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Wednesday, 1 February 2017




By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

Truthfulness is the nature of Biafra, which is the reason she (Biafra) can't be defeated.
The reason why the wave of Biafra is shaking the whole world today is because, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is strongly standing on an unshakeable alter of the TRUTH, which is obviously undeniable. Yes, IPOB are the product of truth, and truth remains the greatest weapon which we have been using in destroying our enemies.

It's clear and unarguable that whatever information seen on Biafran recognised media outlets which includes the following, The Biafra Herald, The Times , The Biafran Post, The Biafran Television and The Biafra Telegraph is extremely credible. Of Course the University of Truth, Radio Biafra London is not left out.

The world must understand that Radio Biafra remains the only place to get a genuine and an undiluted truth about Biafra and every other information reported or broadcasted on their live programmes. Whatever information and news reported by the aforementioned Biafran media outlets about the wonton massacre of Biafrans who staged a solidarity rally for president Donald J Trump on his inauguration day on January 20, 2017 is nothing but an undiluted truth about what occurred on that very day. Therefore, every sane mind must always uphold every information reported by the recognised Biafran media outlets as it nothing but verified facts.

We are here to tell our story, and so every other information you hear about Biafra remains second class information. The sponsored media blackout against Biafrans is the reason why those who care for the truth must always uphold whatever story we tell about ourselves.

Notwithstanding, the massacre of innocent unarmed Biafrans staging and pledging their support for the 45th president of United States of America, Donald John Trump through a peaceful rally, by Nigerian murderous security personnel on the orders of the arch genocidist, Muhammadu Buhari, the so called Nigeria president must be urgently investigated and his henchmen brought to book.

The Buhari's henchmen (The Nigerian Army) massacred over 20, injured over 100 and abducted not less than 200 innocent unarmed and defenseless Biafrans pledging their solidarity with president Donald J Trump on 20th January 2017.

The innocent and unarmed Biafrans were attacked and massacred firstly at the Rumuola area of Igwuocha (Port Harcourt, Rivers state) where they gathered to pray before the rally kicked off, and not less than 7 persons were gunned down on the spot.

Biafrans, being fearless before their enemies reconvened and commenced the rally without entertaining any atom of fear. Moving down to the Rumuola flyover area of the old Aba Road as the military continued their striking on the armless peaceful Biafrans, another two were killed again. In the process of trying to save our lives, some fell off the flyover and got injured.

The spirit is high and the love for Donald Trump is unquenchable, coupled with the resoluteness and fearless nature of Biafrans, which made them to continue the rally inspite of the violence perpetrated on them by Buhari's henchmen (The Nigerian Army and Police).

 We kept moving down to the GRA area of Port Harcourt, when we discovered that the SARS (Special Anti- Robery Squad) joined the army and started shooting live bullets and throwing tear gas canisters on defenceless Biafrans. At this GRA axis, another 12 unarmed and helpless Biafrans were gunned down again. The combined forces now started tearing our placards, the American flags, Biafra flags, Israeli flags and Russian flags amongst others which Biafrans used for the rally.

The painful aspect of the story is that they killed and took the bodies of Biafrans into their helux Van to unknown destinations. Those who were abducted were also taken to an unknown destination too probably for summary assassination. Due to the large number of Biafrans which numbers in thousands, we were able to take some of the bodies of those who were killed and those injured to the nearby hospitals as the military continued shooting sporadically.

Other death casualties, were recorded when Biafrans travelling to their various destinations were attacked once more by Nigerian Army and 2 more people were killed again. The soldiers continued searching every transport vehicle and other vehicles for anyone in possession of any Biafra materials like Biafra T-shirts, Biafra flags, shoes, American flags, Israeli flags, Russia flags amongst others. And anyone found with the above mentioned materials will be arrested and beaten to stupor before taken to an unknown destination. The videos to the above outlined facts are in possession of IPOB, and which has already gone viral in the internet for everyone to see.

Some of the hospitals in which Biafrans were rushed to namely; Morningstar star Hospital amongst others, refused to administer treatment to the dying and helpless young souls because they are afraid of being attacked and shut down by Nigerian government, The police were not left out of the scene as they were seen going from hospital to hospital ransacking for the bodies of Biafrans and those wounded. They took away those who are still alive and the bodies of those who had gunshot wounds.

The Nigerian media outlets twisted the whole thing and reported their garbage as usual.
It's only a gullible mind that listens to the lies being spread on daily basis as news, by the Yoruba gutter brown envelope journalism and their so called media houses. It's an incontrovertible fact that Nigerian media is compromised, and hardly do investigative journalism. They report whatever garbage and lies they are paid to spread.

The international media are hereby advised to boycott Nigerian media since they are hell bent on spreading lies and can never tell the truth. The masses are being misled as they're fed them with unverified information and therefore kept them out of truth about the accurate information of what's happening in Biafra.

However, the denial made by the Nigerian army and the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fuloso Adebanjo, were also assisted by the compromised Nigerian media in their desperation to shield the truth from the public. It's an undeniable fact that IPOB have never indulged in any act of terrorism or have ever turned violent in any of their protests or rallies.

IPOB stands for peace, and that's the reason why we have never attacked the murderous Nigerian security personnel or in any way disrupted the peace and well being of Nigerians. We shouldn’t be taken for granted over our peaceful and orderly manner of laying forth our demands, as we are only proving to the world that we are civilised in all endeavours.

We are being pushed to the wall, and as such might fight back any moment from now, because our lives matters, and must be protected. Every sane mind must understand what Biafrans are capable of doing if we pull off all resistance.

Biafrans have died more than enough, and must be given their freedom as enshrined in the United Nations charter of the rights of indigenous people.


Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

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