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Friday, 10 March 2017

IPOB: Mr. Abu Najakku Go And Teach Your Brothers In Boko-Haram/Fulani Herdsmen How To Respect Human Lives

Mr Abu Najakku Go And Teach Your Brothers In Boko-Haram/Fulani Herdsmen How To Respect Human Lives

By Divine Rich
For Family Writers

Firstly, I want to thank you very much Mr. Abu Najakku of Arewa Lawyers for acknowledging that Biafrans are suffering and being killed, while our properties are also destroyed on a daily bases in Nigeria by the same people we called our so-called country men from Northern Nigeria. The Northerners claim they rightfully own Nigeria and should be the sole leaders of the country, thereby killing and maiming any form of opposition from other ethnic groups who are supposed to have a say in the affairs of the country; however, the Nigerian government who ought to protect the citizens fail has failed woefully to do so simply because Nigeria's system of government is been dictated by the same northern cabals who believe to have the natural power of impunity to kill anyone who doesn't believe in their own practices and ideologies without any form of mercy.

You talked about logic, yet you never proved to be reasonable and  logical in  your statements which you portrays you as having a typical biased mind towards Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans in general. Mr Abu Najakku, your Northerners are to be blamed in this case of inequalities and violence in Nigeria. You talked about election and the youths being given guns to rig it with violence, yet, Is it not the same rigging that brought Muhammadu Buhari back into power as a democratic president?

 I ask you this, have you seen any politician from the North that have visited South/East or South/South Biafran regions during governorship election just for him to win the election within his own state? The answer is NO! However it is our politicians from Biafra land that mostly have to visit the Emirates or Sultan of Sokoto before he or she can occupy any post in Nigeria, even in their own Indigenous  States.

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You Northerners, mostly your elites in power are always desperate to hold Biafrans in perpetual bondage both politically and physically. Yet you claim we all are one? Seriously you all are bunch of hypocrites.

 For this alone, Mr Abu Najakku the North is to blame for virtually every problem and violence that has occurred in Nigeria. The records are there for all to see. Yet, you talked about the system of governance that have failed; so your conscience is just awakening now? But in whose governance did the system fail? Or should I redirect the question by saying, who  has been the one controlling all the branches of government in Nigeria? Which ethnic group holds the political power in Nigeria?

Which one sided ethnic group has been in total power since Nigeria's independence? Which tribe has always resorted to violence in a bid to seize hold of power, Mr. Abu Najakku? From which ethnic group did one politician threaten to soak monkeys and baboons in their blood if he did not become the President?

While you take time to absorb and answer these questions, it is imperative for you to know that the breakup of Nigeria is very  necessary, and Nigeria indeed must split. The reason our leader Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria a zoo is clear and simple. Muhammadu Buhari your brother said and I quote: "If what happened in 2011 will happen again in 2015, the monkeys and baboons in Nigeria will soak in their blood if I don’t win the presidential election."
 Now let me ask you Mr Abu Najakku, where does monkeys and baboons live? I guess your answer is the same as mine, the zoo!

You asked Nnamdi Kanu to talk to us and to stop the killings. Please Mr Abu Najakku are you blind? Who has Biafrans killed with AK47 or suicide bombs in Nigeria, unlike your tribes-men who are experts in killing anyone who gets in their way and bombs those who reject their radical Islam? Boko-Haram terrorist are from the north, Fulani herdsmen terrorizing and killing innocent Biafrans are from the North. Even the Nigerian armed forces who shoot unarmed Biafrans are also from the North. So who is killing who?

You, Mr Abu Najakku said that our leader  thinks that he is doing the right thing and "you" called him a devil; Mr Abu Najakku, your northern elites are the devil for trying to stop Nnamdi Kanu from restoring Biafra, while you people have no plan to stop your Islamization agenda and the killing of Biafrans in Nigeria.


 You even threatened that there would be no Nigeria, if you Northerners decide to be kill everybody in the country; isn't that what the North has been doing since the creation of Nigeria? Millions of lives have perished already in the hands of you bloody jihadists, yet you present it as if you savages are saints, while imposing national grazing bill on other tribes with impunity.
Nnamdi KANU did not encourage any Biafran to start war, rather it's you northerners that have always encouraged violence and war against other tribes in Nigeria by arming Boko-Haram and Fulani-herdsmen terrorists to kill and destroy other tribes while your politicians in power support them financially.

President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted as saying that  an attack on the North. This simply means that  Northern leaders are in support of Boko-Haram and Fulani Herdsmen, as well as their rampaging killings. Even take at look at what's going on in southern Kaduna, it's more of a prove that you Northerners can't do without bloodshed and violence.

 Also, during the 2015 election in Nigeria that brought Muhammadu Buhari into power, the whole North region gave Buhari a Title: "THE PEOPLES GENERAL" because he supported and applauds all the war being waged on those who oppose the dictatorial rule of the Northern oligarchs. Yet, you tell me why Nnamdi Kanu should be in prison for asking for the freedom of Biafrans even without shedding any blood. Mr Abu Najakku, you and your so-called Northern elites lack the moral power and intellectual capacity to talk to Nnamdi Kanu.

Ever Since, Biafrans have been protesting the illegal detention of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, while you and your Northern Boko-Haram in Nigerian uniforms have been killing our unarmed protesters, have you seen any of us carrying guns to retaliate?  If No, then why are you lying that Nnamdi Kanu is encouraging war?

 You also talked about having visited your friend in IMO state and that you're afraid of being killed.  Mr Abu Najakku have you killed anyone in IMO state before or have you committed any murderous crime in Imo state in  that you are scared of the state? Who did you offend in IMO state or do you think that we Biafrans behave like your Northern kinsmen who kill at will? For example, is IMO state governor not a Northerner who have been terrorizing the People of IMO? yet we endured him, to show that we love and cherish human lives. So you are very wrong by saying that you are afraid of visiting your friend in IMO state except you have another evil motive of visiting him.

How can you talk about SEPARATION as a wrong idea and at the same time you talk about the importance of attaining freedom. Hmmm, Mr Abu Najakku are you confused?  Nnamdi KANU is championing this struggle peacefully and unarmed, why would you expect him to do otherwise, given the progress he has made? Or do you want him to collect bribe like other crooked Northern-Nigerian politicians?

If you are looking for whom to kill, you better focus your urge for violence towards your people, because there would be no more room for such in Biafraland. Besides, if you really want to educate us on violence and unity, all you need do is draw reference from your people. Charity they say begins at home. So go back to your brothers in Boko-Haram and terrorists in Fulani Herdsmen and teach them how to respect lives and properties.
Nnamdi KANU remains the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, and our freedom is not negotiable.

Edited By Somto Okonkwo For Family Writers

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