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Monday 5 June 2017

IPOB: My Encounter with Nnamdi Kanu

IPOB: My Encounter with Nnamdi Kanu

By Carol Munday
Published by Family Writers

Honestly, I wonder at times how much I miss things, may be because of the fact that I like things open, plain and simple and not for lack of education, No, far from that or maybe for lack of time to read between lines and start seeing things that are not there. Why am  saying this is because the articles I have been reading lately are confusing even from the likes of Intersociety and I’ve been wondering if it's a deeper ploy to confuse the plain minds like my own, so I decided to discuss with my friends and associates as I fear some Biafrans are losing actual "faith" in Nnamdi Kanu and possibly suffering  again from this Stockholm syndrome (feeling of trust/affection for ones captors) that has plagued Biafra struggle from day one.

Meanwhile, I know that we all see and feel things differently so we can only write from our own perspective and I know often, that, can be misunderstood. So let me write some of what I know or have come to understand.

Firstly, I read a letter from Intersociety titled: "Why the three new faces (Peter Obi, Ike Ekweremadu and Nnamdi Kanu) Of Socio-Political Reawakening in Igbo land must not be found wanting".

Now, I am only at the tragic title… I have never met or spoken with Peter Obi or Ike Ekweremadu as far as I know, though I do know a friend of Peter Obi who tells me he is much nicer than what people say he is, but regardless, lets get back to what I know as a pro Biafran. The title of the piece itself to me is gut wrenching. Why?  I have been fighting for Biafra for a number of years now, and by now the world knows that Nnamdi Kanu is the Biafran leader, so why the words “Igbo Land”?  These words breakdown Biafra struggle and shockingly from those I have seen with admiration to be working for the human rights of Biafrans and undeniably so far been doing a great job especially in reporting and documenting the massacre of Biafran youth in Igweocha by the Nigerian military forces. In fact why have they dragged themselves into gossip when they are human rights lawyers who should naturally always base their work on facts.

In the words of Nnamdi Kanu, "I’m a Biafran and Igbo is my language", so why are we still allowing pre war propaganda in an age of technology to still divide the nations of the Kingdom of Biafra.

 Back to Peter Obi, when I first came into this struggle, after having met Nnamdi Kanu and listening to his lamentations and plight, I knew I had to help Biafrans, I knew I admired Nnamdi and saw in him a pragmatic teacher and a charismatic leader. I had at the time been reading the need for mentors in ones life, so I decided to know this man to learn how to help humanity, not quite knowing how involved I would become in Biafra struggle. I think it was one, if not the very first broadcasts I came to participate on Radio Biafra London. When I came into the studio, I saw Nnamdi Kanu at his desk online with various equipment, he said hello but turned his face rather than address me directly, which I found odd, then I realized he had tears in his eyes, he was angry and upset, I asked what’s the matter and then he showed me the pictures of the Ezu River killings, he said to me “Look.. look at what they are doing to my people”.

Over time, I learnt how more than twenty bodies were found floating in the river in Anambra state (it was never clear how many bodies were recovered because every police report I read gave varying reports). I learnt from an online discussion from a high ranking MASSOB officer that the bodies were of missing Biafrans that had been arrested and were in police custody but had ended up in the river having been tortured and murdered. I read one report on how the bodies had been found with their knee caps shot off obviously from considerable torture, at the time Peter Obi was the governor of Anambra state Biafra land and I gathered he cut short a trip to visit the scene himself, yet what ever happened to the investigations that was carried out? NO one knows. What did Peter Obi do? Where are the concrete diligent and forensic investigations that obviously were required from a state governor, weren't SARS/DSS  paid protectors of the people involved in this mess? These bodies as far as we can ascertain were in police custody, so what happened? Who was found  accountable? Radio Biafra director Nnamdi Kanu have been calling for the full autopsy reports to be made public for more than four years now, so why is Intersociety even putting Nnamdi Kanu in the same breath as Peter Obi? Demand the autopsy reports and file the human rights cases, don’t tell me because this was 2013 and therefore can be swept under the carpet. There are mothers and fathers out there who’s sons were arrested and don’t know their bodies were dumped in a river. They can not mourn, they can not lay their sons to rest, they are simply left in the dark till date.

When Ojukwu said the war never ended he really wasn’t saying it for saying sake, untill now families are still loosing their loved ones because state governors do nothing or little about their predicament or question the inhumane treatments of the citizens by the security agents.

However, the case of Willie Obiano the incumbent governor of Anambra state Biafra land is another alarming one now. I’ve heard people associate this man with IPOB, shamefully, even the once much admired by me Emeka Umeagbalasi Esq, has seemingly reacted to hearsay instead of arming himself with  forensic evidence from an unbiased investigation as a reputable lawyer and in my experience of good lawyers, they work with facts and evidence, so please produce the evidence before Biafrans to substantiate your claims that Nnamdi Kanu collected monetary and cash gifts from Willie Obiano as contained in a press statement released by Intersociety on June 2nd 2017.
Biafrans are waiting …

For myself and I will say for IPOB we will always have an issue with Willie Obiano because of the recent deaths of Biafrans in Anambra state who was gruesomely murdered under his watch as the first citizen and chief security personnel of the state. I have heard the cry from some quaters that Willie Obiano is innocent, that he is not in charge of the Armed agencies, fair enough but as an incumbent state governor, why was there not an immediate official enquiry committee set up  to probe the killings of Biafrans especially those that were murdered inside a church in Nkpor while they were sleeping prior to the 30th May, 2016 Biafra Heroes rememberance day and those killed on the Heroes Day proper,  or even at any time since then. Again, same issue for Anambra state lack of concrete investigations into  the activities of the Armed agencies.

Honestly speaking, Biafrans are at the last great hurdle now as they need to step into the political arena not as Nigerians but clearly as BIAFRANS. IPOB can not and will not involve itself in Nigerian politics. They are not interested in Nigeria because they have Biafra and obviously people's pockets are going to feel the change and its a big issue as there are politicians money bags flying around and causing division. These are actually money belonging to the poor masses, I may remind to add. We must remember that no man is an island, not even Nnamdi Kanu and he will meet with back stabbers, politicians, group leaders, but as clear as it was from the first day I met him and as clear as it is today, Nnamdi Kanu has one agenda- BIAFRA and the safety of his people, that could not be tortured out of him by the likes of MASSOB then under the leadership of Uwazurike or by the DSS who arrested him and held him imprisoned for nearly two years without trial. So the entertaining and blackmailling methods of anyone can not even compare or work now as it has not worked before.

There was a Biafran T-shirt in the war that was worn and it reads “In Biafra We Stand” after the failure of the Aburi peace accord. Biafrans have tried and tried with Nigeria, but clearly and obviously too much has happened, far too much blood has been spilled and it's a sacrilege to all Biafrans. So lets keep it real, plain and simple. Let's keep hope alive. Biafra will be restored under the able leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.

“In Biafra We Stand”.

1 comment

  1. Who ever wrote this have said it all. Come rain, come sun. Biafra must be restored. In Biafra we stand.


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