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Sunday, 16 April 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

I welcome you to Spotlight of the Week from Family Writers' Press
Happy Easter celebration to Christians all over the world and every other person who are into the celebration.
Quickly, Lets move down to what we have on Family Writers' desk.

¬ Despite rejection of nomination twice by the Senate base on DSS reports;
"Ibrahim Magu will continue as EFCC Chief", Vice president Osibanjo opened up.

¬ Ife Crises: After saying the police is biased in handling the case, Afenifere went to court, demand #1billion from the federal government of Nigeria, for damages.

¬ Few days after EFCC recovered $43 million which according to them, the looter is unknown, Femi Fani-Kayode insists Amaechi owns the recovered Loot in Ikoyi flat, call him a greedy peasant.
Matters didn't just end there; while Fani-Kayode's aide said Amaechi must vomit more loots to lessen him pot belly, Rivers state claimed ownership of the looted money, gave FG of Nigeria seven days to return the diverted fund by immediate past governor Amaechi.
~Still wondering why EFCC and DSS haven't gone after Amaechi for this?
Don't bother much,, among the executive cabals.

¬ In the midweek; Spotlight's attention was drawn to a video where a Muslim woman blast Buhari and say she's fed up with Nigeria, cried out in the video and ask Buhari- "Are you not tired of Nigeria?"
Oops! Every mouth gradually confessing.

¬ "Stop inciting violence", Abdulsalami tells Nigeria politicians.

¬ "Now I believe Muhammadu Buhari is dead, else he would have spoken to Nigerians on live television as usual and attend meetings" - A Yoruba man, Hon. Olalekan, voiced out.

¬ Barely one week they vowed never to allow Nigeria break under their watch, the UK Government said they will not be deterred from supporting Nigeria to tackle violent extremism like Boko Haram.

¬ Biafra and Call for Nnamdi Kanu's release, IPOB commend Turkish government for support.

¬ 2017 Passover; thousands of black Jewish Biafrans gathered in Biafra land, Pray and ask God for forgiveness and the redemption of their land.

¬  Still on Spotlight; during the week, after exposing Nigeria government for trying to bribe them, Amnesty International(AI) wrote a letter to Nigeria Senate, Demand end to rights' Violation against Biafra activists, order the release and compensation of Biafra detainees.
One question which is frequently asked is- Will they listen and obey?

¬ "We rather all die, than watch Biafrans divide Nigeria" -Northern leaders spit fire.
This came shortly after they held a meeting.

¬ Still on Biafra and war threat from Northern leaders;
"Biafrans are more sophisticated and dangerous than before, going to war with them now is dangerous" -Gowon warns Northerners.

 ¬ In the eve of Easter celebration; Source in Aso rock disclosed that the Nigeria presidency is angry over Turkey's President meddling with Biafra issues as Turkey government invite the Indigenous People Of Biafra in the country for more discussions on Biafra issue.
The source further disclose that the Nigeria presidency have ordered the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama to send a very strong worded letter to Ankara to express FG’s displeasure over what it called "Ankara’s meddling with Nigeria’s internal affair".
Hmmm. Still watching Nigeria.

¬ 'Sit at home', Biafrans insist they still maintain their stand to shut down Biafra Land on 30th May 2017 to honour Biafra Fallen Heroes.

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