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Monday, 16 January 2017



By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

Dear Obama,

It is my humble pleasure to put down in writing this wonderful attributes of mine as you prepare to hand over to Donald J. Trump the next to the leadership throne of United States of America in few days from now. I sincerely thank God for the gift of enablement upon you although you used it negatively. I equally thank God for life, health and preservation He granted unto you although you wasted others people's blood.

In All, To God Be All The Glory. Amen.

Dear Obama, at first, your emergence as the president of United States of America was a thing of Joy to African race. It was well celebrated all over African continent as there was a big merriment over your presidential victory.

Your emergence as the USA president was considered as a breaking of racial discrimination (Apartheid) yorks in America.  It was a thought of many that an African becoming a president of a western nation will salvage the problems of Africans and Black-Americans and will restore peace to mankind especially in African and American continent.
How wrong was the thought of mankind.

It is regrettable that mankind made such an insulations with hope that something good will come out your regime. You proved the word of God that said Do not Put your trust in man because man's heart is too deceitful. Dear Obama, saying that your emergence as the USA president was a complete failures that mankind will not afford to repeat again is an under-statement. Not only that you failed humanity but you equally destroyed the hope of humanity. You destroyed lives.
Under your watch, a peaceful nation like Libya was turned into war zone as a result of your carelessness.

You sponsored the rigging out of office of Dr. Goodluck  Azikiwe Jonathan. You of all men frustrated Jonathan's government and helped in bringing in Retired Major Muhammadu Buhari a jihadist fundamentalist, Boko Haram founder and the chief patron of Hausa Fulani herdsmen the two most radical and deadly terrorist sect in the whole universe. Under your watch and sponsorship, Christians suffered the worst killings and maiming in the history of humanity. Under your watch and sponsorship, mankind experience and witness the worst and most radical terror groups in the history of humanity.

Under your watch and sponsorship the foundation of world order and the rise of the beast was laid.
Under your watch and sponsorship, the worship of Yahwe of Israel was reduced to nothing as the rise and reign of Lucifer was highly lifted and sponsored by your great administration.
Your reign has done much harm to humanity in such a way it cannot be easily forgotten.
Truly Mr. Obama, people like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the host of others you surrounded yourself with balkanized you regime.

I am so glad that 20th of January 2017 is by the conner.
A day your evil reign shall be over, a day of new beginning, a day of morning rising.
It shall be a day that group of people you fought hard to silence with the USA hard Tax earners money  will re-echoed to the hearing of International Communities right away from Biafra land.
It shall stand as a day of new hope, new strength and new zeal to the people of Biafra.
It shall be a day of greatest happiness.

I wish it is in my position to fast-forward the clock, I would have make 20th to be today but not withstanding, it is already here. Please Mr. Obama, do not forget any of your belongings because the Glory of the White-House will be re-invoked and restored.

Be grateful unto God for haven given you another glorious grace to live and complete your tenure.
By God's grace you shall live to witness what God has in stock for the people of Biafra and the very man Nnamdi Kanu whom you thought that will die in the custody of Muhammadu Buhari will soon be out triumphantly with Biafran flag raised in the sky.
Then the glorious songs of the rising sun shall echoed in the air to the Glory of Chukwu-Okike Abiama. Iseeee!

Long live President D.J. Trump
Long live people of America
Long live Biafrans.


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