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Friday 30 June 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel, Sunday Okafor and Paul Emerenini;
For Family Writers Press.

Do you know that South South is more Biafran than you think?  You may not know this and that is why some people keep on contacting us for clarifications up until this day, both on Radio Biafra group page, Emeka Gift's page  and some direct inbox messages. These messages came after one of us wrote a letter to all the Biafran governors titled- "OPEN LETTER TO SOUTH EAST AND SOUTH SOUTH GOVERNORS OF BIAFRA LAND" , which was published on the Biafra Herald website dated 18th of June, 2017. One of the critical questions encountered was:  "who told you that South - South is part of Biafra?". Now listen, to get the facts straight.

As at 1900, the three geographical areas around River Niger,  South East/South geographical area was known as  Biafra. The South_ West geographical area harbouring the Yorubas, was known as Oduduwa  and the Northern geographical area harbouring the Hausas was known as  Arewa. These three had been in existence before they were coined to form what is currently known today as Nigeria by the British colonists through Frederick Lord Lugard and his girl friend, Flora Shaw in 1914.
Before Nigeria was amalgamated, Biafra was already in existence, but because nobody knew what was going to happen in subsequent years to come, our fathers as at then, could not hesitate to raise a disagreement motion when the British colonial masters came to amalgamate the protectorates between 1912-1914.

Having seen the intelligence and the natural blessings of  Biafrans,  the British government brought up a  demarcation between the South East  and the South South. If you go through the old world map containing Biafra before Nigeria was amalgamated, you will find out that South-South was located in Biafra  until a new map was drawn and Biafra was erased completely. Then why must some people at this new era without any knowledge of history at all come up and open their mouths to proclaim that they are not  Biafrans?

All the States located in the so called South-South were Biafran States before the fraudulent amalgamation. People like Gen. Philip Effiong who hailed from  Akwa-Ibom  fought for Biafra with all his strength, passion and love for the motherland during the 1967 to 1970 civil war against Nigeria. Effiong defended the national boundaries of Biafra alongside other people from the Niger Delta axis. They knew why they fought for and defended Biafra, because they were Biafrans and not Nigerians. Do you think that we know  more than they knew then?  Not at all, because it is quite glaring that the British imperialists only came to divide, conquer and rule over Biafrans.

Also, another question that should be posed to the doubting Thomases in the Niger Delta is; What prompted the elders from Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta to pay a solidarity visit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at his father's residence in Afaraukwu?  And why were gifts of a glittering sword and a lantern given to him?

The visit simply means that they  are not left out of this struggle for freedom of all of us as Biafrans. Among these elders were those who witnessed the Nigeria - Biafra civil war and who must have been told by their parents  how  the coming of the British colonists  forcefully colonized Nigeria, thereby amalgamating  three different groups of people with different ideology,  mentality,  socio cultural beliefs, as well as different languages to coexist as  one concocted entity. The  bold step which the elders took was to correct all the anomalies infiltrated by those who  think that Biafra is for the Igbos alone, by showing the whole world that they are not Nigerians rather, Biafrans.

The sword and the lantern  given to Nnamdi Kanu is highly significant. It is a very vital proof that the Igbos,  Ijaws, Itsekiris, Idomas and others within the Eastern region have the same ideology and cultural beliefs.

Sword and lantern when given to somebody generally signify the following in Biafra Land:
1. Lantern when given to a person could mean to lighten the person's paths. How do we mean?  The people of the east and south of Biafra have been in total darkness over the years without any or little knowledge of our existence. During the time of Ojukwu in 1967, they fought for Biafra, because Biafrans were  tormented and killed in the northern Nigeria almost on daily basis. So they fought for Biafra freedom not  because we were not Nigerians but because of the evils Biafrans were subjected to in Nigeria. Therefore, they believed that the only possible way to stop such an inhuman act was to  declare  Biafra as an independent nation.  Unknown to many people then, we were quite too different from the other ethnic groups which made up Nigeria and our  heroes left it without clarifications.
During the time of Uwazurike from 1999, many people were yet again left without proper sensitization and knowledge about our existing as Nigerians and our origin. But from 2012 when Nnamdi Kanu took over the mantle of Biafra leadership, quite a lot of people were sensitised, educated with the knowledge of history concerning the root of Biafrans. With the lantern illuminating every Biafran territory, the gospel of Biafra will spread like a flame of fire to every doubting Thomas.

2. The Sword. The sword means to fight spiritually without any intimidation or fear against the enemies, both internal and external oppressors.
THE INTERNAL ENEMIES : These are the ones within the territory of the nation which can either be an individual, or  a group of people such as the governors in Biafra land,  the senators in Biafra land, the ministers of Biafra origin, and so many  others to mention but a few. They are regarded as enemies because they do not  want Biafra to be restored due to  their selfish and personal interests  from the Nigerian government, thereby selling their people to a fake entity (Nigeria) as slaves.

THE EXTERNAL ENEMIES.  These are the ones who are not of Biafran origin, and are fighting against her restoration. They can  as well be classified as both individuals like the northern Hausa-Arewas and the Western yoruba Oduduwas, countries like Nigeria, Britain, Saudi Arabia and some other countries of the world.

Even Nnamdi Kanu said it in one of his speeches at his father's residence in Afaraukwu Abia State  that all  the South South areas are naturally Biafra entities. So, what are you waiting for? It is high time you joined the moving train of Biafra restoration for freedom, because that is the only hope we have to survive in this part of the Islamic world.

With this, we end this week's edition of FWFFA. Greetings to you, goodbye.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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