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Thursday 23 March 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers.

It's an indisputable fact that Nigeria does not in any way define who we are, reflect our true identity or our cultural backgrounds, which are the major core values under which a nation is formed or propagated. The name Nigeria was coined from two words; 'NIGER' AND 'AREA', meaning an area around the Niger river.

I would like to let you know that the true definition of Nigeria is completely different from what the above definition reads as recorded by history.

Although the inventor of the name claimed that she got it from the Niger river and was supposed to mean area around the Niger river.

But, that's a huge lie, as the Europeans who explored Africa during the colonial era are evil minded and their sole interest and aim is to exploit and ruin Africa.

The true definition of Nigeria is "NIGGER AREA", meaning an area occupied by contemptible, ignorant, socially defranchised and inferior set of people.

As it could be recalled that racism knows no bound in the sixteen to nineteenth centuries during which period the so called Nigeria was created. I wish to remind us once more, that the name Nigeria was  invented by a British woman,  Flora Shaw who later became a wife to the British ex-convict, a drunkard and a deceitful man known as Frederick Lugard.

Having known the definition and the true identity of the people behind the creation of Nigeria,  one can simply come into  conclusion that Nigeria is a mockery of its inhabitants and a way of reminding those within the so called territory that they are have no history and doesn't have power to orchestrate their God given destiny and natural resources.

How can the said nation of Nigeria be named by a foreigner, a person who is alien to our way of life, and by those who have no respect or regard to our cultures and our identity?
 How can the said nation of Nigeria as it's called, be created without the agreement and consent of our people?
Nigeria is created against the will of our forefathers, it was imposed on them as a matter of fact, as it was never their will that Nigeria be created. The fact we must face is that we are used as an experiment by the the British government, in the sense that, we have three divergent value systems including cultural backgrounds and most especially religious beliefs which should have served as a way of reconciliation to which the unity of Nigeria could have been built on.

 I maintain that Nigeria is just a mere British experiment, because there's no place on earth where people with divergent value systems, mode of dressing, mode of eating  different cultural backgrounds beliefs and language amongst others, are conjured up into a single country. This has never worked before anywhere in the world, and this is the reason this experiment we call Nigeria should be dissolved for peace to reign and pave way for the subjugated nations used for this experiment to part  ways and live harmoniously and peacefully as it had been prior to the colonial era.

As an entity of wickedness, Nigeria has been living in pretense since it's creation by the British government, whose sole aim is to exploit the resources of Biafrans subjugated in the country. We kept living in pretense that it's well, while we are gnashing our teeth in pains and dying in the inside of us. Please for how long shall we continue to live in pretense and hypocrisy?

 The creator of Nigeria himself, Fredrick Lugard is fully aware that his experiment (Nigeria ) won't work, hence the reason he described the North and the South as "OIL AND WATER THAT NEVER MIX". Of course he added in the document of the unholy union that "AFTER 100 YEARS, IF THE UNION DOESN'T WORK, ANY REGION IS FREE TO LEAVE THE UNION, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION FROM OTHER REGIONS."   This is to confirm that Nigeria is just an experiment, and why Lugard attached to it an expiry date that will eventually give room for its collapse.

Nigeria itself was amalgamated in January 1st 1914 and expired in January 1st 2014. We shouldn't forget  that Biafrans started agitation before the said time of expiration date, signifying that the country has been a failure right from its first day of creation by the British government.

Therefore, to continue keeping Nigeria as one is like consuming an expired product which is extremely dangerous and harmful to health. No sane mind can drink an acidic substance knowing fully it's grave dangers to the health.

To further buttress the fact that Nigeria in an entity where corruption of the highest order reigns supreme, I've chosen to use the situation surrounding the incumbent Nigeria president as a case study. When a confirmed terrorist, jihadist, pedophile and a genocidist, General Muhammadu Buhari, came out to run for the office of Nigeria president, despite the fact that he (Buhari) did not meet the constitutional requirements, as to having at least a Senior Secondary School Certificate, one would have expected that he won't smell an inch of Aso Rock; however, because he's from the north, those who believe that they're the owners of Nigeria and are born to rule above the Nigeria constitution, made the impossible become possible in the case of Buhari.

Buhari, who didn't even complete primary education, was caught on several occasions, mesmerising himself: one of which was when he was asked by a member of the press press  to give the full meaning of his political party, APC, but Buhari was unable to do so, despite the fact that he's the presidential candidate of the said party.

Moreover, when President Buhari was invited for a presidential debate between him and the other presidential aspirants, as stipulated by the constitution, Buhari again was nowhere to be found.
 It is also noteworthy that President Muhammadu on December 31st 1983, led a military coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari; a treasonable offence which attracts grievous consequences.

 More so, we shouldn't forget  that Buhari is an Islamic fundamentalist, extremist and chronic dictator, who knew nothing about the law, hence he has no regard for the rule of law. This  is the reason he (Buhari) started disobeying the law even before he was rigged into power to become president.

Despite the ugly and awful records of Muhammadu Buhari, all the intellectuals in Nigeria, forefront politicians, and other high prolific figures chanted praises as they declared their full support for him. When I discovered that Nigeria's problem is irreconcilable is when the likes of Professor Wole Soyinka, the African novel laureate, stood in solidarity with someone who didn't complete his elementary education to lead a country filled with intellectuals like him, even as he went further to describe Buhari as the best President Nigeria will ever have in history.

 Furthermore, when I discovered that Nigeria is worse than a trash, is when Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, the author of Purple Hibiscus, Americana and the popular Half of a Yellow Sun amongst others, declared her support for Buhari, and even described him as the messiah and the saviour of the expired Nigeria.

Am still amazed remembering one of the promises where Buhari, said that he will make one Naira of Nigeria currency to be equal to a Dollar. Nigerians jumped up as they hailed him, instead of asking with which experience or brain will Buhari use to achieve such empty promise.  Is it the one he had from cattle rearing, or the one he got from his uncompleted elementary education?

These are the crimes which he (Buhari) committed amongst others, which required his automatic disqualification as a presidential candidate, not only that; he's supposed to be rotting in jail; but no one summoned the courage to bring him to book, neither did the law. Rather, they applauded him because he's from the north, the self-acclaimed owners of Nigeria.
 Of course, all these can only happen in an entity of where corruption and unimaginable atrocities reigns supreme.

Permit me to unequivocally say that Nigeria is a country where an uneducated Islamic fundamentalist and ignoramus is presiding and ruling over bunches of intellectuals.
A  democratic country where court orders are flagrantly disobeyed with impunity.
A country where a Judge serving under a jurisdiction that is based on Civil Law mandated that lawyers must study sharia law in order to stand a chance of grasping her rulings.

Having come to terms with all these, one will simply draw a conclusion that Nigeria is not just an entity of wickedness, corruption and evil, it is also worse than a jungle whose continued existence must be brought to an end.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. Well i have said this severally.... The so called leaders are not wealthy to lead anybody... Is with their forgery certificates or the evil diabolical juju spirit the worship in their rooms the use to suppress others spiritually?... God save us... I still maintain... All that we want is Biafra period


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