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Tuesday 20 June 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel
Family Writers Press

Your Excellency Sirs,

I write to you most heartily and with tears, to inform you that within the states you are presiding over, there exist traces of total disorder and abnormalities. A whole lot of damages and harms have been meted out against those you are presumably governing and even the geographical entity within Biafraland.

Sirs, with reference to the oaths of office that you took on your days of inauguration as the chief servants of your respective states and in conformity with the constitutional provisions attached to your positions, it is your responsibility to not only observe comprehensively, the situations and conditions of your people, but also to oversee the welfare and wellbeing of your people which is your fundamental duties and if any trace of discomfort is identified, you would immediately proffer lasting solutions. This is the pivotal role of any elected and trusted public administrators and especially, state governors in a democratic dispensation. Unfortunately however, we are regretting for having even allowed you into the office as our state chief servants following your brazen acts of insensitivity and betrayals.

Thousands of the people you were primarily elected to protect have been gruesomely killed in their own homeland under your watch by marauding aliens. Many have been maimed, abducted and unjustly incarcerated. You have decided just for the pleasure and satisfaction of your seeming slave masters coupled with clandestine selfish interests, wittingly sold the overall interests of your people. It is noteworthy to remind you here therefore that someday, the glory will expire as chief executives and you become mere civilians. The same people you derided and mistreated, will be your cohabitants.

You have in the bid to service your egos, satisfy the whims and caprices of your Abuja demigods, have jettisoned your campaign promises which were just fictitious to the extent that most of those bogus pledges weren't fulfilled. The rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, schools within the states,  have become mere rhetorics. Many of our school children study under trees and in dilapidated school buildings. No intra and inter-state motorable roads to convey citizens and agricultural goods to its final destinations. No functional hospitals and well equipped health centers in our rural communities. Rural electricity for the comfort of the people aren't available. Though very few governors within the South-east and South-south regions of Biafraland can boost of providing democratic dividends to the citizenry under whose mandate they rode to the pinnacle of power today. And yet we are cajoled to keep singing the delusional "One-Nigeria mantra.

From these our regions, are the resources used to develop Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Sokoto, Kano etc, and yet none of the States in Biafraland can boast of the modern cities and developments.
However, making reference to the three (3) months ultimatum handed down by the Northern Islamic Youths called Arewa Youth Forum, who are ably sponsored and backed by Northern prominent politicians and elders, to the Igbos (Biafrans) to vacate their regions, but you have blatantly maintained sealed lips at the detriment of the wellbeing of your fellow Biafrans affected by that. It becomes really ridiculous who and how then you are governing. By your silence on such burning and life threatening issues, you have further proven where your allegiance lies, which is to the Hausa-Fulanis. It is therefore the height of subterfuge for you to trade the safety and security of your brethren for your misguided egocentric fortunes.

Why have you chosen to abide by the so-called British concocted One-Nigeria which you fully know existed only to enslave you and your people through the instrumentality of the cabalistic North? Why have you chosen to eat the crumbs while God has destined you for greatest through the abundant natural blessings deposited all-around your domain? Why have you chosen to restructure an evil and corruption laden entity called Nigeria when you know that dwarfism can never be cured no matter how sumptuously fed. Nigeria has existed as a contraption since the past hundred years plus as a liability and not as an asset. Many investments owned by indigenes and non-indigenes, private and public entrepreneurs could not restore Nigeria's bastardised glory for meaningful development in normal earlier times, how much more this difficult period of despondency. I do watch Nigeria Governors Forum meeting on television news sometimes and I can tell you authoritatively that the only South-east Governor who speaks in that Forum is Rochas Okorocha of Imo state simply because he is under a serious slavery spell of the Northern APC Islamic terrorists in government. Your captors have bound you hands and feet that you cannot take a firm decision on your own. Following the Northern Islamic fundamentalist governors sheepishly has become your greatest undoing.

The most disturbing is that in Igboland part of Biafra, something is happening to your people and you kept quiet and do nothing about it. Your interest is in dining, wining and squandering the funds meant to better the lives of those that elected you into the office you enjoy today. You have remained dumb like hypnotised imbeciles in the face of Arewa youths vacation threat to the Igbos sojourning amongst them for so long. Not less than 2000 Hausa-Fulanis recriuted into the Army etc, have been purportedly sent to Pakistan, an Islamic country for training, most probably in readiness for planned  war that is looming against Igbos (Biafrans). Weapons of different grades in military and police barracks in Biafraland are currently and urgently being transported back to the North and these are in addition to the ones being secretly acquired and shipped into Nigeria for their usage.

How many Biafran (Igbo) indigenous military, police personnel or youths have you sent abroad to acquire some measure of training against these marauding Northern Islamic terrorists? How many weapons have you procured for the defense of your people against any form of external aggression? That you are a governor today is just a privilege that expires and not a right. Why couldn't you use the opportunity so given to you by God to better the lives of your people, committed into your hands to care for?

In case you people ( Governors) think that we (IPOB) are joking, please be reminded once again that :

1) There will be virtually nothing called election in any part of Biafraland as declared, until Biafra regains her sovereignty. You better resign your governorship position at the expiration of your first tenure for the second tenure dream will never be.

2) We are out to restore our fatherland and nothing under the Sun controlled by mere mortals can stop us.

3) We will keep talking about Biafra and defend her and her people with our whole might and strength , in the face of invading oppressors. Biafrans shall be safe and secure again. They shall dwell in abundance and prosper.

Stand up therefore and join the moving train. Let's fight for the unfettered, full and total restoration of our fatherland - Biafra. The Hausa-Fulanis you cohabit with and probably do businesses with, are Biafra's worst enemies.


We shall never prevaricate nor surrender.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. South south is a northerners and west Nigeria "divide and rule" policy adopted to divide Biafraland into two separate for economic winning reasons and is only applicable to the eastern region of the country. Why is Lagos among others places not part of souh-south?. South-south is found only in Biafraland. Beware of this colonialism maneuver from the Nigerians


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