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Tuesday 31 January 2017


Ralph Uwazuruike



Ralph Uwazuruike is the Present day Ifeajuna of our time who claims he is fighting for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra but in other words, he is a saboteur and a money monger and someone who is envy of another person’s progress.  Uwazuruike does not have the interest of Biafrans at heart rather he is parading himself as a freedom fighter just to enrich his pocket by defrauding his members and other people.

When I heard how Ifeajuna sabotaged during the Biafra war, I shed tears not knowing that another Ifeajuna in the person of Uwazuruike will surface to start from where the former Ifeajuna stopped. Does Uwazuruike in any way possess the quality of a freedom fighter? The answer is capital 'NO'. Ralph Uwazuruike Ifeajuna lebeanya is eating and dinning with those that he supposed to keep at arm’s length as a freedom fighter he claims,  he frequently goes to Abuja to seek for contract and he has a federal plate number on his cars  as well yet he want people to address him as a freedom fighter, impossible!.

Also a real freedom fighter doesn't possess any assets, a freedom fighter fights and struggle to liberate his people but Uwazuruike is fighting to enslave his people more and more and also to fill his pockets with money. Thank God that today people's eyes have been opened to see and know the type of person Uwazuruike is. When he was the leader of MASSOB, his members paid through their nose, Uwazuruike used them to make money of which today most of them that has been liberated from that bondage has a lot of stories to tell.

I know of a woman who was once a MASSOB member but has joined IPOB now. She told me that even as she has left MASSOB, she still gets messages from them to pay a particular amount of money because they has her number. And that made her to automatically change her phone number. That is the foundation that Uwazuruike laid.  When Uwazuruike was sacked as a MASSOB leader, as a money monger he is , he formed another group called  B I M which is "Biafra, Independent Movement" please if someone sales his monkey and buy dog, does he not still have something that bends flat in his house? Both MASSOB and BIM are still the same thing as far as Biafra struggle is concerned. Uwazuruike has made a lot of people to see Biafra struggle as a fraud because of what they passed through from his hand when he is the leader of MASSOB.

When IPOB under Nnamdi kanu which is a true movement that is determined to get Biafra came to be, if you are preaching to some people to come and joined the family, some will be telling you-Uwazuruike again? God forbid that I will risk my life again in doing MASSOB after Uwazuruike might have disappointed us. It only took the grace of God for people to differentiate between IPOB and MASSOB.

And when they finally join IPOB, I tell you they find peace, love unity, oneness and also a reliable leader who has the interest of his people at heart. Ralph Uwazuruike Ifeajuna lebeanya is not only a fraudster but a rogue, a 419ner, a saboteur and an enemy of progress. In fact his jealousy over Nnamdi kanu is much, and it has no measure. He often go to Abuja to deceive Buhari and collect money from him tell him that they have backed off from Biafra struggle and the mugu called Buhari will give him huge amount of money not knowing that he is a hard core 419ner.

It is impossible to bring down someone that God has elevated. So no amount of critics or jealousy that Uwazuruike will have over Nnamdi kanu that will pass the sky because his mission is direct from God not a compromise. Again, you cannot eat your cake and have it. And if you sold your birth right with a port of portage yam, you will not have anybody to blame. What do I mean? When Uwazuruike was arrested for the issue of Biafra struggle, he derailed. He chose to take bribe than to stand his ground in order to get what he wants. At a cause of this, many people were disappointed.

He collected money and go his way not considering how Biafrans will feel. And that is why those who were among those that were disappointed find it difficult to join the struggle again. But since the leader of IPOB mazi Nnamdi kanu was arrested, he refused to collect anything offered to him by the federal government. This is because he is not after money but after the freedom of his people and that is what is called a true freedom fighter.

And only this alone made millions of people today to join IPOB because with Nnamdi kanu, they have found a true leader, a determined freedom fighter, a leader with example and a man that stands by his words. All these are what made Uwazuruike to became envy of him and he begin to say all manner of bad things against Nnamdi kanu and IPOB but thank God the whole world knows the truth. I want to let Uwazuruike Ifeajuna to know that is that if you were asked to abandon  what you are doing it then means that what you are doing Is not good, so Uwazuruike  raaaa ka iji!! because you have spoiled your name nationally and internationally and if you did not change, you will face doom very soon.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

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