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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Nigeria Is A Sinful Nation But 2017 Is A Year Of Liberation For Biafra - Prophet Anthony Nwoko

Nigeria Is A Sinful Nation But 2017 Is A Year Of Liberation For Biafra- Prophet Anthony Nwoko

Enugu-based renowned spiritual leader and activist, Prophet Anthony Nwoko, on Wednesday (22nd) of March 2017, while speaking to Somto Okonkwo of Family Writers, disclosed some vital revelations and critical premonition concerning the continued imprisonment of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Prophet Anthony Nwoko who was also present on Monday 20th of March 2017 at the federal high court in Abuja said he was overwhelmed and overjoyed at what he witnessed outside the court premises, where Biafrans both women, Youths, children, Traditional rulings/Leaders, and spiritual clerics gathered in team spirit in confederation with Nnamdi Kanu's ongoing trial.

"What I witnessed outside the federal high court in Abuja was a joy to behold. It was a marvelous day in the eye of God at what the Biafran people are seeking has been actualised in the spiritual realm and the heavens demonstrated it at the court, making people to know with all the songs and praises, that God has done it. It's just a matter of time, Biafrans will rejoice and praise God because this is God's project that no one can stop. Even how long they delay Nnamdi Kanu isn't the solution, the solution is that Biafra has come to stay and no man born of flesh can stop it. On the part of the Igbo, the elite in Igbo land, those who are going against Biafra will all be put to Shame because whatever God is building, man can't stop it. No man born of a woman can stop the restoration of Biafra. So those who think Biafra is over, they should know this is just the beginning. With all the praises and dancing that took place in court on Monday, I feel delighted and so happy that yes, the angels came down from heaven to recognize the presence of the righteous".
Prophet Anthony Nwoko

He continued.."I want those Biafrans who are yet to join the bag of wagon of righteousness and to partake in the abundant blessings from heaven by declaring their allegiance to Biafra or end up putting themselves to shame. Also on the part of Igbo politicians who are still agitating for 2019 presidency they are seriously wasting their time because they can never have it. It's better they wake up and join in the Restoration of Biafra before it's too late for them. There's no going back again, Biafra is a project of God and he has started his mission, anytime from now the world would know that there is a glory in Biafra land. God has come down from heaven to fight the evil going on in Nnamdi Kanu's ongoing court trials and the same time move to Aso rock, From Aso rock to kuje prison yard because the spirit of God wants to tell the world they are set now to release the son of Biafra Nation. So all is set, there's no going back, no two-ways about it. Biafra is a project of God and he has started his mission. Anytime from now those so-called men of God in the South-west who have refused to announce the glory of God for Biafra, I want to assure you that anytime from now Biafra will sing a new song. Biafra is the light of the world and nobody will take their glory away from them"

On Judge Binta bringing up the secret trial and also trying to enforce Sharia law in Nnamdi Kanu's ongoing trial, Prophet Anthony Nwoko had this to say....

"Nigeria is a wicked Nation, they are doing every evil work to make sure they nail Nnamdi Kanu but I want to assure you with all their evil plans on track, God has taken over Biafra and God has sent his angels to take charge over his son Nnamdi Kanu to keep and protect him from every evil plans of the Nigeria government. So I know before they will finish their evil thought the glory of Biafra will manifest and Nnamdi Kanu and all innocent Biafrans in detention in all the 36 states will be released for the new Nation coming in Biafra land. Every plan of the wicked to nail Nnamdi Kanu is a waste of time because I Know 2017 is a year of liberation for Biafra, so nobody can stop the plan of God starting from the Judge, Buhari, Northern Cabals, DSS, Military, Police whatever evil plans they have on Biafra Nation and Nnamdi Kanu is a total failure. Because when God speaks nobody can stop his words for the restoration of Biafra, none of them is qualified spiritually to stop God's Biafra-project and purpose for Nnamdi Kanu. Nigeria is a sinful Nation and a righteous man has risen from the Biafra Nation and he's the light of the world, the prince of peace, the kings of kings, the president of Presidents, his name is Nnamdi Kanu and all who hate Biafra would come back to beg from them. No Nation born of this world and even the spiritual world would stop Biafra this time because all the power from heaven and Earth has been given to Nnamdi Kanu who is going to take Biafra to the land full of milk and honey. No one born of flesh in this world can stop Biafra. Ohanaeze Ndigbo and her new leader Nnia Nwodo don't have any power to stop the Marginalization of Biafrans in Nigeria. They also don't possess the power to stop the restoration of Biafra. They can't stop the glory of God from shining in Biafra land, so it's better they all repent and stop fighting Biafra or they face the wrath of the most high God.

Finally the clergyman, concluded by stating that God has set some individuals in place that would help Nnamdi Kanu in his quest for the restoration of Biafra and he's part of those choosen few who is the mouthpiece of Biafra to heaven.

“This battle of the restoration of Biafra is not just physical but also spiritual, God has a mandate for Biafra and am part of the people God will use for her restoration. He said I know my sheep and my sheep knows me therefore, I Prophet Anthony Nwoko, will declare Biafra to Nnamdi Kanu, I will declare Biafra to the Biafran Nation, I will declare Biafra to the whole world because God is the number one. God is the ultimate; God is the prince of peace. Biafra is no longer a story or a tale but is now a reality because the heavens are already singing the songs of Biafra and the angels are rejoicing for the good news that is about to spread like wildfire. Biafra is here and her Nation has already been established".

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