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Saturday 20 May 2017




In this 7th day of Family Writers Memories of Biafra Heroes, Family Writers arrives at the doorstep of Capt Ben Gbulie. Capt Ben Gbulie is another great Biafra hero during the genocidal war who stood his ground and said that our then fathers and mothers will not be wiped out of existence and history.

Born in 1939, He is a native of Nimo, a small town near Abagana in Njikoka LGA, Anambra state Biafra land. He is also one of our Biafra war heroes who are alive till today. Capt Ben Gbulie as a gallant military engineer of international standard with relevant academic credentials, started his military career with Nigerian Army and attended all relevant military courses which made him an erudite military officer in his days in Nigerian Army.

Capt Ben Gbulie may not be in complete support of the renewed agitation for the restoration of Biafra spearheaded by Nnamdi Kanu De Great, judging by his utterances to the press and his general body language, unless he has become convinced and made U-turn in his former position on the renewed agitation for Biafra restoration probably lately, but Family Writers considered him worthy to be featured in Family Writers Memories of Biafra Heroes because he fought gallantly during the war until the war ended. Capt Gbulie was among Nigeria Army officers who defected to Biafra Army as the then Nigeria Head of State, Gen Yakubu Gowon declared a genocidal war on our people.
Before the war started, Capt Ben Gbulie was in detention in Abakaliki prison due to his involvement and participation in January 15th, 1966 Coup of Nigeria young military men from all parts of Nigeria led by Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna and assisted by Major Chukwuma 'Kaduna' Nzeogwu. As the coup was aborted by Gen Aguiyi Ironsi, Capt Gbulie and his group surrendered under agreement with Gen Aguiyi Ironsi but were all later arrested and dumped in prison except the leader of the bloody coup, Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna who escaped and ran to Ghana for exile. When Capt Gbulie and his group were released by Biafra Head of State, Col. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu few days to the war, Capt Gbulie immediately joined Biafra Army in defending Biafra land.

All through the war, Capt Ben Gbulie fought gallantly in his quest to defend Biafra land. He was a fearless soldier in the battle field. He was in-charge of a Battallion of Biafra Army stationed at Okpo, a town near Enugwu-Ezike around Nsukka. As the war continued, he was later drafted to serve at 9th Mile Corner in Ngwo Enugwu. It was in 9th Mile epic combat of show of might between Nigerian military forces and Biafra Army, that Capt Gbulie who does not fear any mortal in the battle field, was severely wounded in such a way that the injury he sustained would have incapacitated him from defending Biafra land or make him loose his life. But the quick response of the foreign medical team who were in the hospital where he was taken to saved the situation.

It is worthy to note that when Capt Ben Gbulie was still on his treatment due to the sustained injury, news came to him that Calabar was collapsing into the hand of the Nigerian forces, he quickly told the Biafra Head of State, Col. Ojukwu that he was abandoning his treatment to join the Calabar sector to make sure that Calabar did not fall, but Col. Ojukwu rejected his plea for permission to go back to battle field in his then condition.

However, when he speedily and eventually completed his treatment, he courageously moved back to the battle field and continued to defend Biafra land until the war ended. He was the secretary of the young Biafra military officers who advised Gen Philip Effiong of blessed memory, to announce the ceasefire and the kangaroo surrrender of Biafra forces.
As the war ended in January 12th, 1970, Capt Ben Gbulie became a victim of vendetta as Gen Gowon set up a kangaroo panel of enquiry to look into the root cause of what has been happening in Nigeria since four (4) years and invariably he was returned to prison. He was said to be among the chief actors in the four (4) years mayhem in Nigeria and he served prison term in various prison cells in Nigeria.

In his congenital make up coupled with his military mentality, Capt Ben Gbulie is a controversial man who only believe that his opinion on any issue is the best. In 2001, during the time of Oputa Panel set up by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo, Capt Ben Gbulie was dragged to the panel as one of the root causes of Nigeria problem which led to the war but during the panel hearing conducted by Late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, the eloquent speaking Capt Gbulie told the world verbatim that the problem of Nigeria is jointly caused by Ahmadu Bello, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe because of their political feudalism, yet nobody cares to talk about it. Late Justice Oputa however suspended hearing on his matter. Capt Gbulie is one of the Biafra heroes we must honour on May 30th, no matter where he stands now or what his opinion on Biafra is.
Family Writers appreciates you for reading.
By Onyebuchi Eze
Media Analyst FWP

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