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Friday, 14 April 2017



By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

Because of their blood I came
Because of their blood I made the utmost decision
Because of their blood I have forsaken all
Because of their blood I took the solemn oath

Because of their blood the covenant binds us together
Because of their blood I shall risk my life
Because of their blood I shall restore their value

In my weakness I was made strong because of their blood
I became determine in my state of laziness because of their blood
I was encouraged in my devastating conditions
All are for the sake of the blood.

I became an infant warrior because of their blood
I considered myself a living dead because of their blood
I lost the test of my food because of their blood
I was feed with the food of the spirit because of their blood

The blood's echo is ringing like a bell
It covers all the linking rivers
The blood reflection covers the sky
The moon itself became bloody too

The souls of the wasted blood arosed from their sleeping gasket
Each with a piece of its dried bone
Forming a status queue
Ready for an unending battle.

The blood looking so furry
Sparkling like the rays of the sun
Bloody light all over
Possession of bloody test by all.

Ahead they are coming in anger
Another cross section of battle ready warriors
Those killed by kwashioko
Those children killed with starvation

The ravaging spirit of the dead is here
Commencing work from Owerri govt. house
Slapping out janjaweed spirit in some people
Bringing senses and exposing the evil and their real identity

The fury spirit in an anger
Sent to hell the DSS molesting boss
Like joke like play
The commissioner of police in Igwuocha was call to glory

The mission inconclusive
The spirit headed to Aso-Rock
Rendering the monster useless
Emergency flown was made
No hope of recovering

Here comes total black out
The news of coma and death was heard
Plot to impeach the vice began
Short engine of Kaduna became political Nicodemus

The herdsmen turn to ice block
Lamentation was limited
All the dogs began to bark
From every conner comes echo of noise.

Behold the monster back to life
Final chance given to a deadly murderer.
Herdsmen revived to life
Gnashing of teeth and agony restored.

Some Hausa Fulanis regain some senses
They found the Messiah in one man
They began to pray him for interventions
Many began to love the messiah of our time

The Messiah has the key to peace and violence
He commands army of battalions
He is the commander of military and civilian forces
He is the spirit made man

The rampaging spirit still moving
Saturating the global IPOB family
Bringing purity into the family
Exposing the evil ones among them

I can feel it in our midst
Reshuffling the union
Shinning the surface of the struggle
Mobilizing more members each day.

It is all about the spirit and the blood
Pushing the struggle into the divine room
Selecting and electing the chosen ones
Preparing a stronghold
Against the giant and evil nation.

Finally the giant and evil nation
Want to lobby the stronghold
The standard the Yahweh of Israel has set against them refused to be corrupted for the sake of the blood

The end of the road for the mighty giant
More standard has been raised against them
They have lost their battle ground
To the standard the Yahweh of Israel raised against them

Rejoiced all ye children of Biafra
For your helper has arrived
The chief murderer is in his way
To meet his ancestor and never will be return again.

Rejoice all ye descendants of Gad
The redeemed is here to set the prisoned messiah free
He is coming with the host of angelic warriors and fire
To prove that He changeth not

Blow ye the trumpet and drums harder
All you from the tribe of Israel
For the wall is falling
The great and mighty man is here
The hour to rewrite your name in the book if life has come
It is the hour of restorations.

Let the weak get strong
Let the sick get healed
Let the weary be encouraged
From the desert were we are,
There is a standing tree of hope ahead
A tree full of greenish leaves

Symbolic end of sorrow
Symbolic end of slavery
Symbolic end of marginalization
Symbolic end of British era

Push further more
Use your last strength
Extend a helping hand to those who can't move anymore
Make sure none of your household is left behind

With courage and braveness
With songs of victory and dancing
We shall match into the promise land
There we shall possess our possessions
There we shall drink from the wall old salvation.

Long live Nnamdi Kanu
Long live Republic of Biafra
Long live people of goodwill


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