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Monday, 27 February 2017

BIAFRA: Your Silence in the face of evil

Your Silence in the face of evil

Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

My thought about you
That remained silent in the face of evil,
You that have eyes but cannot see,
You that dinned with the killers of your own people,
You that supported the false unity at the expense of your people's blood,
You that suggested the involvement of IPOB in the bloody political parties in Nigeria.
You that felt less concerned over all that is happening to your people,
You that mistook another man's corps to a short wooden stick,
You that said to your soul "rejoice and merry for all is well"
You that called the members of IPOB miscreants,
You that sworn to die as a slave in the slave and foreign land,
You that made exile your beautiful home,
Oh! You wanderer that cannot retrace your origin.
"That is called Moronic Lowlife"

I have a thought about you
Yes you that is reading this
With your sight of view
With your sense of reasoning
With your active conscience
With your health of body

With the power of enablement
With your ability to speak
With your legs to walk
With your joyful state of mind

Maybe you own a house
Maybe you own a car
Maybe you own a business
Maybe you are a student

Maybe you live abroad
Maybe you have someone abroad
Maybe you are rich
Maybe you are political cronyism

You are a father of child (ren)
You are a mother of child (ren)
You are relative to someone
You are a friend of someone

Imagine your heart desires
Imagine your goal targets
Imagine how hard you are working
Just to make ends meet

The bread winner of a family
A source of happiness to someone
The most cherished child
The only child of the family.

Just walking by the roadside
In your happiest state
Maybe heading home
And got shot by the military
"They tag it accidental discharge"

Maybe having a chart on the street
A peaceful and amiable chart
And got arrested and indefinite incarceration
Without charging you to court.
"They tag it illegal gatherings"

Maybe with your family
In your resting home
Making merry
And got invaded and killed
By the security operatives
"They tag it violent organization"

You were brutalized,
You were forcefully raped,
Your own daughter given out in marriage without your approval/consent,
Your sons murdered for speaking the truth.
"They tag it treason"

You got assurance of freedom,
Freedom of speech,
Freedom of movement,
Freedom of association,
Freedom to worship,
Freedom to life.
"That is human rights"

When you try to practice any,
In return you got brutalized,
Escape brutality and recieve imprisonment,
Escape imprisonment and recieve death.
They tag it "treasonable felony"

And in return they call it one Nigeria,
They equally call it unity,
Also indivisible nation.

I still have a thought,
I wondered why you are living,
I wondered what makes you a human,
I questioned your sense of reasoning,
I doubt the activeness of your conscience.

I am not just fanatical,
I am "FANTASTICALLY" fanatical  about my nation BIAFRA.
Ask Muhammadu Buhari for interpretation of my grammar if you care to know.

My thought about you remained inconclusive like Buhari's  government but until then, remain whom you are.


1 comment

  1. IPOB/core Biafrans must have plan to banish and chase-out all the Igbo efulefu, saboteurs, bastards, wimps and cowards from Biafra land as soon as Biafra Republic is restored. They are not worthy to be part of the restored Biafra nation at all – unless they genuinely repent of their cowardice and selfishness.


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