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Friday 10 March 2017



ECOWAS Court of Justice has once again adjourned its ruling on the case of gross human rights violation instituted in the sub-regional court by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to April 27, 2017 with no tangible reason other than its incompetence and cowardice to rightly administer justice without fear or compromise. Pertaining to this, Family Writers Press (FWP), a Biafran independent media organization, which gives unbiased, truthful and sensational reports and update on the struggle for the restoration of Biafra, the activities of IPOB and other news update beyond Biafra,  expressed total shock when the news of another needless and inconsequential adjournment was brought to our domain.

It is on record on BiafraHerald website, Family Writers Press publication log, as well as IPOB news archive, that Family Writers Press through many previous publications, had called on ECOWAS court not to adjourn the ruling of the human rights abuse lawsuit instituted by IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu any longer because it will define the level of competency of its jurisdiction as questionable.

Family Writers Press wish to ask people of good conscience all over the world that, "If it has taken ECOWAS court more 12 calendar months to handle a case of Human rights violation instituted on March 3, 2016, will it then take eternity for the sub-regional court to handle a case that may bother on constitutional disagreement, international relations and other high profile and tedious cases which may involve Nigeria and other member states of ECOWAS sub-region"? This is a question begging for answers from ECOWAS court alone.

Due to these continues questionable adjournments by ECOWAS Court, Family Writers Press have now been forced to conclude that:
(1) ECOWAS Court has been subjected to different forms of blackmail from Nigeria government, which terrifies the court from giving the much prolonged ruling of the case under reference.

(2) ECOWAS Court may have become compromised by Nigeria government, which has not been found wanting in terms of approaching any individual, institution, government and organization with bribery as far as the Biafra issue is concerned.

(3) ECOWAS Court could be presently operating under the dictates of ECOWAS parliament and joint ECOWAS Heads of government, because Nnamdi Kanu, and the rest of Indigenous People of Biafra are involved and will likely not want to offend it's member state, the Nigeria government.

(4) ECOWAS Court could be directed by the British government who has been running from pillar to post, to suffocate the ruling of the case as the consequence may also implicate Britain.

Therefore, it is on this ground that Family Writers Press make bold to advise the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to as a matter of urgency take drastic actions that will make the court know that IPOB is no more joking about anything. IPOB Directorate of State should as an internationally recognized body of People of Biafra report the behaviours of ECOWAS court to International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, African Court of Human and People's Right and other relevant International Judicial Institutions declaring that IPOB has lost confidence on the ability of ECOWAS court to continue to handle the case based on what we have sensed as a dirty compromise of the court, through a written document.

Certified copies of the written declaration should be served to relevant governments, organizations and institutions of the world such as Amnesty International, ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, American, British, Russia and Isreali governments.

Family Writers Press wishes to make IPOB leadership understand that nobody will throw away such our document anymore, because even a competent Federal High court of Justice in Nigeria has ruled that IPOB is not an "unlawful" organization as Nigeria authorities have designated us prior to the court ruling of March 1, 2017. IPOB Directorate of State should understand that if we do not notify the world about all round judicial rascality of ECOWAS court, the world which has brazenly gone back to stone age or dark age as regard to information dissemination as a result of the Biafra question, will also claim ignorance of what ECOWAS court has been doing all these months.

It is needless to continue waiting for ECOWAS court till April 27, 2017 when they will adjourn the case again probably to September, because the hand writing on the wall is that ECOWAS court is incompetent to administer or dispense justice in the case under reference.
This is humble submission of Family Writers Press to IPOB leadership.
God bless IPOB Leadership,
God bless Biafra and Biafrans in general.


  1. All the Biafrans want is justice and justice must be done.
    Mr Nnamdi Kanu is an innocent and should be allowed to go home. because no amount of intimidation will stop Biafra Restoration.
    We have all sworn an orth to restore Biafra or we all die in the proccess.
    #FreeNnamdiKanu #FreeBiafra


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