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Thursday, 9 March 2017



By Benjamin Nwanna
For family Writers

The Federal Government of Nigeria has given a mandate to all oil firms to relocate their headquarters to South East (Biafra land). This recent development has been trending online and in all media houses in Nigeria. Based on this, it is quiet disheartening that some uninformed group of people have applauded Prof. Yemi Osibanjo for bringing up such an idea which they said is a welcome development,  Biafrans are asking today, why applauding? For giving us what is rightfully ours? We stand to condemn such an idea by the acting president and in unionism we are emphatically stating that we are not interested in their half bread because we are taking the full loaf for it belong to us. All Biafrans should know that this is a devilish plot to deceive our people and every true Biafrans must desist from such plan towards our land.

It is therefore a deceitful move for the federal government to mandate all oil firms to relocate their headquarters to Biafra land. This is nothing but a fallacy and a means to divert the attention of our brothers in the Niger Delta and Riverine areas. We have been deceived for years and it's time take our full loaf rather than rely on half of the whole. The antics of their divide and rule is well known to us now, we Biafrans have already pass this stage. We are far behind the Nigeria government in terms of strategic thinking.

Critical questions can be deduced as follows: are these oil firms relocating their headquarters to oil rich regions because they were told to do so? Who are the work forces in those companies? The answers to these questions are not farfetched. Relocating their oil firms is a plot to still continue to siphon our oil and gas. They will steal the oil and leave the environment in worst conditions. The work force is of course, the Yorubas, and Hausa/Fulani then gradually terrorize and drive Biafrans out of their homes. Biafrans should firmly reject this evil move by the Federal government. They are not needed at all, but surely their selfish interest will cause them their lives if they continue to plan evil against Biafrans.

Our brothers in the Niger Delta should be vigilant because the wellbeing of the inhabitants is far from being a priority to the so called oil firms. They don't care about you and they will never care. All they need is oil. Who knows the kind of policy and agreement the oil firms have with the Federal government. Wake up all Niger Deltans, don't sell your birth right for a pot of pottage since you have all the ingredients to cook the pottage. If our leader Nnamdi Kanu can refuse all their juicy gifts for Biafra restoration sake, why can't we emulate him in all his ways? The oil belongs to us and no stranger should be allowed to give us orders on how to manage it.
Federal government of Nigeria should know that they have failed in their evil plot.  Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, a Yoruba man can't be more intelligent than his kinsmen not to talk of we Biafrans. They are  fully aware that Biafra is here, this is why they are making their last and final move to destabilize it but we must be focus as our director always tell us: it is either Biafra or nothing, either Biafra or death!

Edited by Orji Munachimso Sandra
For Family Writers

1 comment

  1. Please, may I ask the Niger Delta people - of which I'm one of them: What is so appealing or even applauding to the VP Yemi Osinbajo for merely saying that the oil companies should relocate their headquarters to the Niger Delta areas? What's appealing about that? Is this not the same tactic to keep us Niger Delta in Islamic Nigeria? How many times will we be fooled by these Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba people? By the way, this is mere talk. For it to happen is another thing. It may take years to relocate office headquarter from one area to another. Please let us not be excited about this satanic tactic to divide-and-rule. We cannot continue to be fooled by our oppressors. We are wise now. Please, let us liberate ourselves and enjoy the prosperity and abundance that God has placed in our land.


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