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Friday 3 February 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

The attention of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu De Great has been drawn to the sleepless night of British government due to the final frontier of Nigeria imminent dissolution into abyss of oblivion.

Family Writers of IPOB has been secretly investigating the reason behind the recent diplomatic impasse of running up and down by British government led by Theresa May, going from USA to Israel and many other Biafra-friendly nations and have its findings intact. It is still on record that Theresa May invited newly inaugurated president of United States, Donald J. Trump for an undisclosed bilateral discussion which ended in deadlock.

Since then, Family Writers eagles have stepped up surveillance on the perfunctory diplomatic moves and persuasions of British govt left, right and center to different countries and organizations for one purpose - Keeping Nigeria (their business center) one.

Today, IPOB want to categorically draw the attention of international community to the findings of its media wing called Family Writers, which has it that Britain is running up and down restlessly to remedy their business center in Africa called Nigeria which is at the verge of imminent collapse not minding the advantages the dissolution could be to the so-called Nigerians which Nigeria as an entity has been sucking the blood of their loved ones. British government has been using its high commission in foreign countries to lobby for support to keep Nigeria together by force even when up 80% of Nigeria population is no longer interested in blood-sucking union.

Indigenous People of Biafra hereby invites people, organizations and governments of good conscience all over the world to ask the British government why they find it so difficult to allow the people of Nigeria to decide by themselves whether they want to continue in the imposed union called Nigeria or not. It is time for United State govt, Russia govt, Israeli govt, European Union, African Union and ECOWAS to ask Britain what is their interest in Nigeria that made them highly cynical to the extent that they do not care whether the whole Africa is consume by fire of tyranny or not so far as that their interest in Nigeria is protected.

It is on record that recently British High commissioner in Nigeria said that 1914 amalgamation of Nigeria done by Britain has expired in 2014, therefore people should stop accusing or blaming Britain for any misfortune that take place in Nigeria because they are no more colonizing Nigeria.

However, Family Writers of IPOB wish to ask Mr. High Commissioner as follows:

(1) Since Britain is no longer colonizing Nigeria, why is British Prime Minister Theresa May so interested and glued in wanting Nigeria one not minding its detriments to the people of diver cultures?

(2) Can’t such diplomatic, economic, bilateral and political interest of Britain in the defunct Nigeria be maintained by Biafra, Oduduwa, Islamic Arewa or any other federation that may emerge from the dissolved Nigeria when they inherit such British interest?

If such British interest of any kind cannot be consolidated with by the emerging federations from the dissolved Nigeria such as Biafra or Oduduwa, then such British interest must be questionable and devilish in entirety.

It is worthy of note that when Gen Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the first Biafra head of state declared Biafra in May 1967, Biafrans still pledged alliance to British govt and Common Wealth and promised the whole world to respect all the diplomatic and business treaties existing between Nigeria and any nation in which Biafra will inherit. Biafra still adopt pounds as their currency, it is Nigeria that rather threw pounds away for Naira & Kobo.

Now, if since 1967, Biafrans kept open hand of accepting bilateral relationship with any nation that may seek that from us, what is the fear of Britain about emergence of Biafra which made them continue to desire for blood-sucking #One Nigeria?

IPOB still maintains that no amount of British lobbying from United State to Israel to Russia to European Union & even NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will remedy the shipwreck of Nigeria. The demon evoked by Lord Lugard from Niger River which hold Nigeria since 1914 has departed back to Euphrates River of Babylon where it came from.

Family Writers wish to use this medium to advise Britain to stay clear from Nigeria disintegration or risk being partaker of doom coming upon Nigeria blood-sucking federation. No amount of intervention or lobbying can save Nigeria because the decree has been given upon the watch.

I rest my case!



  1. You have said it all, I'll continue to maintain that when MOST HIGH angels EVICTED #LUCIFER from glorious HEAVENS, his first contact to mother earth where he landed was BRITAIN, anyone who think otherwise should quote me wrong,this people #UK like seeing innocent blood spilled for just no reason other than to seeing their economy trive, they preach Christianity with bible but evil they wish to all INDIGENOUS population, we speak no other language than BIAFRA morning or night, sunny or raining and it has been written by MOST HIGH YAHAWA, WE MUST LIVE TO WORSHIP HIM in all HONESTY, free NNAMDI KANU free #BIAFRA.


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