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Sunday 11 June 2017



By Maxwell Chuks and Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen
For Family Writers

In this edition; we'll be presenting to you highlights of the trending updates of the week, comments from the public and observation by the Spotlight crew.

• "Listen to the cries of Biafrans" - Pan Niger-Delta Forum Leaders tells Federal Government of Nigeria.
Recall- They've not been listening, still wondering if they'll listen to them.

• On the foreign scene;
Just like Biafrans, thousands march in Glasgow in support of independence.

• London attack!
"Enough Is Enough" - Theresa May cried out after terrorist attack.
Recall- Recently, there have been several Islamic terrorist attacks in Britain which left many dead and others seriously injured.
Still on the attack, "You're reaping what you sow and the crimes/genocide you committed with Nigeria in Biafra Land" - Activist respond to British government.

• Still on terrorism, we move over to Nigeria.
Guess what.....
Army General Court Martial in Borno state, sentence soldier to death for burning a Boko Haram terrorist alive.
Hmmm.... Are they fighting terrorism, promoting it or working with the terrorists?
Well, time shall tell.

• "Only God will stop Nigeria from breaking" - That's according to Doyin Okupe.

• While others are seriously crying of hunger; Government spend #71.8m in feeding Muslims during Ramadan.
The question now is- How much do they spend in Nigeria, feeding Christians during their festive period?
Absolutely Nothing.

• Still in Nigeria arena where the masses are crying of poverty and hunger;
"Nigeria set to export certified Yams to UK and US" - That according to the FG of Nigeria.

• Federal Government's plan to sale refineries in Niger Delta; Youths vow to resist sale of Portharcourt and Warri refineries.
On same vein, "Why don't you also sale Kaduna refinery if you really mean well for the people?" - The Youths ask FG of Nigeria.

• Just as Nigeria senate are summoning suspected looters and diverters of public funds, questioning them without taking any visible action; Senate summons Fashola over abandoned #120bn Bodo/Bonny road.

• "Army, DSS and Police collected from Diezani's $115m bribe" - that's according to the Witness.
Welcome to Nigeria!

• Gradually; Spotlight crew moved down to Kogi state where Kogi group called for the arrest of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.
When asked "Why?,
They said he have violate his bail conditions.
One other reason which they pointed out is that the Sit-At-Home which he declared and was carried out in BiafraLand is illegal, and a treasonable offense.

•  "Expect the worst if you arrest or harm Nnamdi Kanu" - Biafran Youths warns Nigeria government again.

• Still on Biafra;
"If we don't do anything, Nigeria will collapse" - Former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi.
On same vein, "It's too late, all we want is Biafra, nothing else" - Biafrans replies Peter Obi and FG of Nigeria.

• Jubilation in Nnamdi Kanu's home as sculptor, Okwuchukwu Sylvester Njoku and his crew present a great and magnificent sculpture of Nnamdi Kanu.

• After severe failed attempts;
"We'll shutdown Radio Biafra and Biafra Television broadcast channels soon" - That's according to NBC.
Hmm.. Another plan to waste efforts and resources.

• Just as marketers are complaining that Naira is depreciating everyday, Workers complaining of unpaid salaries, Employers complaining of no money to pay worker, And the masses complaining of hunger in the land;
Nigeria's unemployment rate worsens, rises to 14.2 percent.

• "I've never funded IPOB, allegation is from opposition" - Anambra state Governor, Willie Obiano debunk allegation which claim he gave cars and cash to Nnamdi Kanu for political favor.

• Now, we move over to the trending heat of the week.
Biafra: Arewa Youths give Igbos(Biafrans) 3 months ultimatum to vacate Northern Nigeria or face consequencies.
This quit notice came shortly after the successful Sit-At-Home exercised by Biafrans to honour their fallen heroes.
While others were condemning the threat and ultimatum from Northern Youths, "We support our youths, Biafrans should leave our land" - Northern Elders Forum(NEF) backs Arewa Youths.

• "Come back home" - IPOB tells Biafrans in the North as Chisco transport company and other transport companies in Biafra Land volunteer vehicles to take them home.

• Still on the eviction of Biafrans from the North;
"We'll defend Biafra territory" - Combined freedom fighters in the creek and upland issues press statement, ask Northeners to leave Biafra land before October 1st.
"We'll resume operation on August and attack oil facility workers" - Niger Delta militants tells oil companies.
Ghen! Ghennn!!!!

• Justice Ademola resumes work as court clears him and wife, corruption allegations levelled against him by Nigeria government.

• "No cause for alarm, you are safe in the North" - Federal Government of Nigeria assures
Hmmm.. Biafrans heard same years ago yet they were massacred in the North.
"Run for your life" - Spotlight Crew tells Biafrans.

• "Afam power station will generate 340MW by December" -FG of Nigeria.
This is the power station in Biafra land which supplies constant power supply to others states including nearby country but residents and indigenes of the area hardly see and enjoy constant power supply.

• "No election in Biafra land, all we want is referendum" - Biafrans tells Nigeria government.

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