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Tuesday 27 June 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers

Since the undisputable and prevailing storm of the Biafra Restoration came like a deluge over Nigeria, which precipitated the Arewa Youths to issue a three months ultimatum to the Igbos (Biafrans) residing in the North to vacate, latest by 1st October, 2017, uncountable number of Biafran enemies have taken to tagging Biafrans, misguided and brainwashed bigots who are seeking relevance. Some have even said that they don't hate the Igbos but have grouses with those advocating for the restoration of Biafra nation.

How correct is it to state that Igbos are not hated when virtually all Igbos are wholesomely Biafrans! Igbos are just hated for whom they are and out of envy.

It was former Nigeria military despot and later, a President, Olusegun Obasanjo that first called Biafra agitators, miscreants. He retracted that statement when he personally discovered that the Biafra quest was never a fluke. Now the same Obasanjo has gone pleading to the Biafrans to stay back in the evil concoction called Nigeria, seeing the unquenchable resilience of the people, saying that there will be enough of "cake" to share.

High on the list of those seemingly deceitful morons calling Biafra agitators brainwashed and misguided, are the Yorubas and all those that supported and voted in the tyrannical Islamic fundamentalist President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, believing him to be their messiah.

Realistically, it is evident today that all those who voted in a man who has no WAEC certificate to preside over the country, are indisputably the brainwashed and grossly misguided individuals. What on earth can lure people even the self-acclaimed educated, to so stupidly believe in an uniformed tyrant like Buhari if not by crass hypnotistic influence called brainwashing? They got it woefully wrong not only in Buhari, but in their jaundiced and parochial judgement of Biafrans.

We as Biafrans have wholely rejected the evil enclave called Nigeria because of the prevalent wickedness in the so-called delusional "One - Nigeria" and there is absolutely no prevarication on that cause. We are fully intact as humans who believe in our God given destiny.

Recall that the early part of Nigeria's existence following the evil amalgamation, there existed lots of brilliant Biafran foremost brains like Nnamdi Azikiwe whose unequal contribution to the independence of the Nigerian from the British, will never be jettisoned even when the Northern oligarchical leaders opposed it. It was through the instrumentality of the wisdom of the Igbos that got the Northerners on board despite their riots then in opposition. This led extensively and regrettably though, to the gruesome killing of Igbos resident then in the North.

The Igbos (Biafrans) were handsomely dedicated to the Nigerian cause both in pre and post Independent Nigeria until the vicious hatred and killings of over 70,000 Igbos by the Hausa-Fulanis which held sway in 1966. This massacre actually gave the needed impetus for the agitation of Biafra. Those that returned home to Biafraland alive from the North, came back terribly maimed with various degrees of injury. But after many fruitless attempts to reconcile the old Eastern region with the North, the  Biafran nation was born. This is not a product of a brainwashed or misguided people. The killings of Biafrans by the North were not fictitious neither was the so-called Aburi accord.

Its over 50 years now that the genocidal war waged against Biafrans by Nigeria and her foreign allies ended, yet there is absolutely nothing tangible to show for it. Biafrans are yet confronted with myriads of dehumanising policies of the Nigerian state, the same issues that gave birth to the declaration of Biafra coupled with the just reactions of Biafrans. These cannot be said to have emanated from brainwashed, misguided and of course, glaringly overbearing indigenous population.

The marginalisation, the unjust and slavery treatment being meted out to Biafrans are real. Nigeria as a country, never lived out her creed. They promised to build a nation where peace and justice reign but experiences over the years have proven otherwise, with lies and deception. These amongst other factors are enough for our resolve on the Biafran project.

It is noteworthy to restate here that immediately the Nigeria/Biafra war ended in 1970, the Nigeria government through a trumped up policy, mortgaged all monies in the banks and only made offers to the Igbos who were capable of tendering bank papers, paltry sum of just 20 pounds to survive with. Just after rendering the Igbos financially impotent, they quickly indigenised all foreign businesses, closed down all sea ports in the Eastern region and all surviving Biafrans were forced towards Lagos sea ports for all importation transactions. These were aimed at grossly incapacitating Biafrans. Up till date, the wicked and monopolistic policies geared towards

criminally perpetuating the enslavement of Biafrans are conspicuously evident. All the supposed sea ports in Warri, Port Harcourt, Ugwuta, Onitsha, Calabar etc, have been economically nonexistent. They have blatantly refused to recondition these variably important locations, for the single reason that they will benefit the Igbos. Nigerian government has thus far mistaken by thinking that the only way to stifle the Igbos from demanding the restoration of Biafra, is by rendering them politically and economically impotent.

They succeeded in sharing Biafran oil wells/blocks amongst themselves and their cronies. The exclusive and morbid right over the country's leadership in their assumption is theirs, which of course they have out of the 57 years of Nigeria's existence as an Independence country, have ruled for more than 40 years. It took Nigeria almost 50 years to allow one International airport in the entire Southeast so-called. The recent railway construction and reconstruction projects saw vividly, the same region carefully being delisted. The purported loan grant sought by Muhammadu Buhari's government for infrastructural developments across the country, excluded the southeast and southsouth regions (Biafraland). These amongst many others, are uncontestable reasons we fight and seek unrepentantly, the unfettered restoration of Biafra as a nation. It is a fight against all shades of injustice, inequality, enslavement and marginalisation.

I am making irrelevant matters exceptionally relevant and my submission remains the truth.

#All hail Biafra!
#All hail Nnamdi Kanu!!
#In Biafra we stand!!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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