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Thursday 26 January 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

Before I pour out the unavoidable points and truth for you, let me briefly refresh your memory with a story.
At the age of 22, a lady who was forcefully given out to a man for marriage realized that the union she is into was against her will and she pointed that out as the major problem that causes crises in the family where she and the man have no atom of love for themselves. For the sake of the children, she tried all her possible best to still maintain and save the union but the rude and inhumane attitude of the man towards her gets worst everyday then she filed for divorce and at the end of the day she walked away................

The reason for that short story is to let you understand the difference between amalgamation, one people and force unity.
In Nigeria today, one can give you more than 300 reasons that justifies that Nigeria is not a country or nation. Many deeds and actions then and now still clearly expose the fact that there is no atom of oneness and love in it despite many actions taken from the time of amalgamation till date to ensure that there is peace and unity.

The name and the territory called 'Nigeria' didn’t represent a country, I always refer to it as a business entity and organization where different people gather only to trade.
-Politics: In this aspect, during election, you'll see where people only focus on who will sit on a particular position, not the agenda or what he or she have for the masses.
Here also, you'll find where a particular tribe or Legion see themselves as the leaders (Born to rule) while others are seen as the slaves/minority(Born to suffer).
In the aspect of appointments, there is always lopsided appointment of individuals into public offices while they always try to impeach or remove those who are not of their tribe or religion from occupying public seats.

Is that an attribute of one people?

-Wealth: Here; you'll find where those in power always want their own to prosper while others are left to die in abject poverty despite being owners of natural resources which is the main income provider for the whole masses. And this is done through siphoning their resources and throwing peanuts on the ground for them to feed on while their own people eat to their satisfaction on the table and this is the common characteristics of the Northerners.

-Religion: Religious fanatics (Northerners) believe that they own the whole Nigeria therefore Islam must be accepted by all and this has led to serious killing of Christians all over the country. In some cases, they try to enforce Islamic practice and laws on the masses who right from time have their own religion and practices.
Typical examples of this Is the issue of the Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram, their counterparts called 'Fulani herdsmen' and the Nigeria military which have been turned to a regional tool used to suppress, intimidate and kill others.

Recently, the Northern governors in Nigeria banned public preaching knowing full well that it will affect mostly Christians, In line with this, a woman(christian) was lynched to death in the north by Muslim youths because she was performing her religious duty(morning preaching).
Not quite long, another woman (a Christian also) was beheaded by same Islamic fanatics who claimed she committed blasphemy.
That's not the end of the war against Christians.

We also see cases where Muslims attack churches, raze down the building and kill worshippers and in Nigeria today it has indirectly turned into a constitutional tradition because in most cases where these Islamic fanatics and terrorists attack churches, kill people and raze down their communities, the government of the day see it as a common tradition of the Muslims therefore nothing is said about it, no action is taken to bring an end to it neither do they arrest anyone for the evil act rather the victims are harassed and arrested when they go for self-defence or want to retaliate.

On this note, I take you to the issue of grazing bill which caused heavy panic in Nigeria. The content of that bill clearly displayed the Islamic policy and systematic way to forcefully islamize everybody who occupy the land space called Nigeria. My question is, do all these acts portray one people, one nation and those who have anything in common?

I always point to the fact that the only bound still keeping Nigeria is oil and this focus on oil, centered mainly on northerners who have been killing because of it just to forcefully keep the business center called 'Nigeria' one despite the fact that they have no oil in their region and to them, if they let those who are calling for breakup to go, all is gone. That why the military are always sent to kill and murder Biafrans who have been peaceful asking for the breakup of Nigeria.

In this unrelenting killing of Biafrans, the Islamic leaders and foot-soldiers are not left out as they are also seriously playing their own role in Murdering Biafrans and this is done through the use of Fulani herdsmen and other Islamic terrorists who have been invading Biafra communities, destroying properties and killing people every blessed day.

In Nigeria today; if not for the God-gifted hardworking strength and wisdom Biafrans have, they would have experienced merciless suffering unlike the ones they are experiencing today because that's the instrument meted out to punish them but Biafrans have natural resources they can use to feed themselves and send their children to school.. What happened to those resources??
Siphoning of those resources by those who call themselves 'Born to Rule' to their area for their own people.

Many reasons quite uncountable transparently show that NIGERIA MUST BREAK UP NOW.

Millions of Biafrans have been killed just to forcefully keep Nigeria one but it didn't work out and it can't work because the people are of different people, they don't share same tradition, ideology or anything else that justifies 'one people' in common even food they don’t eat same food or put on same dress code.

No intimidation, arrest or bloodshed will ever forcefully keep or unify Nigeria. The business entity and forcefully emerged organization created by Lugard has expired and it's time to let everybody go home and answer their real name/identity and exist as a sovereign state like before else the continuous massacre of Biafrans and other Indigenous People will leave them with no other option than to pick up arms, fight back and also fight for their freedom.
This impending doom can only be averted by peacefully dividing Nigeria, let any ingenious people who want to leave, go and THE TIME IS NOW.

1 comment

  1. It’s mind boggling how Britain and global powers -- probably because of oil wealth, look away while Nigeria Hausa-Fulani Islamic terrorists continue to massacre and commit genocide on Biafra people. How long will we let these northern terrorists and Yoruba traitors to continue to decimate our people? How long Biafrans?


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