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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How Phonecall-Protest Of Biafrans Saved IPOB Member Abducted By Nigeria Police From Unlawful Execution

How Phonecall-Protest Of Biafrans Saved IPOB Member Abducted By Nigeria Police From Unlawful Execution

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Mr. Victor Ogiebe, a member of the Indigenous People Of Biafra,IPOB, arrested by some officials of the Nigeria Police Force during an IPOB zonal meeting at Umuebulu in Igweocha(Port Harcourt) Rivers state on April 15, 2017 has been released unconditionally.

This is following a powerful and passionate protest staged by millions of IPOB members worldwide who took to their various telephone gadgets to launch a massive phonecall protest to the Umuebulu Area Police Command against illegal arrest and incarceration of the Biafra activist.

Mr. Izuchukwu Agu, deputy coordinator of IPOB Umuebulu zone of Igweocha Biafraland where the abducted activist hails from, had informed Family Writers on the Wednesday morning of April 19, 2017 that Victor Ogiebe was released on the eve of Tuesday April 18, 2017, as he, alongside other executive members of IPOB Umuebulu zone visited their member at the State CID of Rivers state where he was transferred to following his arrest.
The zonal leader however, revealed the circumstances that surrounded their visit to the State CID in a bid to propel the release of the IPOB activist, and how he was finally released.

   "We arrived at the State CID to see Victor and give him the food we brought, but I was the only one allowed to go inside their detention facility to see him," Mr. Izuchukwu stated.
  "After giving him the food i came with, i entered into deep discussion with him to know the type of treatment he receives from the policemen ever since his arrest,
  "He told me that the security officials subjected him to all manner of inhuman and degrading treatments,  they hanged his two legs and hands on a rope and tortured him all night and were forcing him to denounce being an IPOB member while writing his statement,
  "While discussing with him, the IP in charge of his case came and questioned me why i am wearing a bangle that has Biafra insignia and colours. He took me outside and asked me if i'm not afraid to wear such a thing to their station, telling me it's an insult to them, but i told him that i am not afraid of them.

  "When we got outside, we asked the IP why they have not released Victor or charged him to court. He told us that the Commissioner of Police of the state gave an order for more investigation to be carried out at Umuebulu so that they can gather more evidence. He even requested that we pay 10,000 Naira for their investigation processes, of which we blatantly refused.

   "It is while we are still discussing that the DPO of Umuebulu Police Area, SP Mary Iheanacho who ordered the arrest of Victor arrived and headed straight to the main office. She came out and Victor was handed over to her and she drove him by herself back to his house at Umuebulu,
  "Afterwards we found out that because of the DPO's phone number that was made viral by the good works of Family Writers and other Biafra media groups, uncountable number of Biafrans both home and abroad incessantly called the woman and warned her against the arrest and illegal detention of Victor Ogiebe which prompted the DPO to ensure that the young man is released immediately," the zonal deputy coordinator stated during an interview with Family Writers Press.

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  1. They think we are joking. They will never rest until Biafra is free. All hail Biafra.


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