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Thursday 29 June 2017


Nnamdi Kanu

 By Moses Agbo Obinna
For Family Writers.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has dismantled all the slavery antics imposed on Biafrans by Britain in collaboration with the Hausa/Fulani in the name of one Nigeria.  The relentless effort by Biafrans to restore  the kingdom of Chukwu Okike Abiama {GOD} on earth (BIAFRA) is overwhelming. Many have been dumbfounded with the support and follower ship the Biafran quest has gained within this short period. They are still lost at the pace of  call  for freedom.

However, it will be of interest  to let all and sundry  know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his sparkling IPOB is the sun that shone at the right time. Just like an English man would say, there is no good time that is late. Some people  may not understand what divine course is all about; those who are beginning to question or have   speculations in every given destiny should inculcate  into their memory that  Nnamdi Kanu came at the right time.

Hence, questioning why the total dismantling of the unholy union called Nigeria and the absolute restoration of the nation of Biafra, is like asking God why he created his people and made them to live on the surface of the earth. Come to think of it, between Biafra and Nigeria, which one is an organic creation? Nigeria as an entity of fraud, was  forcefully created by a British called Frederick Lord Lugard and Flora Shaw his wife in the year 1914 without proper consultation with the various nationalities while Biafra/Biafrans as an organic creation, created by God has been in existence and recognition for thousands of years recorded with all the dominance traced to be Jewish by ancestral lineage .

It is also pertinent  to remind humanity that what makes up one people is far beyond geographical creation or political space, but strictly people's ideological resemblance, cultural similarities, traditional heritage and other numerous way of life that constitute their way of life.

In the case of Biafra and Nigeria,  none of all these can be considered as one with each other. It is like violent wild animals living with humans. And that is why Biafrans and  Nigerians can never in any way be one in any way whatsoever.

Take for instance, in the Northern part of today Nigeria, the people living over there who are predominantly Muslims, do not believe in dialogue. They hate civilization in the sense that whenever they see anyone  civilized , they will rather choose  to broadly brutalize the person than to welcome them.  Biafrans are  civilized in nature. Our immune system constitute natural freedom and abhors  injustice.

History points to the fact that since the creation of the fraudulent one Nigeria, Biafrans have never been in support of it. They  know the huge differences between the Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafrans. And that was the reason why we earlier resisted the colonial masters in the earlier 80s. Our fore fathers tried  to resist that atrocious barbarism  called colonization/amalgamation and the British  handed us over to Hausa/Fulanis who are naturally bound to shed blood. As a result, Biafrans have been murdered in millions for no just cause by those  who believed that Nigeria is the estate of their grandfathers as opined by the late Saraduana of Sokoto;Alhaji Tafewa Balboa.  These killings and dehumanization have been going on even without provocations.

The brutality meted on Biafrans has never stopped and can never stop because, killing is in their DNA. If we stay at home they kill us, if we travel to other parts of the country they massacre most  of us. Even in  worship places, they destroy, kill and litter our blood in the streets. We do not  have freedom of worship anymore  or do we talk of political right? Political right is  deprived of us. Every good policy  is  turned against us. So, for how long does any sane person thinks we are going to continue enduring, watching our men and women being brutalized?  Can anyone really endure all these wrongs  seeing his or her mothers raped in  broad day light?

We do not need to force anyone to believe that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s led IPOB, as a relentless freedom fighter, is fighting for the absolute restoration of the ancient kingdom. Biafra is the "Sun that rose at the right time" . The freedom that Biafrans desire is sacrosant and can never be exchanged for any other thing.


Edited by Ogbuanya Chikezie N.
For Family Writers

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