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Saturday, 11 February 2017


Asari Dokubo

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Former Ijaw Youth Council president and renowned Biafra activist, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has disclosed why hardcore Biafrans shouldn't be surprised or discouraged at high level of sabotaging tendencies inherent in Biafran politicians, and other people who have refused to voice out their support or work towards the restoration of Biafra.

The highly respected Ijaw Chieftain, during his speech in a Radio Biafra live broadcast on February 6, 2017 revealed that the reasons why most of the political elites and people of other tribes and nationalities that constitute Biafra land, have not been up and doing in the Biafra restoration project, is because they are afraid of losing their highly cherished positions, leisure, and liberty which comes as a price for freedom.

He referenced that even during the period of enslavement of Israelites in Egypt, some Hebrew descents were used to unleash unfathomable sufferings against their own people, just as it was the same case during the Biafra civil war when misguided Biafrans and saboteurs were used to suppress their brothers and were rewarded with political positions and wealth.

"There are many Igbo people who are saying they are not Biafrans, there are many Ijaw people who are saying they are not Biafrans. Who will accept death? Nobody will accept death and imprisonment," Dokubo stated.

 "I went to prison, others went to prison. Nobody want to suffer, people want to join with those who are successful. Nobody wants pain, they want to associate with those who are enjoying and licking the honey, and so they want to be there. When success come, if you are not careful, the same people who are claiming they are not Biafrans will run down and say they are the Biafrans.

 "I am putting my life at risk, many people do not want to put their life at risk, so they want to remain in their comfort zone, and when the table turns, you will see them. They will be the first people who will position themselves in front, that they are this, they are that. It is not new, they are all over the world,
 "Who were the task masters against the Hebrews? They were people selected from among the Hebrews and appointed as task masters to flog their people to work. Who were the people appointed as governors during the civil war? It is our own people who were appointed as governors during the civil war and administrators during the civil war to divide our people.

 "So at every time, there are people who want to associate with the infidel, there are people who want to associate where there is bread, milk and honey. So we are not perturbed at all, we are not deceived at all, we are not disturbed at all by their antics and by their behaviour." The revered activist proclaimed.

Going further he said:

"Ask Orji Uzor Kalu, are you satisfied with the present situation you are in, he'll say no. Ask Rochas Okorocha whether he is satisfied with the present situation he is in, he will say no. Ask Dickson whether he is satisfied with the present situation he is in, he will say no. But they are not ready to make the sacrifice. They don't want to loose as our people say; "what is in your hand, use it and tie at the tip of your wrapper, a bird at hand is worth a million bird in the forest." that is what they are doing. So we're not surprised."

The former leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force however emphasized that despite all odds, the restoration of the freedom of Biafra is an inalienable right of all Biafrans and lovers of freedom. He noted that the freedom of Biafra will bring an an to the continuous marginalization and suppression of Biafrans, and will put an end to the inferiority complex of all black people, even as he trashed the Igbo domination propaganda being by peddled by Nigeria media and enemies of Biafra freedom.

  "It is our inalienable right, it is our survival, it is our pride, it is our dignity to stand up for who we are, and we're Biafrans and that is what it is,
  "Let us of as Biafrans not loose hope. Our freedom is very near. It is very very near, it is nearer than we think and surely Biafra will be independent and Biafra will be a nation that will have zero tolerance for corruption, it will be a great nation that will afford freedom to all people,
 "Nobody should say that when Biafra comes, Igbos will dominate. Its a lie. If we're in 36 states or so and they're sharing our money anyhow they like and we have not died, is it when we are 10 states or 11 states as one Biafra that we will suffer? Let nobody be afraid. Nobody is oppressing anybody. All these propaganda they use to divide us, the divide and rule that they use to push the Igbos out, how many Ijaw people will say that they have no Igbo blood? How many Igbo people will say that they don't have a relation that has married to Ibibio people, that has married to Efik people?
  "My ancestors some of them are from Ozuakoli, some of them are from are from Obosi... We are interwoven, nobody will oppress each other. Biafra nation will be an example to all the people of the world, will be an example of freedom, will be an example of freedom of religion, rule of law and it will be example to development and civilisation,
  "When Biafra comes, the sufferings of our people will end. The disgrace of a black man will end. I believe firmly that the freedom of Biafra will restore the dignity of the black man because Nigeria is a disgrace. Africa and the black man is backwards because of Nigeria and the diabolical activities of the Kambari invaders from Futa Jelon," Dokubo stated.

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