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Friday, 3 February 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

Dear great people of Africa, I wish to write this letter to you all regarding the injustices, the ongoing genocide being perpetrated against Biafrans and the imminent upsurge in the agitation for the freedom of Biafra. Before I proceed, please do accept my warmth and humble greetings from Biafra land, as it's our tradition to honour and respect our elders. My names are NWAFOR SOMTOCHUKWU ALOYSIUS, by the grace of CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA, I am a Biafran activist and a Family Writers’ journalist.

It's quite appalling that the great people of Biafra, who are the best brains of Africa, are being decimated on a daily basis, while Africans and the rest of the world seems to be deaf, blind and dumb over this disheartening injustices perpetrated against the people of Biafra. Nigeria with the help of Britain in 1967-70, executed a genocidal and cataclysm war which claimed about 6 million lives of Biafrans.

 Notwithstanding, the present government led by retired Major General, Muhammadu Buhari  has massacred over 6000 Biafrans majorly innocent young vibrant mens, through his blood-thirsty and murderous security henchmen, ever since his inauguration as Nigeria president in May 2015. Buhari ordered clampdown on Biafra journalists which Moses Agbo of Family Writers is a victim, including other numerous Biafrans.

He (Buhari) after assuming office on 29th May 2015, has resorted to secret abduction and wanton execution of Biafrans. Over 2000 Biafrans are currently illegally detained, tortured using poisonous weapons and dangerous chemicals. The evidences are obvious and everywhere for everyone to see, including the report released by Amnesty International few months ago concerning the heinous government sponsored execution of Biafra peaceful protesters by Nigeria security personnel, which the below attached Amnesty International link contains the full report;

Click and read it here-- Nigeria: At least 150 peaceful pro-Biafra activists killed in chilling crackdown

Biafrans are being subjected to hell in Nigeria, as human right abuses rained on Biafrans daily by Nigerian security agents and if not carefully handled now, will surely wreck a devastating havoc in no distant time. More so, the illegal detention of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which sparked lots of protests, all over Biafra Land, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, is also evidence to what Biafrans are passing through in Nigeria, which the African Union must investigate. I wish to bring to the notice of African Union, that the prisoner of conscience, prophet Nnamdi Kanu is under inhuman torture and detention only for exercising his right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations charter on rights of indigenous peoples and African charter for people's right which Nigeria is signatory to.

Biafrans have suffered more than enough in the evil Nigeria. In fact, Nigeria is hell bent on the extermination of Biafrans. As written on the secret documents of Fredrick Lord Lugard, the creator and owner of Nigeria, the Northerners(Hausa Fulanis) are stupor lazy, backward in reasoning, hardcore jihadists and illiterates who are not ready to be educated. Lugard further stated that the northerners are wallowing under abject poverty, which he said was the core reason for the amalgamation of northern and southern protectorate which he also described as "OIL AND WATER" that can never mix together.

Also on the confidential documents of Fredrick Lugard, 'AFTER 100 YEARS, NIGERIA EXPIRES AND EVERY REGION HAS THE RIGHT TO LEAVE THE UNHOLY UNIOUN' Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 and therefore expired in 2014. Of course Biafrans started agitation before the stated 100 years, because of the evil they are being subjected to, in the expired Nigeria.

Yes, Lugard himself described Biafrans as the best brains of Africa, and it's undeniable as most great things that happened in Africa are all traceable to Biafra.
Nevertheless, Biafra is a blessed nation in Africa whose glory will shine and lift Africa to a sustainable height in the world. Biafra has all it takes to make Africa great, as she (Biafra) is endowed with natural resources, and most especially, human resources which can compete or even outshine that of the western world. Yes, Africa should have been the most powerful and greatest continent in the world if Biafra is a free Nation. Africa is in darkness and wallowing in poverty today, because her light (Biafra) is hidden under the darkness of the evil Nigeria, and until Biafra is allowed to shine, Africa will remain under darkness.

Moreover, Nigeria the former giant of Africa is in shambles and abyss now, because the builders (Biafrans) want exit. The expired Nigeria has been eating and hiding the glory of Biafra, and instead of rewarding her, has resolved in maiming and massacring of her descendants. Biafrans don't just need their freedom, we deserve our freedom because, we have paid more than enough price to have Biafra.

Inarguably, Biafrans are the eagle of innovations, as they're seen displaying their splendour of ideas during the war which they produced weapons they used to defend themselves against the murderous Nigeria government and British for three good years without a visible assistance from the international community, including the African Union.
The level of intellectual prowess possessed by Biafrans is the reason why the western world is afraid of a free Biafra.

As recorded by history, when His excellency Sir Col. Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, the hero and legend of Biafra, sent some Biafran delegates led by CCN Onoh to the Europe, precisely Belgium, to solicit support for the nation of Biafra; after disclosing their mission to the speaker of Belgium parliament, surprisingly the speaker told them that one Japan is too big for Europe to handle, that they (Belgium) heard that the People of Biafra is like the Japanese, therefore afraid and will never let another Japan emerge from Africa.  The world really know who we(Biafrans) are and more especially the utmost level  we will take Africa to, if allowed to be free.
Biafra has the key to the freedom and greatness of Africa, and therefore with no further delay should be allowed to be free, as that will pave way for a better and prosperous Africa.

The hypocrisy and silence of the world over the ongoing agitation for Biafra, is not far from this very fact that, if Biafra is allowed to be a free Nation, then hundreds of other African countries subjected under mental slavery and poverty will begin to agitate for freedom and probably will gain their freedom too, and thereby making it easy for Africa to stand and compete with the rest of the world. I hereby urge the African Union to use their good office, as the apex organisation in Africa to stand and declare Biafra free or map out strategies in which Biafra referendum will be conducted before the year runs out.

A free Biafra entails a new and outstanding Africa, a new definition of science, technology, and a place where education and civilisation will be remodified.
My great fellow Africans, it's time we do the needful by unanimously following the path that leads to greatness, which is Biafra freedom. Let us build this  nation (Biafra), where wisdom for mankind is inborn, a nation where love is paramount, a nation where the supreme creator of the universe is placed higher above all things, worshipped in truth and in spirit, a nation where the geniuses of ideas and inventors resides, a nation where peace , justice, equity and fairness will reign.
Yes, now is the time to make Africa great, by standing for the urgent and immediate freedom of Biafra.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

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