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Wednesday 24 May 2017



Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers

Who am I without them
What does life mean to me without them
Of what value am I without them
What name have I without them
My proud heroes!

They were divided for an easy conquest
They were made to consider their brothers as  enemies
Their souls and minds were bought for a token
Their spirits and hearts were carried away to exile
Oh my great heroes!

They watered the land with their blood
They brightened my future with their sorrows
They preserved my food with their starvation
They died that I may live
I owe you nothing than remembering you come 30th May
My proud heroes!

They are the sweetener in my food
They are the reason for my thirst for water
They are the reason why I breathe
They are My inspiration
My proud heroes!

I was born to replace them
I was born to accomplish what they could not
I exist to make them proud
I am here to avenge their deaths
My proud heroes!

I am proud of them
They never gave up nor surrendered
They fought to the end
They died for what they professed
My proud heroes!

I shall honour them
Oh yes! I shall reverence them
Their memories will never be wiped out of me
Just a day is never enough to make them proud
My proud heroes!

As illiterates as they were seen to be then
They invented scientific sophisticated weapons
As weak as they were
They challenged the world powers in the battle field
Oh yes they are my proud heroes!

They exhibited their strength to evil Britain
Nigeria tasted and confirmed it
They showcased their glory to the world
Mankind marvelled before them
My proud heroes!

A  war presumed to last for 3 months
They sustained it for 36 months
As inexperienced as they were
They perfectly handled all weapons
My proud heroes!

Excellence in inventions
Glorious in wisdom
Greatness in power
Pomposity in self confidence
Envy of the world
My proud heroes!

The world conspired against them
Annihilation and genocide was committed against them
Blockade of food was used against them
Sickness and starvation became  a weapon of war on them
Yet they never relented
My proud heroes!

Their glory was reduced
Their powers bound in chains of iron
The great kings removed their crowns
They were severely humiliated as a result
My proud heroes!

Yet they remain gallant
They fought  physically and won
Even in the land of the Spirits
They remain kings of the jungle
My sweet heroes!

They were forced to surrender
They were robbed of what they had
They were made poor by force
Their land and women raped to death
My proud heroes!

Their sons were sold to foreigners
Their daughters married off to strangers
Their animals were used as meat
Their crops were burnt down too
Yet there was hope of survival in them
My proud heroes!

The glorious tree that was cut from the ground
has sprouted out from it's roots
in a  miraculous and glorious way
Growing with it's leafs blossom and greenish
With the hope of bearing  better fruits
Oh my proud heroes!

The forgotten nation has regained her name
The dried bone of her citizens has returned  to life
The rusted water pipe is now producing fresh water
The world is now ready to return  the glory of this nation they robbed her of
My great proud heroes!

The evil tree has been cut down
Brothers now know themselves
Those sent on exile are now returning
There is a brotherly bond
Peace and harmony reign now
My proud heroes!

All this were made possible through one man
He was rejected  at the beginning
Today, mankind marvels at his emerging
His name is the most populous on earth
His topic is discussed at every corner of the universe
My proud heroes!

He is spirit made flesh
He is  prophecy of old
Nostradamus predicted him
He is a Prophet like no other
He is the man who sees tomorrow
My great heroes!

He commands over 70 million without a dime
All politicians now want to identify with him
Neglect him and neglect your political career
Mention him in your business and be favoured
My proud heroes!

He instituted a glorious family in every part of the world
He controls them only by his words
Even from the prison, his command stands.
My proud heroes!

He mentioned Barack Obama and he gnashed his teeth
He mentioned David Cameron and he got tormented
He mentioned Queen Elizabeth and she trembled
He mentioned Muhammadu Buhari and he went into indefinite coma
My proud heroes!

Many have adopted his name
Many are naming their children after him
World leaders now wish to meet him
His arrest has brought to an end of an evil empire
My great proud heroes!

His name is Ohamadike nke mbu
Onwa gburugburu nke abuo
Oyiri Buhari nke mbu
Odogwu mbibi nke Nigeria
Osisi nzuko nke Biafra
Amamihe umuchineke
Commander-in-Chief of the  Biafran Armed Forces
The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide
Dr. Nnamdi Kanu
My great living hero!


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