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Sunday 2 April 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
for Family Writers

We gladly welcome you to the month of April. Happy new month.
Straight away, let's hit the points-

¬ 'Buhari canceled his medical trip to London, invites physician to Aso Rock'
This report broke out 2 days after the Nigeria presidency said president Muhammadu Buhari will travel back to London for another medical trip.
Recall: "Buhari is Hale and healthy", that was the words from them during his first trip.

¬ "This is a zero government" Asari Dokubo blasts Buhari-led government.

¬ "Ife Crises, Stop Provoking Hausa People" AYCF warns Yoruba.

¬ During the wonderful week, Xenophobia attacks took another dimension as it went all the way to India where Nigerians were seriously attacked. Meanwhile, in efforts to stop the attack and hunt down the perpetrators, the India police arrested 7 people in connection with the attack.

¬ News about Nnamdi Kanu, hit the media once again during the week.
Guest what...
Man healed after visiting Nnamdi Kanu in detention, shared testimony.

¬ Barely two days after the Nigeria military (who once claim they killed Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram's leader) finally admitted he's not dead; the Islamic terrorist group, in their first attack on Thursday raided the village of Pulka near border with Cameroon where they kidnapped 18 girls and in another bloody attack, they also seized 14 girls while residents of the communities fled into the Bush.
Nigeria presidency and Buratai: "Boko Haram have been degraded".

¬ Still in Northern part of Nigeria,  Kano precisely; another killer paid them a visit. Lasa Fever killed 8 persons.

¬ "Resign now" - Nigeria law maker, Abdulmumin Jibrin tells Buhari.
That wasn't the end of the issue; he wondered why the president has been inactive in various issues. Jibrin further raised alarm saying The president in Aso Rock isn't the real Buhari.
Ghen!  Ghen!!

¬ "No general election any more in Biafra land" Biafrans declare.
The Indigenous People Of Biafra have vowed never to vote for any governor or participate in Nigeria general election anymore.

¬ During the week; UK deported 23 Nigerians, dumped them at Lagos airport.
Recall, there've been constant deportation of Nigerians by different countries.
The question now is- With these continued deportation, who's to be blamed?, the country which if pronounced to the hearing of other countries, sounds evil and the inhabitants seen as crime suspects. Or Is it the people themselves?

¬ Itshekiri Youths protest in NDDC office against marginalization.

¬ "Stop visiting Ijaw land", Asari Dokubo tells Osinbajo.
Questions from the masses is- "Will he listen?
Let's watch.

¬ As the week and month of May was trying to welcome April; The UK government advised Tourists Never To Travel To Some Nigeria States.
Reasons for this prohibition are natural disaster, kidnap, violent crimes and terrorism.

¬ Few days after Fulani herdsmen killed five in Delta including a senior staff of Delta state university; the mercenaries known as herdsmen attacked Cross Rivers state community and killed 10 people.
Too bad, think it's time for states and communities to barn them from entering their territory.

¬ After much pressure from different angles; Nigeria senators seek immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu and others.
Hmmm.. Still watching.

¬ IPOB raised alarm over conspiracy by some cabals to conceal the truth about killing of Biafrans by the Nigeria military.

¬ We move down to United States of America where Trump's daughter, Ivanka took unpaid job as White House adviser.

¬ Report from another Islamic terrorist war zone, revealed that Al-Jumaili, the deputy ISIS leader is killed.

¬ Biafra:
The Indigenous People Of Biafra have made it open and clear to the general public that they'll close down Biafra Land on 30th May 2017 in honour of Biafra fallen heroes.
Nice one.

¬ "Let's divide Nigeria, Biafrans and Yorubas are embarrassing us" - Northern man voiced out.
Wonders! Who's embarrassing who here?.

¬ Great revelation exploded during the week.
Guess what...
"Nigerian Government is Attacking Us Because We Refused Their Bribe" - Amnesty International.
Oh What a shame!
"You can't kill over 200 people within 24hours and expect us to be silent,.. .. We'll meet in court" Amnesty International tells Nigeria government.

¬ "Biafrans who reside in other parts of Nigeria should relocate to their land because the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu will cause bloodbath" -Cleric warns.

**** Featured update in

Extract from
- BIAFRA: BRIEXIT VS BIAFREXIT, A call to save Biafrans from extinction.

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