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Sunday 7 May 2017



By Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

It is no longer a fictitious  story that the Hausa-fulani  janjaweed have fiercely started to perfect their Islamic agenda of Islamizing every part of the remaining  Nigeria. These  were among the core reasons why Biafra is trying everything humanly possible to secede from Nigeria  state through the  most peaceful approach set   by the United Nations on the indigenous people seeking for their  self determination in a country they feel not to belong.   As Biafrans  are working  assiduously towards the restoration of Biafra nation, they are also  appealing  to other tribes to do same in other to save themselves from the brutal force  of Nigerian Jihadist army that will definitely spell doom for them in no distance time.

The Nigerian army has now become a tools for islamization. Few weeks ago, when I was having a brief conversation with a friend  “ADAMU”who is a member of Nigerian army, jokingly he said to me “Eze “ I am now a killing machine, a weapons of destruction, I no longer have feelings for human being”…. Of course, these were the type of men in the Nigerian military, these men  do not have respects for human right laws. Yes I concur with  what ADAMU said, every soldier in the Nigerian army is a weapon of mass destruction and evidently ,they have lost  feelings for human being, both toddlers and peaceful protesters  .That was why in every protest that had  previously been staged by IPOB , the Nigerian army must carry out a raid on them, opening  fire and starts shooting  sporadically anything on sight. Vividly, i recall that Nigerian army shot dead an 8years old primary school girl in ABA on February last year, invades IPOB worship center in ABA and Enugu simultaneously and also invades St. Edmund group of school Nkpor, killing 22 IPOB members and made away with their corpse, including the May30th  massacre  at Nkpor. Statistics placed the number of  IPOB members that lost their life in the hands of Nigeria army through their Gestapo style of operation last year to be over 600.

It is disheartening  that the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and its six blocs have been silenced by Nigeria Islamic government under the command of Hausa-Fulani president ..the way Nigerian Jihadist soldiers invades  Catholic Diocese of Gboko over the weekend is also worrisome and condemnable.
Family Writers reporter  who went on a tour to  Gboko confirms the incidents. It was learnt that the Nigerian army  ransacked the residence of  his Lordship, Bishop Vesuwe Benjamin of Catholic Diocese of Gboko without any search warrant or court order. When narrating his ordeal and travail to family writers reporters , Bishop Benjamin said that the Nigerian jihadist soldiers in army uniform   accused him of keeping weapons in the Diocese.

In his words, the Bishop said  “This is what happens when you have a one sided government in any nation. Today, my house and entire parish houses were turned upside down by armed soldiers in search for weapons which nobody among them eventually finds. For heaven sake, I don't manufacture weapons nor do I keep any weapon”. The fulani herdsmen go about with heavy and sophisticated    weapons killing innocent people and never a day has any one of them been arrested or harassed by the military”. There are instances with evidence where the military have been seen assisting Fulani herdsmen in carrying out their heinous attacks on defenseless citizens. The soldiers we have in this country are now one sided.  “Would they humiliate an Imam or invade a mosque in this way as they did to me and the Diocese”? He asked with bitterness.

Family Writers recall that  few months ago during a conference held by Catholic Bishops in Nigeria, the Bishops were seen mocking IPOB and the entire people of Biafrans by coming up with a communiqué after the said conference insisting that all agitators should drop their agitation. They Bishops also throws their weight behind Buhari and the ironical one indivisible Nigeria.

 What happened in Gboko Diocese under his Lordship, Bishop Vesuwe Benjamin is a direct reward for  mocking  Biafra struggle which many have died because of , while several others wrongly suffers imprisonment and incarceration.
Biafra struggle under the command of Nnamdi kanu is purely ordained.  The bishops and the so called men of God failed to understand this simply because most of them are fake, and do not see vision, neither do they have  holy spirit that ministers to them.

No man of God or genuine Christian will  support the shading of blood , injustice , ill treatment and ONE NIGERIA. That was why Nnamdi Kanu in one of his broadcast in radio Biafra London which was monitored in U.K said” ANY MAN OF GOD THAT IS NOT IN SUPPORT OR FAIL TO PREACH THE GOSPEL OF BIAFRA IS FROM THE DEVIL”.
Today, our Bishops and so called men of GOD  are been  fraternized with Islam knowing fully well that Islam is the problem facing the world! Many Christians are now being converted to Islam because of greed and strive for wealth. But to what end? Such people always meet their waterloo or dead end by either Boko haram or fulani terrorists or worst still be witch-hunted.

In Biafra, there is light. In Biafra, there is truth and in Biafra, there is hope.


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