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Wednesday, 8 February 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

We must understand and live with the undeniable fact that Nigeria is built on a treacherous fraudulent foundation which is likely to collapse in no distant time. It's an incontrovertible fact that Nigeria is the giant of corruption and not the giant of Africa.
I am not trying to frighten or astonish you on the subject of the matter on the notepad, but to notify you on the nicety of what Nigeria and its people represent in Africa and the world at large.

Come to think of it, do you know when a rotten egg is in a place smelling, a normal person finds it very difficult and uncomfortable to domicile in such an environment. The fact is that, Nigeria is worse than a monster; a rotten egg is sweet and of a good perfume when compared to the corruption odour of the contraption called Nigeria.

Yes, Nigeria is an empire of lies and deceits; in fact, it's difficult to find evil incorrectly used when referring to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, its quite unbelievable and astonishing that ECOWAS and African Union (AU) kept quiet over the atrocities Nigeria is unleashing upon Biafrans. Have you ever come to the checkpoint of your imagination about Nigeria and its function and to ask yourself these question;

1. What is Nigeria?
2. Who created Nigeria?
3. What's Nigeria standing for?
4. Why is Nigeria created? and
5. Who is a Nigerian?

Well, I will not go straight to answering the above questions but consider this,
It's high time the uninformed Africans and the whole world understood what Nigeria stands for. The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, had tried in his best efforts to bring it to notice of the world the evil that Nigeria represents. And this prompts another question; when will the world understand what IPOB worldwide is saying about the so called Nigeria?


Nigeria is all about anything evil you can think of.
In fact it's an understatement to say that Nigeria is an embodiment of heinousness and a custodian of lies and deciets.

Can you imagine a country where the president is a mad man, an ignoramus, a hardcore jihadist, bigot and a pedophile.  The president of Nigeria, Retired major General Muhammadu Buhari is a blood sucking demon. You can see him and his agents (the Nigerian security personnels) displaying their military might against unarmed innocent Biafrans on 20th of January 2017 during IPOB rally in support of US president, Donald Trump.

Nigerian Army, Police and SARS on Friday 20th of January 2017, opened fire on an unarmed peaceful Biafrans pledging their inalienable support for the president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, in a rally killing over 20, injured over 100 and abducted over 200 innocent Biafrans.

Meanwhile, scores of Nigerians were sponsored by Muhammadu Buhari  to stage a protest against Donald Trump on that same day in Lagos Nigeria.

The Buhari paid protesters were not arrested, killed or harmed in any form, while Biafrans were massacred in their cold blood. It's worthy to note that the recruited men and women who protested against the American president, Donald Trump, engaged in some notorious act of violence by destroying properties and tampering with the peace of the people by blocking roads and throwing stones on passersby. The security agents did nothing to Buhari's protesters but only guided them until they got to the American embassy in Nigeria and later went to their various destinations unharmed.


The monstrosity, contraption, a zoo and a damnation called Nigeria, was concocted by a British government with the help of Fredrick Lord Lugard alongside his girlfriend, Flora Shaw.
Inarguably, Nigeria is created for the economic sustainance of the great Britain and this is the main reason why the United Kingdom will always stand for a united Nigeria. The role played by the great Britain under the government of Harold Wilson, in the genocide of Biafrans which claimed about 6 million lives of innocent people mainly women and children through starvation is as a result of Britain not ready to go bankruptcy.
Of course it's not surprising that the United Kingdom is still drumming for a one united contraption called Nigeria today.


The name Nigeria stands for an unquenchable hatred, mockery, disdain, shame and  disgrace.
Nigeria is a huge shame to Africa and a crime against humanity. We must understand that Nigeria is an embodiment of demonic orchestrations and this is the reason why Nigeria has been a poisonous hook in the intestine of her inhabitants. Countries where those who are meant to protect you are the ones hunting to suck your blood and eat your flesh. Nigeria is nothing but a hell bent on the extermination of its inhabitants and a home for evil doers.

More so, Nigeria is 50+ years yet there's nothing to write home about.  Nigeria as a country can't boast of an ordinary drinking water, steady electricity or a motorable roads of a world class type. Nigeria stands for mess, a disgrace to Africa and a huge shame to mankind. Of course Nigeria epitomizes every quality of hell fire.


Nigeria is simply created to enslave Africa. The creation of Nigeria has been the core reason why Africa is in darkness and shambles today. The great Britain came to Africa and discovered that, there are set of people, heavily blessed with everything good that life needed to be awesome.
The Europeans, came and saw our unique way of living and doing things, they discovered that we (Biafrans) are the true children of light and the true (practical) manifestation of the supreme creator and Almighty God, envy and jealousy grew heavily in their mind and they resolved in a way in they will subjugate and keep us in perpetual slavery. They knew that by our names we are already praising God, by the names of our villages we adore God, that our land is fertile and blessed with almost all the mineral resources, we have a peculiar intelligent quotient,   their hatred continued to grow stronger every day.

They immediately started extorting and exploiting our land, they persuaded us into dropping the true God we served and forcibly made us worship their man-made gods. That was how the Europeans penetrated, killed and threw us into that contraption called Nigeria with the help of British slave, Fredrick Lord Lugard. Now they converted our land and resources into their Business Empire.
Biafra who has the key to the greatness of Africa we locked down in business empire (Nigeria) of the Great Britain and hence the reason it’s created. Britain will never support a free Biafra, because Africa will gain her freedom from the darkness covering her.

It's very important to note that there's no Nigerian. The so called Nigeria is comprises of a three different Nations namely; Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa. It's also worthy to note that the aforementioned nations have different value systems, languages, beliefs and more importantly religious backgrounds.

 Of a truth the nations in Nigeria has an unquenchable hatred for each other, there's no real unity or trust among them; this remains the core reason why the so called Nigeria can never ever be one, even till thy Kingdom come.  Those parading themselves as Nigerians are set of corrupt and criminally minded set of people, hiding under and using the name Nigeria to loot dry the resources that belongs to the poor masses.

The most corrupt set of individuals comes from Nigeria, the politicians, the youths and everyone coming from that entity are all corrupt. In fact everything in Nigeria ranging from bottom to the top in is corrupt. The lack of unemployment, hunger, starvation, death and other hunger induced crimes is as result of the corruption culture of Nigeria. The most fraudulent individuals in the world are Nigerians, for example, the yahoo boys, the 419ers, the money doublers who mostly comes from Yoruba part of the country are all Nigeria inventions. Even the current president of Nigeria, retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari the confirmed terrorist and most corrupt president Nigeria has ever had in history, campaigning for anti-corruption crusade is nothing but a true definition of who Nigerians are. In fact there's no adjective suitable to describe the level of corruption ongoing in Nigeria.

As a hell fire, Nigeria has done more harm than good to whatever it comes in contact with; Africa is in a mess today because of Nigeria and must be destroyed to avoid more destruction to the image of Africa.
Finally, Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and so are it's inhabitants.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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