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Monday 12 June 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers


As October 1st, 2017 when the ultimatum of the Coalition of Arewa Youths gave Biafrans will elapse which is expected to become a repeat of genocide against Biafrans just like the one which took place in 1966, we are still calling on Biafrans to make haste and relocate their relocatable businesses to Biafra land because there is anger in the horrizon against the Kingdom of Biafra. If any Biafran continues to relax in Arewa Republic due to the fake assurance of protection from the hypocritical Arewa governors of shame and Nigeria jihadist police which has no difference between its officers and the almajiris of terror, then such Biafran has chosen to commit intentional suicide.

As the stage is setting for Biafrans to quit North and Western Nigeria judging by new blackmail coming from useless yoruba groups bereft of history in order to go home and conduct their referendum towards Biafra restoration, it has become important to give attention to and address frequently asked questions (FAQs) from all quarters (Biafrans and non Biafrans alike). These simple questions bothers on issues that make no meaning but due to gulliblity of our people, it has become a serious blackmail against gullible Biafrans residing in Northern and Western Nigeria. These frequent asked questions (FAQs) are as follows:

1. Should Igbos leave their wealth outside Biafraland and embrace Biafra restoration?

2. Can Biafraland contain all the Biafrans when they exit other parts of the dying Nigeria?

3. Should Biafrans have sufficient food security to feed the expected overwhelming Biafra population of Biafrans that will return?


Question 1.
It is important to make Biafrans all over the remaining federation of Nigeria know that there will be no single pin of Biafrans that will be lost anywhere in Nigeria. All that Family Writers is advising Biafrans in Arewa land and Oduduwa land is to obtain Certificate of Occupancy (C-of-O) of all the properties of Biafrans which includes (a) Empty lands, (b) Developed lands, (c) registered business premises (d) registered industrial outfits and etc. The only thing that all Biafrans residing outside Biafraland should do is to vote overwhelmingly for Biafra restoration during the referendum to ensure Biafra is restored. Nigeria government and Arewa government can only succeed in confiscating the properties of Biafrans if after this struggle, we fail to restore Biafra for our children. When Biafra is restored, all the properties of Biafrans in Nigeria and beyond is going to be intact, because our diplomatic mission is going to sue Nigeria govt in order to surrrender all the properties of Biafrans to the rightful owners or face diplomatic sanctions before the world because Nigerians also own properties in other countries of the world. Let Biafrans not allow the hopeless Nigerians already dying due to imminent restoration of Biafra to use our hard earned properties to blackmail us against our coming political, economic, religious and cultural bliss and freedom contained in Biafra restoration.

Question 2.
It is important to disabuse the fear already created in the mind of Biafrans that Biafraland cannot contain us all if we all vacate Nigeria back to Biafraland. I want Biafrans to understand that up to 75% of Biafraland is not developed. Our mass exodus back to Biafraland is going to make Biafraland which has lied desolate for too long to become developed like Switzerland, United States and Britain. Today, there is no International Airport, no functional Seaport, network of railway in Biafraland because Biafra is not yet restored. If you think that Biafraland has developed more than 25%, then journey from Enugu to Port Harcourt and look left and right, Enugu to Abakaliki left and right, Abakaliki to Ogoja left and right, Abakaliki-Afikpo-Okigwe left and right, Enugu-Onitsha-Asaba-Agbor left and right, Onitsha-Owerri-Aba or PH left and right, Ogoja-Eket- Calabar-Bakassi left and right, etc. If you have journeyed these routes which I mentioned above, you will know that all you will see at left and right is undeveloped bush and forest awaiting development. Why is then Biafrans being blackmailed that Biafraland cannot accomodate us all when we vacate North and West?

Question 3.
Biafrans are also blackmailed with insufficent food should we all vacate Nigeria back to Biafra. I want Biafrans to know that no part of the world has more fertile lands that Biafraland. If desert claimed Arewa land can consolidate agriculture, how can't the blessed Biafra land sustain agriculture for us? Morever, within the few years, we can import food from anywhere to support insufficent local productions from Ebonyi, Anambra, Cross River, Idomaland, etc.

Let nobody blackmail Biafrans for anything at all. I rest my case.

Onyebuchi Eze


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I disagree with some of your points. Those born outside Biafra land must not vote. Like Scottish people did in their last referendum. A person who has not visited Biafra land for decades or when he/she was born, how do you think he/she knows the problem we are agitating for?. How do you consider him/her to decide what to vote for? The person has no affiliation with their origin and more or less a Biafran by tribe and nothing else. I suggest that those that will participate incoming Biafra nation referendum must be those born in Biafra land axis simple.

    1. So why did the scottish referendum fail?


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