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Monday, 6 March 2017



By Nwachukwu Victor Samuel
For Family Writers.

After my investigation I began to ask, why is it that whenever Biafra is mentioned some set of people will become aggrieved? Especially the northern and western part of  Nigeria including Britain. Well, I came to understand that the Hausa/Fulani's and Yoruba's are very well aware that if Biafrans exits from Nigeria, they are going to suffer a great loss. But as for the British government who are fully aware that the coming of Biafra will put to an end white domination in Africa, it's important for them to know that no one can stop the coming of Biafra not even them.

Biafra will create an avenue on which all Africans will return home and have a civilized state to call their home. Biafra will fulfill a prophecy that was longed prophesied. A prophesy which stated categorically without mixing of words, that no African Nation would emerge strong that can command a global respect for black people all over the world. Biafra have a very big role to play in the overall emancipation of black people all over the world and Biafrans are determined to make sure we live up to our expectations. Biafra will provide a very clear example to the consciousness of mankind that if left alone, black people can make something out for themselves. The British government knows this and that is why some of them are against Biafra Restoration but they will definitely fail because Biafra must be restored and there is nothing anybody can do to stop it. Biafra has been ordained by the creator of the universe(Chukwu okike abiama).

I am using this medium to call out to every single black person all over the world to support the unrelenting quest for Biafra Restoration led by the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, because without Biafra restoration, black people can never be free. In Biafra Africa died, likewise in Biafra, Africa will rise back to glory.

God bless black people all over the world. God bless Africa. God bless Biafra!!!

Edited by Somto okonkwo For Family writer's

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