaid and others gave them a blow by saying- "Tell Nigerians the Truth".
Hmmmm, same was the case when Yar'adua died o.

* You won't believe what we saw in Delta state from our Spotlight jet.
Down in Delta state; Citizens took their protest to Sapele Power Plc Delta state over power outage carrying generators on their head.
Huh! These are those who own oil and whose oil and the power station on their soil generate light to others.

* “Release Nnamdi Kanu" APGA tells Nigeria Federal government.
Recall; Many persons, countries, Institutions and courts have been making same call but the Federal Government of Nigeria still maintains deaf ear.

* While the masses were sleeping; Apostle Sulaiman was about to be bundled in his hotel room in Ekiti by DSS for speaking against the killing of Christians by Fulani herdsmen.
It took the Intervention of Fayose(Governor of Ekiti state) to rescue him to Ekiti state government house.
The attack came after Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar III said- "Arrest and Prosecute hate preachers".
Hmm, still wondering what Nigeria is up to.

* “Buhari is the Commander of executive corruption"
Who said this?  FAROOQ KPEROGI, an associate professor in the states who used to be an ardent supporter of Buhari slammed Buhari for shielding his corrupt friends. He also attacked Burutai, Magu and others with hilarious cartoons.

*  Boko again.
During the week in Borno, Boko Haram sacked military base, killed 3 soldiers while others sustained injuries.
Ghen.. Ghennnn......

*  Biafra: "We don't want your Igbo presidency", Biafrans tells Obasanjo.
This came immediately after Obasanjo urged Biafrans to prepare 2019 for Igbo presidency. But the angry Biafrans told him that all they want is Biafra not Presidential seat.

*   The Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) have during the week blast ECOWAS for shifting ruling in Nnamdi Kanu's case to 7th March 2017.
In a statement titled THE FALTERING AND LILY LIVERED ECOWAS COMMUNITY COURT OF JUSTICE LACKS JUDICIAL COURAGE, IPOB expressed the disappointment and the disgrace ECOWAS court have brought upon Africa as a continent due to the shifting of Nnamdi Kanu's ruling from February to 7th March 2017 and their lack of judicial courage in delivering instant ruling and judgment without delay.
The question now from the masses is- Is ECOWAS also trying to politicize the ECOWAS court?
Well, let's watch and see.

- Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari transferred from Nottingham hospital to London as health worsens.
-  Declare no more election in Biafra land: An open letter from Family Writers to IPOB leadership.
-  Biafra: How arrested Biafra activists were arraigned in court for supporting Donald Trump.
-  Judge orders Federal government to grant medical treatment to IPOB detainees
-  The pains and agony of life unleashed on Moses Agbo by the DSS. Is journalism a crime?
-  Biafra: The military attacked us with silent guns-- Victims of Donald Trump rally massacre narrates ordeal.
-  Biafra: The blood of the masses, reign of injustice and reasons why Nigeria must break up now.

With these, we close the window for this week.
Thanks for Making out time with us.
STAY TUNED for next week's edition of Family Writers Spotlight of the week.

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