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Wednesday 15 February 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers.

I always see it as a fundamental duty to educate people about the Biafra/Nigeria civil war in which millions of Biafrans were killed which many people today think ended after 1970.
Another vital part of the war is the unforgettable and unforgivable atrocities committed by a joint genocidal conspiracy of Nigeria and the British government at Asaba during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war, as Nigeria troops entered Asaba around October 5, 1967, ransacked houses and slaughtered thousands of Biafran  civilians.

As if that wasn't enough, when the remnant of the people were summoned  to assemble in the morning of October 7, hoping to end the violence; hundreds of men, women and children,  paraded along the main street, singing, dancing, and mourning. Then suddenly at a juncture, the men and teenage boys were separated from women and young children by the invading Islamic Nigeria troops, who gathered them in an open square at Ogbe-Osawa village. They opened the trigger of their machine guns, as order was given to open fire on all the young Biafran men. It is estimated that more than 700 men and boys were killed on that bloody day; some as young as 12 years old. Many families lost dozens of men and boys.

The Nigeria troops occupied Asaba for many months, during which most of the town's landmarks and treasuries were destroyed. Many women and girls were raped and forcibly married to the murderous soldiers, while millions of inhabitants fled many not returning until the war ended in 1970.
Apart from the atrocities committed by the British/Nigeria government in Asaba, there are many others which have been suppressed from being taught as history in schools to enable them wipe out and hide it from the younger generation.

Surprisingly, many people thought the war has ended, but the reverse is the case today. I am bringing it to your understanding once more that the genocide, massacre and war is not yet over, THE OCEAN OF BLOOD IS STILL FLOWING AND THEY ARE STILL KILLING BIAFRANS EVERYDAY.

- The display of military muscle at Nkpor on 30th May 2016 in which the Nigeria military massacred not less  than 150 Biafrans during Biafra Heroes' Remembrance Day celebration.
- The murder of peaceful protesters at Aba, Enugu, Anambra, Imo and other parts of Biafra land is not left out,
- The killing of Biafrans at Igweocha(Rivers state) during Donald Trump's solidarity rally,
- And the secret abduction and killing of Biafrans in different parts of Biafra land, have all posed clear evidences that the massacre and genocide which the world thought ended in 1970 is not yet over.
Today; we still see cases where the Nigeria security agents abduct and kill anyone who is in possession of any Biafran material or colour.

Even in social gatherings, they still encircle the innocent unarmed activists and open fire on them.
We see cases where those who survive severe gunshot injuries during Nigeria military attacks, are poured raw acid to ensure they die completely, while the bodies of those killed are thrown into their vans, taken to unknown destinations and buried in mass graves or even burnt to ashes, in order to destroy evidences.
Is this not war?

Or is there any difference between what is happening now and what happened during the infamous Biafra genocide of late 60s?
Absolutely, there's no difference. If not so, I see no reason why we are still living in fears right inside our hearts and homes; I see no reason why they have continued the unlawful abducting of our people on a daily basis. I see no reason why we can't walk freely in our own land and say who we are without being intimidated, attacked or killed; I see no reason why their foot-soldiers(Fulani herdsmen) rape our women, maim/kill our people and raze down our communities every day.
I see no tangible reason why they are killing our youths, causing pains and sorrows every blessed day.

They acquires arms and ammunitions claiming it's for Boko Haram terrorists, but immediately those arms get into Nigeria, they divert and deploy it to Biafra land and use it to massacre the masses.

I want everyone and the world at large to know that Biafra land is under siege again; the Nigeria government aided by the British Government are still committing genocide and massacring Biafrans.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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