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Sunday, 8 January 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
and Nwabueze Hope Ikenna
For Family Writers

(8th January 2017 Edition)
Welcome to another edition of Spotlight of the week from Family Writers.
We welcome everyone to 2017 and we are happily and gallantly saying "Happy new year to you all" with wishes of blessings to every good persons out there including you.

On spotlight of the week; as people were eating, celebrating and shouting "Happy new year",,
The IPOB family in Umuokwururis pipeline zone two under Obi-Okpor area celebrated their own new year in a different dimension. They marched to the street protesting. And the only word and song from them was "NO secret trial for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu....." It didn't even end there. They also expressed their anger towards the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and killing of Biafrans. In fact, they made it hot for Justice Binta Nyako and pre. Muhammadu Buhari.
Huuuuuuuu.. Spotlight crew really gave them an applause for speaking against evil and injustice.

While the Nigeria police were vibrating and saying that Biafrans attempted to bomb Lagos Bridge; the Indigenous People Of Biafra laughed at them and made it clear that such claim is a propaganda and a blackmail against Biafrans.
We can recall that the Nigeria government has in recent times laid different accusation against Biafrans but all went down the drain because the masses knew all was fallacy and now they are asking- "Is cooking propaganda and lie the best the Nigeria police can do now?.
Police, oya answer.

Immediately after others said "Happy new year";
Over there in America, Donad Trumph has also sent his own shout out message and urgent line of action to some people out there.
This time; he said he wants all Obama's envoy and jihaldists sympathizers appointees out by inauguration.
Ohoooo... this simply means there is fire on the mountain for those involve.
So they should

run run run.
Still on spotlight of the week; we zoomed our attention to some parts of Biafraland where Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state said something and a heavy pot was dropped on his head.
He said Niger Deltans are not Biafrans.
But guess what......
He received a blow, blast and pot that gave him bruises. Contrary to what he said; three civil society organizations in Warri(Delta state) said to him "Mr Governor sorry, Niger Deltans are Biafrans".
The heavy blast didn't end there, the people on social media were just like-
"Mr. Governor, Did you learn history at all?"
"Or are you drunk in politics to the extent that you now speak against your origin and people?".
But the Governor himself is yet to give spotlight crew a reply for the masses.
The Military officers have done it once again as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari.
This time; they welcomed Biafrans in Rivers state into the new years with tears as they murdered a Biafran activist Ifeanyi Akaraka because they found a Biafra flag in his possession.
This is the 1st evil and murder unleashed by the Nigeria military on a Biafra citizen in the year 2017 and the people are asking-
Will the world also maintain silence for this to continue again this year?
Well, that question has different meanings and awaiting actions attached to it.
Aisha Buhari the wife of the Fulani man in Aso rock has hit the balloon again.
This time it is still based on kitchen issue.
Remember last time, the husband mentioned something concerning the woman and the kitchen.
Now, Aisha said she feed and trains her children with her personal money.
She even added that she have not been accorded the official privileges given to her by her predecessors as the first lady of a country.
The masses have also said "Ahh! Madam first lady, are you trying to deceive us or yourself?

Our jet took us to Ghana where Akufo-Addo was sworn in as the president.
And Ghanaians were saying mostly through social media-
"Lead us well o, don't follow or copy President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria else Ghana will sink o.
And we were just like shooooo! So they even know the hell that is burning in Nigeria and how gravely it will be if such hit Ghana.
Right there in the Nigeria DSS custody where the abducted Biafra Journalist Moses Agbo is; reports has it that he collapsed during severer torture and Biafrans are still loudly calling for his immediate release to avoid any action which may resort to his death and which as a matter of fact will stir up the unexpected from Biafrans.
On the angle of terrorism;
Asari Dokubo has dropped the explosive which many people called the transparent truth.
This time it's all about president Muhammadu Buhari.. Asari Dokubo has made it clear once again that Buhari is a terrorist and the creator of Boko haram and the masses are saying a big 'YES' to that.
They said their reason for supporting Asari Dokubo is that they've been suspecting Buhari for long and the romantic holding/lifting of the terrorists' group flag in a public and government house even made them to concur with Asari.
Even after these verbal actions, hits and picture prove of him romantically holding the flag, President Muhammadu Buhari has maintained silence till date.
During the week; much focused was maintained on the press released where IPOB raised alarm over the works of British government with Muhammad Buhari to administer a non traceable poison to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB who is still facing trials.
IPOB also exposed the plan to arrange road accident for the vehicle that will convey Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to court on any of the court days should the plan to poison him fail.
Reasons for this heinous crime is to stop the avalanche of leaked videos and some classified information which uncontroversial placed the British government as an accessory to genocide on Biafrans.
This exposed plan marvelled everyone to a point where the speechless altitude maintained by some got the spotlight crew thinking.
As the train of Spotlight was moving; it didn't forget to stop over to see what's happening in Imo State.
Right in Imo state; pensioners did something unexpected.
We know you'll say "What happened".
Huh! It wasn't a joking matter anymore as displeased pensioners took to the street and block the roundabout leading to the government house in Owerri over the slashing of their pension arrears by 60%. The event took place after Rochas Okorocha presented Prado jeeps and land cruisers to speakers and members of Imo state house of assembly and report surfaced that Okorocha was planning to compel pensioners to forfeit 60% of their entitlement and take home 40%.
In fact, the pensioners voiced out and shout- "We no go gree o, we no go gree".
And the questions that raised was- Is that not wickedness from the Governor?.
We captured the Niger Delta avengers during the week.
Hmmmmm. We know by now the Nigeria government is planning to tell us to bring them since we've captured them but sorry, we got them through invisible camera of the spotlight of the week.
Niger Delta Avengers have blown another trumpet again. This time; they declared operation 'Wall of Jericho and Hurricane Joshua' on Nigeria.
They declared these operations after they said Buhari stalled the peace talks and on the other hand, they also vowed to renew attacks.
The said- "We're declaring Operation wall of Jericho and Hurricane Joshua in simultaneously to reclaim our mother land".
Do Nigeria really think crocodile can smile when the wall of Jericho is falling mostly on its body?.
Let's watch and see.

As we are waiting to see the actions/ moves of wall of Jericho and the drama of the crocodile called smile.
We rap up this edition of the SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK from Family Writers.
Stay calm, cool and good.
See you again on Spotlight next week.

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