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Wednesday 4 January 2017

How Nigeria Military Officers Murdered A Biafra Activist In Rivers State For Possessing A Biafra Flag

How Nigeria Military Officers Murdered A Biafra Activist In Rivers State For Possessing A Biafra Flag

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Ifeanyi Akaraka is a native of Uloano Amandugwa in Isu Local Government Area of Imo state, whose life was gruesomely cut short by the rampaging trigger-happy members of the Nigeria Military who were outraged seeing a Biafra flag in his car.

According to a political and social media activist who narrated the circumstances surrounding his death, the 35year old Biafran activist was driving from his house to his shop on the evening of December 10, 2016; also an election day in Rivers state, before he stormed into some military officers who were escorting a high ranking member of the All Progressive Congress, APC.
   "Based on the account given to me by the deceased younger brother, Ifeanyi drove from his house to his shop about 5pm the day of the election believing that election was over,
 "He met the 2015 APC deputy governorship candidate in Rivers State, Asita Asita with some soldiers molesting people on the highway in Ahoada East LGA,
 "He reversed his car and tried to leave the scene but he was chased after by the soldiers, he stopped, one of the soldier saw a Biafran flag in his car, he shot him twice on the leg for displaying Biafran flag on an election day in Nigeria.

 "They left him there bleeding, he died later in the hospital but not without recounting his ordeal in the hands of soldiers attached to Asita," Calito Felipe revealed on his Facebook page.

The family of the Late Ifeanyi Akaraka are yet recover from the shock and trauma of his demise. The wife who is currently nursing a 3weeks old baby expressed she has been completely devastated over the unexpected death of her husband.

Activist Calito Felipe, who drove from Port-Harcourt to attend the funeral in Imo state narrated his experience:

  "When I entered his father's compound for the funeral, I saw people crying and laying curses on his killers, I almost cried while trying to console his wife who is nursing their 3 weeks old baby. According to his younger brother, he was the backbone of their father and the breadwinner of the entire extended family, all hope is lost now that he is no more,

"This is not the first time Igbos are being killed by Nigerian army in Rivers State, just few months ago, Magnus Abe also of the APC brought soldiers to look for Solomon Ndigbara, his political enemy and they ended up killing 36 innocent people in Ogoni, 5 out of that 36 persons were Igbo traders in Bori.


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