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Wednesday, 15 March 2017



By Maxwell Chuks for Family Writers.

Of truth, one thing naturally defines humans and other creatures, and that is 'True Identity'. Another thing from which one determines how his tomorrow will look like or how his lineage will survive is 'His ability to choose what he want'.

In the world today, Nigeria has become a practical case of study in all aspects of life, as regards to different people that are forced to be part of the establishment. The amalgamation of Nigeria in which different identities and nations were forcefully joined together has done many damages to different indigenous peoples in the country, and one of the effects of the forced union is what the people are suffering today in Nigeria.

The problem in Nigeria today is very simple to figure out, and that problem is value system which truly defines a country.
A situation where people neither think the same way, behave same way nor have anything in common but are forcefully tied together with one rope, there will always be all manner of incoherence, and different forms of instability.
A country where there is a lot of divergent system, one overreacting system will always want to govern and control the life of the others, which will definitely lead to an uprising.

Biafrans are far different from the Hausa-Fulani Islamic extremists in Nigeria, who as a matter of fact always want their own way of life and system to supersede every other system. People with such attributes and mentality aren't fit to live or stay in the same country with people of contradictory beliefs.
Besides, the Inevitable remains that those who always claim and mention 'One Nigeria', always do it because they are afraid of losing their embezzlement enterprise which thrives as a result of the oil in Biafra land. This is the chief reason why Nigeria exists and Biafrans are being killed for seeking for their freedom.

It's obvious that Biafrans are the ones suffering it because 95% of the political and legal systems are against them.

Which sane people on earth will love to be in a country where they’re killed every day because of their religion and cultural beliefs?
Who'll love to stay with those who despise and hate him?
Who'll like to belong to an establishment where he is humiliated, maltreated and dealt with inhumanely, simply because he asks for his right to own and fight for what truly belongs to him?
Who'll love to live with blood thirsty murderers?
Which people will love to DENY THEIR IDENTITY and belong to a country where the entire system is designed against them?
Absolutely, NO ONE.
You can't force someone to be what he's not or what he doesn’t want to be.

Biafrans can't be forced to become Nigerians. Never again!
We are who we are and who we are, we must be forever.

BIAFRA isn't just an ideology;
It's an identity, root origin of the people fighting for it.
No intimidation, harassment, bullets or killings with stop the restoration of Biafra.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. We are not Nigerians no matter how Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and BRUTISH government force us to be. We are Biafrans, children of the most High God. We are sons and daughters of light—a land of the risen sun and flowing with milk and honey. All Hail Biafra


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