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Monday 20 March 2017



As reported by our correspondents in the court room

The court proceedings in the Federal High Court, Abuja on 20/3/2017 on the resumed hearing on the case of 5 count charges bothering on treasonable felony, illegal possession of fire-arms, defamatory speech against Gen Muhammadu Buhari and belonging/managing of unlawful society, as instituted by Nigeria government against Nnamdi Kanu, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi. The court sitting featured different segments as follows:

(1) INTRODUCTIONS: The introductions started with the arrival of the defendants led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who quickly went straight to the dock where they are expected to be sitted. Then the presiding Judge, Justice Binta Nyako arrived and announced an embargo on journalists from covering the proceedings. She directed the DSS and other security agencies to outrightly deny journalists entrance to witness the court proceedings or drop their media gadgets before entering the court. After this she introduced the prosecuting counsel led by Shaibu Labaran and the defense counsel led by Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor.

(2) THE CASE FILE WAS READ: The case file was read out of the court with the trial Judge whose general conduct was unprecedentedly aggresive against the defendants. She introduced the case with the obnoxious reinstatement of the thrown away secret trial.

(3) BAIL APPLICATION ARGUMENTS: There was a very hot argument between the defense counsel and prosecution counsel. Mr Shaibu Labaran (counsel to FG) stood that there will be no bail for the defendants as he has continued to hold in the court. He said "My lord, the application before this honourable court, the application is supported by 48 paragraph followed by PM Esq. Also attached my lord, is 9 exhibits".

However, Hon Ifeanyi Ejiofor, counsel to 1st defendant, told the court that it is absolutely human right violation to keep the defendants in prison while the trial continues. He prayed the court to grant them bail because he (Hon Ejiofor) knew that what is important is for the defendants to be available in court any time the court is to sit. He went ahead to tell the court that "a counter affidavit was filed against our application which was dated 20/3/2017. We have a submission before the court, dated 16/3/2017. We submit that this honourable court should dismiss the counter affidavit filed by the prosecuting counsel". Hon Ejiofor said that the evidence of the prosecuting counsel is empty and prayed the court to strike out the remaining charges. He ended by reassuring the court that Nnamdi Kanu said that he is ever ready to be in court even after his bail.

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In his own word, Bar Inalegwu Adoga, standing for Chidiebere Onwudiwe, cited several constitutional back up why the defendants should be granted bail. He went ahead to say "No matter how heavy the charges are, as long as the defendants pleaded not guilty, he has right to bail, except the court is indirectly stating he is guilty before trial. Hon Ejiofor said that DSS has ordered that nobody should be allowed to visit Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants in prison, an order he know can never be from court but probably by the prosecutor.

Bar Essien, who is for Benjamin Madubugwu, said that conspiracy to commit felony and possession of firearms are bailable ones, hence it is not good to keep him in detention for that long (July 2015 - March 2017).

The Judge responded "You are talking as if your client is more important than others. Does he have wife and children"?

Bar Essien "my lord he is important and he has wife and children. He will also like to defend himself in court".

The Judge "I won't allow Benjamin Madubugwu to speak, because he sounds too vocal".

Bar Maxwell standing for David Nwawuisi said "My lord, there are two prayers before this honourable court. An affidavit was served by the prosecutor, dated 16/3/2017. My lord, we filed a reply on the point of law, which dated 16/3/2017. We discover that the affidavit is laughable by presumably stating that the defendants will jump bail if granted bail". He said that the last ruling of the court revived the hope of the masses on the judiciary and should be consolidated by granting them bail. The trial Judge countered the application saying that trial will continue even if there is hundreds of application on a standby.

Justice Binta Nyako also reinstated secret trial by saying "Nothing can change my ruling. There must be a secret trial". Binta Nyako stated that she demands that every defending counsel must study Sharia Law, upon which Nnamdi Kanu and others must be tried. She said that Sharia Law will teach Bar Ejiofor about secret trial. After this, the trial Judge adjourned the case to 6/4/2017 for next hearing.

Compiled by

Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers


  1. Now IT'S official that Nigeria is an Islamic State What other prove does any one need?This is a total disgrace to Democracy,total disgrace to the British Government:A child should behave like his father,Is this really the One Nigeria that the British created?Where are our law makers?This is shameful and a total Deceitful and abuse of Democracy.

  2. So shameless and arrogant Nigeria, God is in total control.

  3. I pity that stupid judge called binta or bingo... Help me tell her that nigeria is a Democratic nation... We are not practicing the useless thing she called sharia law here... Everybody has a right to say what ever that bothers he or she... She should not only muslims that live in nigeria... My advice to all governors in biafra land is that they should come out in their numbers and defend their people and stop being penisless cowards... Mrs bingo nkita the judge should be careful before the cause problem in Nigeria... We the youth will rise soon and nigeria will be history... We dont want one nigeria again... Let biafra go... Yoruba and muslims can go and form their sharia laws... Goats

  4. Just see the mess that British caused for the African continent because of evil wicked selfish greed. Yoruba is such a coward! If anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu and the three Biafran brothers! Britain and Obama had better believe it that something will definitely happen in that contraption country call Nigeria that Britain created for Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba!!!

  5. If Justice Binta Nyako said in the court of law that “every defending counsel must study Sharia Law, upon which Nnmadi and others must be tried,” then she must hand-off the case. She’s not qualified to handle such a high profile case. Nnamdi and company are not Muslims and Nigeria’s legal system is not based on Sharia law but Common Law. She should resign and hand-over the case now. IPOB lawyers and leadership must never allow her to continue with this highly profile case. This is utter nonsense. Enough is enough in this contraption called Nigeria. They should let Biafra go period!


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