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Tuesday, 11 April 2017



By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

Immediately the voice said
"This is my beloved son listen to him"
There came a dove which signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit.
There and then the son was made complete with extra forces,
Nnamdi Kanu the indefatigable.

The son was completely fortified by the Father,
And was empowered by the Spirit,
The words of the Father were made flesh in him and he come to dwell among mankind.
Nnamdi Kanu the fearless lion.

His story shall never depart from the heart of mankind.
Generation unborn shall wish to have known him.
Nnamdi Kanu the famous.

The Father puts His words in His son's mouth,
The son spoke the words,
And His people heard and followed Him.
His words assembled his people all over the universe,
The voice sounds and the world inclined to it.
Nnamdi Kanu the unity tree.

It is the voice of life,
It is the voice of freedom,
It is the voice of salvation,
It is the voice of deliverance,
Nnamdi Kanu the thunderous voice.

His words brings power to the week,
His words brings consolation to the sorrowful,
His words brings healing to the sick,
His words brings resurrection to the dead,
Nnamdi Kanu the true prophet.

As the people draws hope from his words,
They began to assemble from all conners of the earth,
Forming a formidable and indivisible family called IPOB.
Coming down home to uproot and destroy the works the enemy planted for many thousands years in the hearts of men.
Nnamdi Kanu the visioner.

Other tribes who inclined to his voice shall see the light.
Any soul that came to Him shall know the truth and shall be saved.
All evil bowls before him.
He is the son of all.
Nnamdi Kanu the 5th gospel.

Goodluck E. Jonathan heard the voice and inclined,
Justice Ademola heard it and inclined,
Amnesty International inclined and refused bribery,
Obasanjo heard it and inclined too,
Femi Kayode and Ayode Fayoshe heard it and inclined as well,
Only the fools heard it and declined.
Nnamdi Kanu the educationist.

Buhari the paedophile declines and lost his memories,
John Tosho declined and was rendered useless,
Binta Nyako declined and turned to sharia judge,
Kano state Dss director Abdullahi Chiranchi declines and joined his ancestors,
Francis Mobolaji Adesanya, Rivers State Commissioner of Police declined and gone so soon,
David Cameron tried and lost his prime ministerial office.
Nnamdi Kanu the diplomatic and the voice of the people.

Still on still
Nigerians declined and teasted bitter waters,
Ejike Mabaka declined and was transferred,
The economy declined and lost its value,
Niara declined and become tissue pepper,
The great fighters inclined and danced on every pipeline within their reach.
Nnamdi Kanu the great magician.

NBC director declined and lost his job,
Kemi the Yoruba e-rat declined and become a prisoner,
Rochars Okorocha declined and got spiritual slap,
Willie Obiano declined and become a drunkard,
Nnamdi Kanu the enemy forbidden tree.

Who can stand against a divinely ordained project of the most high?
Who can stop Biafra from coming?
Declined and receive doom.
Incline and be saved.
I inclined by writing this,
You incline by reading and sharing,
The anointed is on a mission.



  1. i am greatly honoured to be a part of his generation... .. .

    1. how do i join the movement... fully participate in the struggle...


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