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Sunday, 19 February 2017



Good day to you all, we welcome you once again to this Family Writers' Weekly Fact Findings And Analysis coming to you from Ekwenye Samuel Chukwunweike, Paul Emerenini and Sunday Okafor of Family Writers.

Our focus this week is on the incidence that nearly got many people affected with high blood pressure-- 'DONALD TRUMP'S ALLEGED FAKE PHONE CALL TO NIGERIA PRESIDENT, MUHAMMADU BUHARI'. Please ride on with us as we are ready to drive through.

During the week, the news that the US president, Donald J Trump communicated with Buhari went viral on various social media platforms which the Nigeria presidency, released a public statement in acclamation of the alleged phone call. Lots of questions were raised by different people from different angles concerning the phone call.
From this, our FWFFA team were made to understand the reason why Nigeria claimed that Donald Trump talked to Buhari on phone.

1. Firstly, we discovered that considering the fact that president Buhari was among the first ten  African president to congratulate Donald Trump on his presidential victory in the United States of America concluded elections, but was however ignored by Trump when he replied others, we have therefore come to terms that Nigeria's seat of power has been deeply troubled that Trump has turned his back on Nigeria due to her terrific islamic activities and the role Buhari played against Trump's presidential campaign.

Now, desperate for a way to win back Trump's American interest to Nigeria, they thought and decided that the best way is to lie against him through claiming of a fake phone call.

Again one question every one need to ask is this;

What actually led Buhari to London whether he is dead or alive?
It should be recalled that president Muhammadu Buhari right from the onset has been on the opposition groups to Donald J Trump. He even allegedly supported his rival candidate Hillary Clinton with a whopping sum of $500million, during elections.
All his attacks on president Donald J. Trump were abortive.
Any person with his/her rightful senses will understand that such a magnitude of failure could lead one to his/her early grave. Therefore, it will not be a strange news to Family Writers and Nigerians that Muhammadu Buhari is in coma or even dead.

How righteous Nigeria could claim to be. And how could president Donald J. Trump descend so low of himself to inviting, calling, or assuring alliances with an Islamic terrorist nation led by a radical Islamist and genocidist.

Even in the spiritual world where Muhammadu Buhari is, it will be doubted and re-investigated, the trending news of his conversations with Donald Trump after killing Biafran Trump supporters who rallied in solidarity with him on his inauguration day. On that faithful day more than 20 able men, women and children lost their precious lives at the hand of the trigger-happy Boko-Haram terrorists in the Nigeria military and police at the order of Muhammadu Buhari. Over 250 persons are still in prison custody after their arrest and incarceration at the Trump rally, even as   the whereabouts of numerous other persons remains unknown till date.

Even if the new USA president Donald Trump had considered allying with Nigeria government, only this evil action of killings of his Biafran supporters is worth aborting any of such intention.
Maybe the CNN, MSBN and other brown envelope media are fabricating this conversation lies of Trump with Buhari in order to atract Trump's attention towards Nigeria in his bilateral political alliances.

2. Considering the fact that Buhari's plan is to Islamize Nigeria totally, due to his strong alliance with the Islamic world, and Donald Trump is against the radical spread of Islam, we also understand that they claimed such a fake phone call to lure Trump not to sign any law against Nigeria and Nigerians or from banning them  from entering the boundaries of the United States.

3. Nigerians and other peoples from various places in the globe have been asking this questions,  "Is Buhari truly dead or alive? Can a living person speak with a dead man in this aspect?

Well, Donald Trump is not and will never be a spiritual speaker and has not and will never speak to Buhari on phone.

Whether Buhari is dead or alive, its not our business because he is not the one to give us Biafra. However we would like to bring it to the knowledge of the public that the Hausa-Fulani people in Nigeria has an evil mission to accomplish.

When president Musa Yara'adua died in Saudi Arabia in 2007, his death was hidden for almost three months, simply because they do not want a Christian man, Goodluck Jonathan to take over power.
The same thing is happening now again after ten (10)good years.  Buhari might have died but due to the fact that they do not want the rotation of power, they keep lying and deceiving the gullible ones. Well, God gives life and takes it back. We believe that if Buhari is truly alive, one day he will speak to Nigerians, the people he claims to be their leader unless he is the president of the London hospital and not Nigeria.

With these, we end this week's edition of the FWFFA. Remain blessed and prepare yourself for next week's edition,  goodbye.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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