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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

BIAFRA: My future, Nigeria and Biafra, which way?

My future, Nigeria and Biafra, which way?

By Loveson Agweye
For Family Writers

It is no longer news that Nigeria is officially an Islamic country so those of you still shouting one Nigeria need to find out if we are really one when one religion is officially recognized as the official religion in a multi religious country with a supposed freedom of worship for all religious believes including Christianity. The insistence by Judge Binta Nyako that secret trial under sharia law will be applied on Nnamdi Kanu's case is a clear indication that Nigeria has been constitutionally divided along religious line with the deliberate disregard and exclusion of Christianity from the Nigerian Constitution. How can you apply a religious Sharia law on a non-Muslim in a civil society? It's like court- marshaling a civilian instead of trying him in a conventional civil court as required by the law.

How can you be crusading the one Nigeria campaign when there's clear evidence of religious and regional segregation which naturally distances some people from a particular region from the national scheme of things? Is it not therefore better to allow me trace my origin and return to Biafra which was my origin before the British brought the confusion of amalgamation in 1914 which sought to bring Arewa,Oduduwa and Biafra together for their selfish economic gains to the detriment of the aborigines.  It is an unholy marriage that has practically failed beyond all reasonable doubt but is only being sustained with the trigger to maintain the unjustifiable siege and exploit of the owners of the land because of oil and gas.

The question for most of this unholy stake holders is "Has the amalgamation expired? If yes have you renegotiated with the 3 parties involved? Is the use of force the solutionanary option or a peaceful negotiation which is a healthy option for posterity?  Do you think I should be proud to be a Nigerian when I am not represented in the constitution?

Is there any contemporary law that encourages forceful marriage anywhere in the world?
When the body language of my so called government through its policies and actions clearly tells me that my interest is not inclusive in her agenda and my security is my business if I care, then will u expected me to continue to be despondent and bewildered forever?

Won’t I rather prefer to eat locust and wild honey in peace and freedom than to wake up every day to eat the bread of sorrow with no hope of a better tomorrow? Will anyone still ask me why I should resort to an inevitable historic expedition to trace my origin where I will find solace in brotherhood rather than the cup of endless pains?

What is the fate of the younger generation who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow when grey politicians are re-circled as a routine to occupy the seats meant for the future generation who have resorted to all kinds of vices in the wake of rejection and abandonment.

The uncertainty of my future in the Nigerian project is so excruciating and I can't bear it anymore
Never again! If I'm crucified for speaking the truth so be it.

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers


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  2. Agweye, well articulated and God bless you. I want to use this medium to call on all IPOB media team at home and diaspora, IPOB men and women of wisdom to help hold the family together under the command of Nnamdi Kanu as we have all pledged. He said he will not betray or disappoint us in this struggle, instead let Chukwu Abiama wipe out not just him but his entire family the day he contemplates it, but that we are the ones he is afraid will betray not just him but the divine mandate. As Nnenaya will always say we are in the struggle for one reason to restore BIAFRA and under the command of Nnamdi Kanu, we must not allow this to become a prophecy, if it becomes, the consequence is disastrous. Let every one drop their private agenda and work as a family. Remember Ifeajuna e'tel. Let us avoid the wrought of Chukwu Abiama. Let us hear the cry of the blood of our dead brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers that we led to their death pursuing the Biafra restoration agenda. Let us all come together and rededicate ourselves to Chukwu Abiama and ask for His mercy, for He is about to visit calamity upon the saboteurs of the freedom of His people. ALL HAIL BIAFRA, GOD BLESS BIAFRA


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