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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nnamdi Kanu Is A Replica Of His Father- Mr Chidiebere Odi

Nnamdi Kanu Is A Replica Of His Father- Mr Chidiebere Odi

Mr Chidiebere Odi, the financial secretary of IPOB ST PAULS ZONE UMUNGASI ABA who paid a solidarity visit to Igwe Israel Okwu Kanu, the father of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu alongside his zonal members have described Nnamdi Kanu as a replica of his father.

He stated this while granting interview to Nwachukwu Victor Samuel of Family Writers Press.

Good day sir, please can you state your name?

My name is Chidiebere Odi, the financial secretary of my zone, I hail from Ekoli Edda in Afikpo South L.G.A, Ebonyi State Biafra Land.

What prompted you and your zone to visit the palace?

It came to our mind when our overall head, the coordinator Mr. Paul Obikara Onyezirim informed the zone the need for us to pay a solidarity visit to HRH Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and the entire house agreed with the idea of our coordinator, we all made ourselves available that day the 23rd of February 2017.

How did you see the kind of hospitality you received when you arrived at the palace?

We took off from our starting point and arrived the palace at about 11:30am in the morning and was welcomed by Igwe and his Cabinet, the kind of hospitality we received was beyond our expectations, we didn't even have the mindset that we were the ones they were preparing for due to the kind of hospitality we received, in fact if you see our members who were part of the team that went for that particular visit expressing their gratitude of what they experienced in the palace when we were on our way back, you need no prophet to understand that some of them never even dreamed of such.

What was the word of advice you all got from the Igwe ?

Igwe and his wife Ugoeze welcomed us and ushered us into his palace where he gave us seat, we introduced ourselves, where we came from and why we came, he welcomed us once again and dished his words of advice to us.................

It was a fatherly advice indeed, infact if you see Igwe himself you know you have see our leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Director is a complete 'replica of his father' there's an adage that says "Snake will always give birth to long thing", Igwe spoke to us as a father, he encouraged us we listened to him as our father, he unfolded many histories, he also said so many other things that i may not be able to discuss on air, he motivated us infact we saw the spirit of Biafra in him which made us believe that indeed Biafra is a spirit like Director use to say.

In his words to our coordinator he adviced him to always say the TRUTH in everything he did because Biafra cannot come or else we are a truthful and honest people, he also told him that in this struggle for freedom there would always be challenges and difficulties that will come and shake his leadership but he MUST remain resolute. In the part of Ugoeze the mother of our leader she was very happy to see us, she encouraged us never to relent and to be resolute because Biafra is at Hand, at the end of her words of advice she chanted some Biafra War songs which we happily joined her to sang, indeed it was a pleasure visiting the palace first time in the history of our zone.

What was the response of the coordinator to Igwe after his advice?

The coordinator mazi Paul Obikara Onyezirim on behalf of the entire zone pledged our unanimous support to this very quest to restore Biafra, we promised him never to betray even at point of Death.

What's your advice to your fellow comrades all over the world?

I urge them to remain resolute and formidable, our formidability is our enemies worst night mare, our slogan is 'IPOB' ONE FAMILY we should remain one no matter where we are, IPOB is a Family not a club or ordinarily group, we are begotten by one mother and one father, Biafra is our mother and father, i use to be one of those that doubt too much before but the spirit of Biafra have chased away the doubting spirit in me.

I commend our brothers who are in diaspora, who left the beautiful things there and determine to restore their father land so that they can have a beautiful place to call their home, you guys are wonderful, i crave their indulgence one thing i promise them is that we that are in Biafra land can never go back in this struggle, its Biafra or Death. Thank you.

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