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Sunday 22 January 2017



(Detailed report)

By Maxwell Chuks and Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen
Family Writers reporters who were at the scene of the event

 The Donald Trump Solidarity rally which was organized by the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB to show support to Donald J. Trump, the new president of America who was sworn into office on the 20th of January 2017 attracted many people all over the world mostly Biafrans who wholeheartedly determined to show support to the president elect through a solidarity rally.

     In the early hours of Friday, 20th January 2017, which was the day set out for the swearing in of president Donald Trump and which was also the day for the solidarity rally by Biafrans in support of president Donald J Trump;  Biafrans all over the world both far and near traveled down to Igweocha(Port Harcourt) in Biafra land where the rally was to kick off.

    At exactly 9am; many Biafrans were seen heading down to Rumuola Junction which was the kick off point  of the rally but on getting there, there was heavy presence of the Nigerian military men with more than 10 armed military vehicles, hillux vans and sophisticated weapons. So Biafrans decided to move down to GRA where the peaceful rally started immediately to avoid confrontations by the military.

During the peaceful rally; some DSS and SAARS operatives which we saw between Rumuola and GRA axis, drove down to the scene of the rally and started making phone calls. 28 minutes later; not less than 10 military trucks loaded with military men fully armed with sophisticated weapons of mass destruction arrived at the scene of the rally but Biafrans who didn't anticipate that such evil unleashed on them will occur, marched forward fearlessly and peacefully but the Nigerian military men who came with the strict instruction to 'SHOOT AT SIGHT' started throwing teargas, beating and flogging old women and men and molested other Biafrans who were at the event.

    On the process to know the reasons why the Nigerian military took such actions, a Biafran raised his two hands up and headed towards the military but lo and behold, they shot him dead at that spot.
Few minutes later they started shooting at us and other journalists and camera men who were present but we managed to escape but they approached us and other Biafrans who were scattered all over the city and started shooting sporadically and indiscriminately  at everyone they saw while others who sustained injuries were arrested and thrown into their van.
Right there; an officer of the Nigerian military with the highest rank took the America, Israeli and Biafra flag used in the rally and tore them into pieces. This action of his', made other Nigerian military men to join him in tearing into pieces the America, Biafran and Israeli flag they saw alongside with pictures of President Donald J. Trump.  Due to the huge turnout of Biafrans on the event, many of the participants in the solidarity rally moved out of the scene but the military men still went after them and shot directly at them thereby leaving scores dead.

After some hours; we (the Family Writers reporters) came out from hiding to continue with our duty which is to cover the event, to get live reports and conduct interviews but when we got to the GRA express road and environs; live bullets was littered everywhere, the road and environments was painted with blood, there were dead bodies while many were seen with serious injuries.

So far; 17 Biafrans were confirmed dead, others who were taken to the hospital died on the way while scores sustained several degrees of injury.
As we are reporting to you right now, we don’t know the fate of some of the injured persons who are under-going serious treatments while the whereabouts of the missing ones are yet to be known despite unrelentless search to know their whereabouts.  Investigations are still on-going to ascertain the whereabouts of those who were abducted during and after the rally.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

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