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Thursday, 9 February 2017


Asari Dokubo
By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

Renowned freedom fighter and Biafra activist, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has admonished Biafran activists in the coastal part of Biafra land, otherwise known as Niger Delta, that their absolute freedom from  the Nigerian state  can only made possible through the restoration of Biafra sovereignty, as such is the only thing that can guarantee their rightful ownership and control of the abundant natural resources deposited which has continually been stolen and embezzled by the Nigerian government at the detriment of the region.

The 'Alagbo Edi Abali of Calabari Kingdom', while speaking during a live broadcast on Radio Biafra on the eve of Monday February 6, 2017, noted that it is a misguided and baseless aspiration for any Biafran to agitate for resource ownership and control without absolute sovereignty of Biafra from Nigeria. In his words he stated that, "there cannot be resource control and management of our resources without independence," even as he described the people agitating for resource control as fraudulently minded.

   "All of us who are students of politics should know that you seek first the kingdom of independence and every other thing will be added unto you. When you have independence, when Biafra is independent, we have absolute control and management of our resources,
  "So anybody talking about resource control without independence, the person is just deceiving people. There cannot be resource control without independence."

"The constitution is not Federal, the constitution is a huge Unitary Constitution. So how are you going to a National Assembly that is culminated by the Kambari Fulanis? The National Assembly members from Kano state alone is almost more than all the National Assembly members from the so called South South. So how are you going to get resource control?
  "So these people, they are not fighting anything, they are just liars, they are deceiving people. There cannot be resource control, and management of our resources without independence, and the only way we can get full control of our resources is through the independence of the Biafran state." the former Ijaw Youth Council president and leader of Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force stated.

  Going further, Mr. Asari who unequivocally declared that he is naturally a Biafran, voiced out his unreserved support to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and condemned his continuous incarceration by the Nigerian government. He went further to explain that the struggle for Biafra restoration is not exclusive to the Igbos or any particular nationality in Biafra land, as being propagated by some sections of the Nigeria media. He noted that Biafra comprises of many indigenous nations, such as Ijaw, Efik, Ogoni, Ibibio and many others.

"Our struggle is for our independence, the independence of the Biafra people. Our struggle is not to take from any other people. We have not gone to Kano, Ibadan, Lagos to take from other people, they are the ones who have invaded us, killing our people, ravaging our land and spreading evil pestilence and diseases,"

  "...We have the right to defend our life, we have the right to defend our properties and we have the right to defend the Motherland. In the defence of the Motherland we have made sacrifices,
   "For me, Biafran struggle is not limited to one of the nationalities in Biafra, it is equally the struggle of the Ibibios, the struggle of the Anan, the struggle of the Efik, the struggle of the Oron people, the struggle of the Ogonis, the struggle of Ijaws, the struggle of all Biafran people. It is our collective struggle and our collective destiny,"

  "It is wrong for anybody to ask me whether i am a Biafran, it is like asking me whether i am Dokubo Asari. I have said it over and over, and i will continue to say it that Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari is a Biafran. I have no apology to give to anybody, i have no explanation to give to anybody... I am a Biafran and that's what i am. I proclaim up to the supreme court of the Nigeria state that i am not a Nigerian.

   "Our brother Kanu that is in prison, it is a necessary sacrifice that some of us must make for the independence of our Motherland, we must make the sacrifices, and one day our brother will reap the benefit of his sacrifice, because those who have wrongfully incarcerated him and deprived him of his rights, deprived him of his dignity will not go unpunished, they will be compensated for what they have done to him in full measure,
  "So what i'm going to say is that we will not bow, we will not be cowed and we will not beg. We are solidly behind our brother for what he stands for, and Nnamdi Kanu will surely come out a hero for the struggle of the Biafra nation," Dokubo stated.

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers


  1. Alhaji Asari Dokubo, May God bless you and your entire family. as you have stood strong to fight and defend the Truth, so shall Truth stand strong and defend you and your family. All we want is Biafra freedom and not Igbo presidency. #FREENNAMDIKANU #FREEBIAFRANS

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