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Monday, 13 March 2017

Civilisation: No 'Operation Python Dance' as Nicola Sturgeon announces second Scottish referendum

Civilisation: No 'Operation Python Dance' as Nicola Sturgeon announces second Scottish referendum
Nicola Sturgeon
Published by Family Writers

The Scottish Government will move to hold a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom, the country's First Minister has announced, blaming the UK Government's lack of compromise over Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement in a speech on Monday morning at Bute House, as MPs in Westminster prepared to give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 and begin Brexit negotiations.

She said the UK Government had "not moved even an inch in pursuit of compromise and agreement" with the Scottish Government over Brexit and that even a good deal would be "significantly inferior" to the status quo.

Ms May, however, accused Ms Sturgeon of playing "games" and the SNP of having "tunnel vision".

In her announcement at Bute House, Ms Sturgeon said: "If Scotland can be ignored on an issue as important as the EU and the single market then it is clear that our voice can be ignored at any time and on any issue."

The First Minister said the vote had to be held between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 – before it was "too late" but after "the terms of Brexit are known". The First Minister says she will apply to the UK Government to authorise the referendum but that it should respect the will of the Scottish Parliament.

Under the so-called "Section 30 order" used to a call a referendum the UK Parliament must authorise a poll – meaning Ms Sturgeon's call could be blocked by Theresa May.

She added: "The option of no change is no longer available. But we will give the Scottish people a choice about the kind of change we want."

“I believe that it would be wrong for Scotland to be taken down a path that it has no control over regardless of the consequences for our economy, for our society, for our place in the world, for our very sense of who we are as a country. That would be wrong, and therefore my judgement is that we should have that choice," she said.

"I believe that in a referendum the Scottish people will opt for independence, but that will be the choice of the Scottish people and I’ve been very clear that that will be an informed choice.”

The SNP won the Scottish Parliament elections last year on a manifesto that explicitly said another referendum was an option if Scotland was "taken out of the EU against our will".

Scotland voted by 62 per cent to stay in the the European Union while the UK as a whole voted out. Theresa May has also confirmed that she will take Britain out of the single market – one of the "red lines" previously set by Ms Sturgeon for another vote.

The SNP's 2016 manifesto said: "We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people – or if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will."

Reacting to Ms Sturgeon's announcement, the Prime Minister Theresa May said: “The tunnel vision that the SNP has shown today is deeply regrettable. It sets Scotland on a course for more uncertainty and division, creating huge uncertainty.
Nnamdi Kanu

“This is at a time when the Scottish people, the majority of the Scottish people, do not want a second independence referendum.

“Instead of playing politics with the future of our country the Scottish government should focus on delivering good government and public services for the people of Scotland. Politics is not a game.”

The first referendum on independence was held in September 2014 and was won by the unionist side by 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn said this week that his party would not stand in the way of a second Scottish independence referendum if one was called.

A UK Government spokesperson said: “As the Prime Minister has set out, the UK Government seeks a future partnership with the EU that works for the whole of the United Kingdom. The UK Government will negotiate that agreement, but we will do so taking into account the interests of all of the nations of the UK.

Meanwhile a social media commentator has this to say :


"**so a white woman can call for independence of a white country Scotland, that is roughly the size of Imo State population wise, but Kanu cannot call for the independence of Biafra of 70 million people?** Wow!!!

 The difference between civilisation and savagery, light and darkness, evil and good, knowledge versus ignorance, Europe versus Africa, white and black, is very clear.
  If this announcement was made by Nnamdi Kanu, the 82 Division of Nigerian Army at Enugu will declare Operation Python Dance, Yoruba Professors and Alimajiri APC quota academics will ask Buhari to jail Kanu. Punch and other Yorobber Lagos-Ibadan expressway gutter media will scream Treason!!!
  Behind the scene, British Government will give tacit approval for the aerial bombardment of Afikpo to teach those rebels a lesson. A nondescript group of nonentities called Igbo bi na Mba will issue a statement via Nation newspaper denouncing Kanu by claiming Biafra is too small for us, Kanu does not speak for the Igbos, they are misguided youths. They were not born during the war. Ohaneze will call for Igbo presidency in 2099 and need for unity in the polity - whatever rubbish that means.
  Meanwhile the great creator of black countries Britain and France, together with a few demented poorly educated black African idiots called opinion leaders, will be busy yapping their rubbish against Biafra. None of these people mentioned above  will dare raise their ignorant voice against Scotland now.
  Does it not show you that whites are more reasonable than blacks? That black people from Africa are lower than animals who are infinitely incapable of civilisation. Such stupidity, such ignorance, such useless race called Africans."



  1. The social media commentator has said it all. Black Africans are lower than animals. Cursed people on the planet.

    1. Anybody who said this is totally mad and needs medical attenttion i think you dont belong to human race

  2. That's the simple truth the white, people never take the black, people as humans they hate us they never have likeness on us and some of us the black people even worshiping the white, people as God! Which is very extra bad.

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