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Sunday 19 February 2017




Under this heading, we may notice a certain number of fickle and objectionable characters who at various epochs so far achieved notoriety in sabotaging the Biafra restoration project. Individuals who would take advantage of a profession of sycophancy to mask their own evil designs, It is rather disgusting and sheer moral depravity that some individuals who merely feeds skeletally from the crumbs that falls from their slave masters ( Hausa/Fulani ) table will go as far as invoking all manner of abracadabra just to dissuade  and perpetually enslave millions of Biafrans that have suffered unprecedented abuse in this unholy matrimony ( one Nigeria ) cemented by the selfish and devilish British empire that spearheaded the worst genocide ( Biafra civil war ) ever known to mankind.

Most times, I wonder in total dismay why these despicable predators will be drumming for one Nigeria. If I may ask, one Nigeria to what end? One Nigeria when I have to travel all the way to Lagos State to procure a visa before I can travel beyond the shores of the country! One Nigeria when all my imported goods must touch down Lagos before transporting it down to Biafra land which has paved way for all manner of notorious criminals on security uniform to embark on massive extortion; coupled with bad roads that have caused several accidents warranting business men and women in Biafra land to lose billions of naira annually.

One Nigeria when an oil servicing company in Biafra land that lifts barrels of oil worth millions of U.S dollars coupled with premeditated environmental pollution that has rendered our lands impotent would rather have their headquarters domicile in Lagos or Abuja. Instead of paying taxes to the host state where this oil is gotten from, now all taxes are practically channeled to Lagos and Abuja ( Monkey dey work while Baboon dey chop ). One Nigeria when there is no functional international airport in Biafra land!! One Nigeria when it is a taboo for any Biafran to occupy any sensitive position in any security formation. One Nigeria when the finance ministry excluded South East from $30 billion infrastructure loan!!

In the face of this glaring economic and political suffocation, these bastard predators whose harlotry mothers gave birth in one of those dustbins in Okokomiko will open their decayed and slavish mouth drumming and dancing for one Nigeria just to further consolidate their insatiable predatory ends. Devil's advocates parading on earth in human form.

Biafrans!! This is a clarion call to all of us to wake up. We must use any lethal weapon within our disposal to properly flush out these enemies within that only constitute an infinitesimal number among us. We shall extinguish and render their homes desolate because these predators have caused us enough pains and sorrow. Rather than standing as a clog on the wheel of Biafra restoration mission, we will extinguish and obliterate them without mercy.

However, it is no longer surprising that Nigeria has provided deceptive avenues for the location and hideout of all manner of hardened criminals, treasury looters and their slavish bandwagons who have failed in nation building. Thus, it has provided unlimited space for numerous of ethnic and political bigot to hibernate.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

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