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Saturday, 18 February 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

The worst thing that can happen to Nigeria and Africa is to let Biafrans pick up arms to fight for their freedom. We are Biafrans, whatever we do is always endowed with a touch of excellence, whatever we say is what we do, whatever we want is what we get. It's absolutely important to note that nothing stops Biafrans both spiritually and physically, from achieving whatever goal and mission they have embarked on and that has been the reason why, IPOB has been breaking world record and setting the pace in everything we do.  More so, it's worthy to note that our enemies have no place to hide, because Biafrans are everywhere in the world.

It is very painful how terrorist Muhammadu Buhari and his security henchmen has been massacring Biafrans who did nothing other than asking for a self-determination as enshrined in the United Nation's charter of the rights of Indigenous people.
Under Buhari's watch, over 10,000 innocent Biafrans have been massacred in their cold blood, while over 8000 are under illegal detention.
As if that wasn't enough, the murderous Nigerian security agents, again attacked Biafrans on Sunday, February 12, 2017, after invading IPOB family meeting ground in Delta state, Biafra land,   killing five activists on the spot, while scores of other people were injured.

However, the world must understand that we have come to get Biafra or we all perish trying to get Biafra. IPOB is ready to sustain a war for over a hundred years, with no retreat or surrender, and we will definitely win just as we have been making an outstanding success in this war of wisdom we have engaged in.

Biafrans (IPOB), have been peacefully agitating for Biafra, but the expired Nigeria has been violently attacking and massacring Biafrans in their cold blood.
Sure, if IPOB pull off all resistance, then Nigeria, West Africa, and the world at large will badly feel the heat.
If Biafrans eventually picks up arms to fight for freedom, Nigeria will burn. Things omniscient will happen. There will be a new definition of war. There will be a new definition of science and technology, as never seen weapons of mass destruction will invented. Surely the world will know, learn and understand what it means to be a Biafran.
Honestly, the best brains of Africa will showcase to humanity, their splendid intellectual prowess.  A new chapter of history will be written about Biafra and Africa.  Honestly, it will be a DEVIL'S ALTERNATIVE for Nigerians, whichever way they chooses, they must surely lose.

The Indigenous People of Biafra are scattered all over the earth and almost in every country of the world, and in each of these countries, we have over 90 capable men of valour, who are ready to die just to get Biafra. Everything in Nigeria will be destroyed. Summarily, the ZOO (Nigeria) will be deserted, because the havoc that will befall the contraption called Nigeria will stun the world, and will be beyond human comprehension.

I must make this known to Nigerians; there are angry spirits waiting to join in the destruction of Nigeria. We must live the very fact that, both human and spirits are angry with this contraption called Nigeria. Yes, it will spell doom for Nigeria if Biafrans are forced to take arms in self-defense and for their freedom.
Something more than devastating, disheartening, nasty, unforeseen and ticklish will happen. The extreme intellectual prowess possessed by Biafrans will be displayed to the fullest. Of course the world must understand that now is not 1967- 70 as we are now in a civilised world and in a computer age.

It shouldn't be forgotten so easily that Biafrans were able to sustain a war in spite of hunger and starvation,  for three good years without a visible assistance from the international community. We were able to challenge the great Britain and other world power countries like Russia amongst others with our bare hands, the war they thought it's going to last for three weeks lasted for three years. That's how powerful Biafrans are, not even a single ammunition we used during the genocidal war, were imported including the missiles and the helicopter.

Recall that, prophet Nnamdi kanu in some of his radio broadcast, said:

 "What happened in Somalia will look like peak milk compared to what will happen in the zoo,(Nigeria) if they push us (Biafrans) to take arms get our freedom."

One thing we must bear in our minds is that prophet Nnamdi Kanu is a man of his words, whatever he decrees stands. It is indisputable that all his prophesies have all come to reality and accomplishment, especially the ones about Nigeria.

With the above perceptions, I am saying with every sense of courage and without prevarication that Nigeria will be used to set the record straight as to showcase what the new generation of Biafrans is capable of doing.
A word is enough for the wise!
Let Nigeria do the needful by letting Biafrans go peacefully as that will avert the imminent doom awaiting Nigeria in no distant time.


Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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